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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 5th 2013

Well here I am in Turkey. I am so hot and I know I shouldn't complain, but oh boy!!!! I arrived in Dalaman today and have joined the good ship Therapy for another few weeks in paradise. Martin and Viv have been around this area for the last few weeks and say that it is spectacular. Looking forward to getting out of harbour and having a look see, and cooling off in the beautiful water. Sad to leave Norway as always, but I had a fantastic time there and enjoyed the kids just so much. Had some great walks and Chris and I managed to get in some fishing. Sadly, I leave without getting my first Salmon but it is ok as I will be back. Chris gat a beautiful salmon on Friday {6kg} and a ... read more
Walking time.
Going up.
Near the top.

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Kadıköy August 4th 2013

Turkey part two! We arrive back in Istanbul. Nothing much seems to have changed apart from there being a lot more Ataturk flags hanging around. Other than that everybody seems to be going about things as usual. We make our way to Seljuk´s, Our couch surfing host, for the next few days. We call him when we arrive. He lets us know he is on his way home from the European side but it will take at least a couple of hours to get across the bridge due to major transport disruptions caused by the police cordon around Taksim. We are a bit worried it will be the same when Margit and Ronald arrive and we hope it won´t stop us seeing Istanbul with them. Seljuk arrives a couple of hours later and lets us know ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Kusadasi August 3rd 2013

Time moves along so quickly and it is nearly a week since we have entered on the blog. So what’s been happening? After beautiful Santorini we arrived in Kusadasi (pronounced kushadasha) Turkey (the home of Ephesus), we spent the day around the markets haggling for some cheap bargains. Not sure yet if we were ripped off or not but we were happy with our purchases. That evening the Cruise ship had organised for a private open air classical concert in Ephesus so at 7 o’clock we were loaded on buses and driven to the ruins at Ephesus, we arrived to a beautiful setting, tables and chairs all dressed for the event complete with snacks, champagne on arrival and the back drop of Esphesus, absolutely stunning. The orchestra played all sorts of classical music; it was just ... read more
Steve & Janet

Middle East » Turkey August 3rd 2013

It was sad to be leaving the ship but the last leg for the group tour was about to commence. We had 4 days to experience what Istanbul had to offer! We stayed on the ship as long as we could, we had docked at 7am and expulsion from the ship commenced at 8am. Too early for us we say so decided to stay a little longer and take advantage of the enduring hospitality. We had a final coffee on the aft deck, Steve looked over the side from time to time just to check what the flow off the ship was. Naaa not waiting in that line so sit down and relax. A little later we decided that we had better make a move, we were the last to leave and 4 lonely bags sat ... read more
Bridge between 2 Continents
Galata Bridge

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Bodrum August 1st 2013

My dyslexia finally got the better of me today...instead of adding two to 11am, I subtracted two, and called my parents to check in at 1am. They didn't answer. I hope they aren't too angry. My goal was to disconnect this summer, as I turned off our cell phones last Friday while taxiing at Sea-Tac. I'm aware of how connected I am at all phone, computer and kindle often simultaneously active--receiving and answering work emails at 1am. This trip is a reset. Twenty-four hours after arriving at the airport, we landed in Izmir, Turkey to begin our eight week adventure. In hand were our puppies who had behaved so well during the journey. Though an absolute pain in the ass to carry them across the world, I'm so happy they are here. It's the only ... read more
Puppies in Manisa
Throw it in a fire pit


Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu July 30th 2013

I just visited the exciting city of Istanbul. It was a great experience. So for all you doubters out there, this is my story for you: Lately, the street riots in Turkey have people wondering whether they should book a holiday to this destination, or cancel the one already booked. There are several stories circulating in newspapers and blogs, many of which depict a worrying picture of Turkey's streets, the protests and safety of tourists. Despite this tour operators are not flinching and it is business as usual. What happened The street protests hitting Turkey began on May 31, sparked by redevelopment plans for Gezi Park. Around 2.5 million people took to the streets peacefully, but were met with police using tear gas, plastic pellets and water cannons to disperse crowds. More clashes between protesters and ... read more
Shisha Bar Istanbul
Maiden's Tower Bosphorus
Fresh Fish in Taksim

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia » Erzurum July 30th 2013

Tues 30th July 2013 Set off from Elazig to Erzurum which is about 200 miles journey. half way through the journey heard this strange grinding noise from the car. Stopped to have a look and found out one of the linkage bar that connect the two rear wheels has broken after the accident, but not repaired. I tied a thick electrical cable around the metal bar to another metal bar for support to stop it hanging loose and grinding against the metal rim of the wheel. The rear differential was leaking of oil, also due to the accident - again not repaired properly in Malatya. I drove quickly to Erzurum to find a garage to repair the car. In Erzurum, i asked a stranger where is the nearest garage and he kindly pointed me to the ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Sivas July 26th 2013

Friday 26th July 2013 Silk Road - Aksaray to Kayseri Joy of Joy - I have finally discovered evidence of the existence of the silk road in Turkey. So far in this blog, I have been reporting what looked like a holiday report - now I am pleased to write something about the silk road at last. The day before I drove past a town called 'Sultanhani' - didn't think much of it because I was focussed on the town of Aksaray The night before I looked up the silk road in Turkey and noticed there were 'kervansaray' or 'Han' in Turkish. In English it means roadside inn where travellers could rest and recover from the day's journey. There was a mention of a kervansaray about 40km away called 'Sultanhani'. Yesterday, I drove past one of ... read more
Sultan han in Aksaray

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul July 21st 2013

Sunday 21st July 2013 - Prince's Islands, Turkey My Turkish friend 'Eno' said "If you are bored with Istanbul, why don't you go to Prince's Islands by ferry from Kabatas". So the next morning, I went to Kabatas ferry terminal which was only 20 minutes from my campsite. Boarded the ferry at around 12 noon and targeted the largest island called 'Buyukada'. Had the biggest ice cream cone on earth, drank some 'Cay' before exploring the island. The horse and carriage was the most interesting part of the island experience, only I could not afford it at 70 Turkish Lira a ride. Still some lucky tourists did enjoy the rides and this keeps the island economy running. I accidentally walked into the 'Central Station' for the horse and carriage and then suddenly a stench hit my ... read more
My moustache is growing nicely
Turkish seagulls being fed simit

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean July 20th 2013

19th sat last couple of days we have been in serbia and bosnia, sarajevo (serbrenica) was so sad, we had a tour guide tell us his story of how he lost his father and twin brother and how he had to braved the hills and the snipers to get to safety it was very sad and very brave of him to talk about. They buried e bones all over the place to cover up the genicide so they are still finding bones and belongings now since it all happened. Very. Much a wake call for us all not to moan about the bus being to hot and the food being average these people starved for ages and died of natural causes and from being slaughtered infront of their family members, what happened is shocking and surreal, ... read more

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