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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 29th 2013

Well, we have decided to head back down the coast as the winds have been a bit unpredictable and we don't want to be caught battling head winds and having to get to Marmaris by next week when the boat goes on the hard for the winter. I will be leaving the boat Tuesday next week to start the journey home. So, only 6 days to go. It has once again been fantastic. We sailed up as far as Knidos which is a work in progress archilogal site, with a nice bay to spend the night in. A very big site dating back as far as the 4th century BC. Lots of people working on it from 6 in the morning but they don't work from late morning through late afternoon, during the heat of the ... read more
The boatman.
In the kitchen.
Turkish couple.

Middle East » Turkey » Eastern Anatolia August 29th 2013

Mon 29th July 2013 Malatya to Elazig Got up early at the campsite near Nemrut. Washed and set off by about 7.30am. Drove through those scary roads that were very long and steep uphill and downhill. These roads were also very bendy as well and I was praying that my brakes would not fail me. 9.30 am outside of Malatya, I was suddenly hit by another vehicle sideways on the passenger side. The car spun 340 degrees and I just managed to steer it away from a lamp post and a brick wall. The police was called and arrived within 15 minutes. I was asked to show them my insurance document, driver licence and log book. Imagine all this has to be done when the Turkish police do not speak English and I don't Turkish. We ... read more
This is the van that hit me from the side.

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 26th 2013

Well we ended up staying in Selimiye all day Saturday as Martin wanted to do a bit of work on the boat and it was about time we had a kick back day. So we hoisted Martin up the mast, swam, ate, a bit of walking and sleeping. I have developed a liking for apple tea and find it very refreshing so drink a few of those during the day.. Robert made a friend in Pepe the lab and became quite well photographed when they were doing their diving tricks off the jetty. On one occasion they were set to go, Robert said yes, and tricked poor Pepe into diving in while he just stood there and then every one stood and laughed. Pay back, a couple of times later,all set and Robert dives in but ... read more
What to eat.
The Kitchen.

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Dalaman August 24th 2013

Yes, we are sailing. Every day the wind is such that we get 3 to 5 hours in of sailing under perfect conditions, which means we are whizzing along with the waves crashing over the bow and leaning over so that the boat is on a real lean. Can't get a photo of this as we are on the boat, but I can assure you that it is exciting. The weather continues to be fantastic but we have noticed that the temperature in the pre dawn is getting lower, so the change of the seasons is starting. Still extremely hot during the day and evenings. We haven't explored much but last night spent the evening in a village called Selimiye which is quite pretty. At the moment {6 o'clock in the morning} I am sitting on ... read more
Off he goes.
The Watermelon Man.
Sam the e'mail man.

Middle East » Turkey » Aegean » Izmir August 24th 2013

Welcome back to the chronicles of Eric, the Turkish Traveler! This little story is about our new home that we recently purchased in sunny Izmir. Come fly with me as I take you on a digital tour of our new bird’s nest, perched atop what the locals here call, “The Twin Towers of Izmir.” A Change of Scenery Well, it’s been just a little over one year now that we've been living in Izmir (can you believe it?) and we were definitely ready to move out of our old place and find a fresh change of scenery. Our old apartment building was exactly that – old! It felt and looked like it was built during the Ottoman Empire. The building was wedged in the middle of four other buildings of equal height – one on each ... read more


Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya August 24th 2013

Having achieved a few things in the last few days, notably a PO Box (mail seems to be rare in Turkey, utility bills are put in a communal area and junk mail doesn’t seem to be a factor), this is for security as most buildings seem to have broken mail boxes or none at all so for the princely sum of 12.50 Lira (approximately £4.20 GBP) a year we can encourage everyone to not only email us but go snail mail as well. Woolly says – I don’t want anyone posting me snails!!! I enjoyed our visit to the Notary office to sign the paperwork for clearing our belongings at customs. It was chaos, everyone was chattering away in Turkish and not seeing any form of queue we waited for a while before just heading to ... read more
Beautiful but Icy!
Pretty Spectacular
Waterfalls at Sapadere Canyon

Middle East » Turkey » Central Anatolia » Nigde August 23rd 2013

Sun 28th July 2013 Nemrut, Turkey I was about to leave from Malatya to Erzurum, and the locals keep asking me am I going to Nemrut? I asked one of them how far and how long to reach Nemrut? He said about 40 minutes. I thought 'great, a quick visit' as it was still early. The journey took almost a whole day, driving through some of the most dangerous roads for a tourist. I had to stop the car about 6 times to let it cool a bit because the roads were long, steep with lots of bends. Roads would turn into dirt tracks and sometimes 4 wheel drive had to be used. By 4 pm, I finally arrived at Nemrut and the rock carvings were just stunning. It was so windy that at times it ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya August 22nd 2013

The last week has flown past and our days have taken on a new way of living….. Woolly says – fruit and yoghurt on the balcony for breakfast is a marked difference to life in the UK, followed by a swim in the pool and although I’m not a lover of water (especially where baths are concerned) I’m quite enjoying a paddle every day. It is very hot and sleeping at night involves fans or air con. Many of our neighbours sleep on the balcony which is a wise choice. Ian and I bought Jo a fan so it’s easy to know where she is, just follow the sound of whirring as she moves around the apartment towing it behind her like an IV trolley. I am starting to learn more about the culture we have ... read more
On your marks
Best slides
Children's Area

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Gocek August 21st 2013

Hi, Over the last few days we have sailed up the coast and tonight are in the village of Bozurum. We have spent the last few nights in various bays which have small restaurants were you moor to their jetty and eat at the restaurant. The sailing has been exceptional, with full sail and really whizzing along. Every thing is great with the weather the sailing and the company. I haven't been exploring much but the guys have been out early climbing hills and getting pictures. I don't seem to have the energy as I have had a bit of a bug, which is a bit of a bugger. Nearly back to norm so will be hopefully doing more stuff. We have 2 more weeks to discover what is available so looking forward to what is ... read more
We are Sailing
Dinner time

Middle East » Turkey » Marmara » Istanbul » Beyoglu August 17th 2013

I've never had the pleasure of wandering through the silent alleys of the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris that is probably the most renowned cemetery visited by thousands of tourists a year. Nevertheless, my fascination with afterlife and all things gothic has guided me to some interesting and fascinating burial grounds around the world. I lived altogether four years in London and never visited Highgate Cemetery which I was told was the quintessential place to visit if interested in burial grounds. During one of my return trips I did finally get my act together and headed to Highgate, only to take horrendous pictures of Douglas Adams's grave and to lose my camera later. First one to be buried here was a 16 year-old baker’s daughter Mary Ann Webster in 1860, and many notable have since followed ... read more

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