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Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Sultanahmet February 27th 2013

It has been longtime since I decided to go to Istanbul. I used to check everyday flights, hotels information and tourism blogs. But, finally I bought my ticket for December 2012. I did this travel by my own.. "Are you crazy?; how could you dare to travel by yourself, a woman, in an islamic country?". But, trust me, it has been amazing!! First of all, the city is just gorgeous; I have too many words to describe Istanbul: all is full of colors, magical, exotic, enigmatic.. I was so excited since I landed at the Atatürk airport; but I had some trouble with turkish language. I took the subway until Meter station and then metrobus until Acibadem station. That was so hard 'cause my pronunciation in turkish was awful, and nobody could speak english (I have ... read more
Blue Mosque
Aya Sofia

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu February 27th 2013

My second day in Istanbul. I was staying on the Asian side, so I had to take a minibus to Usküdar, then take the ferry to go across the Bosphorus until Eminönöu (European side). The ferry takes around 15 minutes, enough to take a deep breath, watch the landscape and believe it! You are in the city that belongs to 2 continents. It is better to take a ferry than going in car trough the Bosphorus bridge, it could take until 2 hours because of traffic. I loved Eminönü, from the ferry you can see the New Mosque and lost of people around (population in Istanbul is around 13 million people). I was satrving so I bought a piece of bread sold in small cars (only 1 TL) and then took my way to Galata Bridge ... read more
Galata Tower
Istiklal Caddesi

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Ortaköy February 27th 2013

The weather in my last day was not that perfect; I really wanted to take that Bosphorus Cruise but it was raining so I changed my plans. I went to Ortakoy Square but the mosque (it seems so pretty in pics) was in process of restoration, it is close to Bosphorus Bridge, so huge! Then i went to Dolmabahce Palace where I had to wait around 1 hour to get in, but It worths it. Another tip: If you don't have enoght time, it is better to take a tourist bus offering a quick visit to the main monuments, squares and mosques; Istanbul is a big city so it is necessary to walk a lot and sometimes there is no enough time. My last visit: Gran Bazar, but only the main stores, there is a lot ... read more
Dolmabahce Palace
Bosphorus Cruise
Ortaköy Square

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Side February 25th 2013

Heading eastwards along the D400 we decided to spend the day looking at Aspendos and Side, two of biggest tourist attractions in the Antalya region. Woolly says – A chance to take to the stage??? Turning right off the main road, we followed the sign posts to Aspendos, pulling into the car park. Woolly didn’t look all together impressed. Woolly says – It appeared to be a large wall with nothing else of course I was disappointed, not a stage in sight. Paying 10TL each (approximately £4.10 GBP) we went through a dark covered archway and there in front of us……. Woolly says – a HUGE stage area, I got very excited and started to warm up my vocal chords. To the rear of the stage the walls rose behind with alcoves where sculptures would have ... read more
Makes a good stage drop!
Imagining the sculptures of yesteryear
Ceiling backstage at Aspendos

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 24th 2013

Sitting proudly on the peninsula of Alanya sits the castle. With the sun shining and not a cloud in the sky we set of to explore. Although possible to walk up to (quite a big walk!) Woolly refused to walk up and down so we picked up a taxi which took only a few minutes to arrive at the castle gates. Woolly says – I’m sure all this walking isn’t good for me! It was a fun ride to the top going round the bends at speed being hardened to the mountain roads now it was a doddle! The view was spectacular, looking at Alanya spread out below us with clear blue seas and the castle in front of us, worth a photo or two. Paying 10TL (approximately £4.10 GBP) to enter we walked up the ... read more
castle grounds
mosque 1


Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 22nd 2013

With some clouds in the sky and a light drizzle of rain we continued on our route back to Alanya. Having looked at the map we spotted the location of Syedra. Woolly says – this looked like a really good idea, WRONG, turning off the main road we headed towards a mountain in the distance. With the road becoming a dirt track, narrower and narrower with a huge drop down the mountainside Ian tried to keep going, it proved impossible and with Jo clinging to her seat and me clinging to Jo we managed to turn round and descend back to normality and less terrifying driving conditions. It’s a shame we couldn’t make it to the Syedra ruins as it’s believed to date back to the 7th century but even an intrepid Mammoth has his breaking ... read more
Cloudy view of Alanya
Everywhere you look there were more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Mersin February 21st 2013

Waking to the sun streaming through the window and a glorious view of Kizkalesi Castle was a joy to behold. Woolly says – had a slight headache, not sure why!!!!! We arrived on the hotel veranda for a beautiful if simple breakfast with bread rolls to die for, having cost 72TL for a night including breakfast (approximately £29 GBP) it was a bargain, the owners were lovely and very sweet and the view sitting in the sun was a great start to the day. Check out the hotel on: url= Knowing of Kizkalesi castle before our arrival we were delighted to find a second castle in the same bay. Woolly says – Two... read more
Korykos castle
Stunning views
Around every corner there was more!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Mersin February 20th 2013

Wanting to see more of Turkey we decided to hire a car and head towards Kizkalesi, east of Alanya and approximately 400km away, having done some research we knew that there were loads of Roman ruins and plenty of castles to see and investigate. Having booked our vehicle on line with a large international car company we gathered together enough to last a night out, collected Woolly from his cosy bed and set off to collect the car. Finding the address given on the net empty we refused to panic and asked for directions finally locating the rental agency a couple of streets away. Puzzled looks greeted our arrival and a lack of Turkish on our part and English on the his side we were given a phone and spoke to a lovely Turkish gentleman who ... read more
Stunning view
Catching Tea!
Castle in the Sea

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 14th 2013

Another glorious day in Alayna so we decided to take Woolly to the beach on the other side of the castle – Kleoprata Beach. Woolly says – I’ve heard lots of good reports on this beach, it was slightly windier than the Keykubat side (no mountain to protect us from the wind) and to be fair that was the only difference, sat and chilled for a bit before Jo and Ian took me to the Damlatas Cave – WOW! I think Woolly enjoyed this! Woolly says – It was amazing, as we walked into the caves the temperature became very humid, wonderful for asthma and bad chests. I was greeted by the site of HUGE stalactites and stalagmites (Jo explained that tites go down, not sure why Ian laughed!), with subtle lighting I was able to ... read more
Lots of sand!
Chilling on the Beach
Dalmatas Caves, Alayna, Turkey

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 10th 2013

Waking to glorious sunshine is always a good way to start the day. With fluffy clouds in the sky and only a light breeze we took off for the beach. Woolly says – hang on what about the red toilet? Oh yes, Woolly tell the world about the red toilet and your day on the beach. Woolly says – Jo and Ian took me out for tea last night, we found the Flash Restaurant and Bar url= Jo had fish which she said was pretty good, not my cup of tea as it still had its head on!! Ian let me share his lamb skewer which was ok, not the best but ok and considering the meals with a couple of beers came to 57 TL (Turkish lira) approximately £20 it ... read more
Building my first ever sand castle
Getting water for my moat
My Fortress against the water

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