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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 9th 2013

Yes, the sun is shining and it is very hot. Since arriving here I have had a very lazy time, just reading, swimming and generally doing very little. On Monday I arrived in Dalaman and met Steph and Robin and we got a taxi to a marina called Gocer and found the good ship Therapy with Martin and Viv on board. Great to catch up and find out what has been happening with every one. Gocer is a large village that has 5 marinas so there is quite a hustle and bustle about it.We ate in a restaurant that night and found the food good with lots of sauces. The beer was good as well. All the shops were still open at 11pm and heaps of people still on the streets. So, on Tuesday we motored ... read more
A Salmon{with Chris}
All settled in.

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Kadıköy August 8th 2013

We could not have landed in a more different place than the Columbia Missouri, Istanbul has exceeded my expectations in its uniqueness. As you will see throughout this blogging, I lack the creative writing skills to illustrate our experiences and will leave the nitty gritty to the photos. However, Iistanbul is old, congested, and any complaint that United States citizens have about the traffic in America have no idea how blessed they are! Dodging traffic has not only been a challenge but a necessity for survival, no joke! But the lamb kebabs and grilled sandwhiches have made crossing the street worth it. Anyone who visits Istanbul must visit Taxim, a northern province in the European side of the country that just. keeps. going. As I write this (at our hostel in Taxim, 2:30 am oour time), ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Kars » Ani August 7th 2013

With just 3 days remaining before I cross the border over into Georgia, it's time to say farewell to Turkey. Having spent the past 9 weeks cycling through this beautiful country, visiting the western, southern, central and north-eastern areas it is fair to say that I have gained a good insight into what makes up this huge land, its people, its culture and its traditions. The cycling has been the toughest I have yet experienced on this trip, crossing numerous mountain ranges in the intense daytime heat. I have one more pass to cross the day after tomorrow which will see me pedalling to a height of 2640m (nearly 8000 ft). The heat has been so intense at times that the tarmac has been melting and sticking to my tyres. The number of punctures has also ... read more
A hat to stop him getting sunburn
Calcium water pools at Pumakkale
Pamukkale ruins

Middle East » Turkey » Black Sea » Artvin August 7th 2013

Wed 7th of August 2013 - Erzurum to Hopa on the Black sea coast The car still had the problem starting first thing in the morning, so I decided to return to the car workshop to seek help from my friend Veysel the mechanic. Because I could not explain the problem to him in Turkish, I took a video of the ignition problem and showed him. His diagnosis was that it is a electrical problem and took the car to the auto electrician. This man quickly checked the glow plugs and found only 1 in 5 of the glow plugs was working. So the failed glow plugs were replaced and then I bid them farewell as I was about to leave Erzurum. I headed towards the seaside town of Hopa and arrived at around 6pm. So ... read more
Keeping the car cooler by opening the bonnet slightly

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum August 6th 2013

Tues 30th July - Tues 6th of August Erzurum, Turkey CAR PROBLEMS Local Mercedes specialist fixed the two front wheels because they were a bit wobbly, and checked the brakes. Also fixed the problem I had with stopping the engine by pulling a wire. It turned out to be a problem with a switch and not a vacuum problem. There were 2 holes on the cover of the rear differential and when the car moved, oil was coming out of these holes. The mechanic wanted to remove the cover to fix these holes. I stopped him in time to ask him to try my putty like material that hardens into a metal like material. It worked. The holes were covered and we avoided a potentially messy job. The bonnet release mechanism broke and it has been ... read more


Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul August 5th 2013

Monday Istanbul and a phone call from Jane to say that she and Simon were ill, Jane would meet us at the breakfast room though. Simon & Jane had a tummy bug, we didn’t know what had we done different to them but thought that it came down to them cleaning their teeth with tap water and us with bottled!! What a shame to end our trip unwell, we didn’t see Simon all day but Jane managed to come to the Grand Bazaar with us. On our way to the Bazaar we were coerced into a carpet shop where Jane found one that she quite liked but did not feel up to making any decision much to the shop assistants disgust. They seem to get very offended if you don’t buy off of them. The Grand ... read more
Inside the Grand Bazaar
GET 2013

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 5th 2013

Well here I am in Turkey. I am so hot and I know I shouldn't complain, but oh boy!!!! I arrived in Dalaman today and have joined the good ship Therapy for another few weeks in paradise. Martin and Viv have been around this area for the last few weeks and say that it is spectacular. Looking forward to getting out of harbour and having a look see, and cooling off in the beautiful water. Sad to leave Norway as always, but I had a fantastic time there and enjoyed the kids just so much. Had some great walks and Chris and I managed to get in some fishing. Sadly, I leave without getting my first Salmon but it is ok as I will be back. Chris gat a beautiful salmon on Friday {6kg} and a ... read more
Walking time.
Going up.
Near the top.

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Kadıköy August 4th 2013

Turkey part two! We arrive back in Istanbul. Nothing much seems to have changed apart from there being a lot more Ataturk flags hanging around. Other than that everybody seems to be going about things as usual. We make our way to Seljuk´s, Our couch surfing host, for the next few days. We call him when we arrive. He lets us know he is on his way home from the European side but it will take at least a couple of hours to get across the bridge due to major transport disruptions caused by the police cordon around Taksim. We are a bit worried it will be the same when Margit and Ronald arrive and we hope it won´t stop us seeing Istanbul with them. Seljuk arrives a couple of hours later and lets us know ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi August 3rd 2013

Time moves along so quickly and it is nearly a week since we have entered on the blog. So what’s been happening? After beautiful Santorini we arrived in Kusadasi (pronounced kushadasha) Turkey (the home of Ephesus), we spent the day around the markets haggling for some cheap bargains. Not sure yet if we were ripped off or not but we were happy with our purchases. That evening the Cruise ship had organised for a private open air classical concert in Ephesus so at 7 o’clock we were loaded on buses and driven to the ruins at Ephesus, we arrived to a beautiful setting, tables and chairs all dressed for the event complete with snacks, champagne on arrival and the back drop of Esphesus, absolutely stunning. The orchestra played all sorts of classical music; it was just ... read more
Steve & Janet

Middle East » Turkey August 3rd 2013

It was sad to be leaving the ship but the last leg for the group tour was about to commence. We had 4 days to experience what Istanbul had to offer! We stayed on the ship as long as we could, we had docked at 7am and expulsion from the ship commenced at 8am. Too early for us we say so decided to stay a little longer and take advantage of the enduring hospitality. We had a final coffee on the aft deck, Steve looked over the side from time to time just to check what the flow off the ship was. Naaa not waiting in that line so sit down and relax. A little later we decided that we had better make a move, we were the last to leave and 4 lonely bags sat ... read more
Bridge between 2 Continents
Galata Bridge

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