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Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya April 13th 2014

Water is always a fierce issue in the American west. Through the doings and undoings of the last century, we have managed to steer our course to a place where few of us are immune to the concerns of drought, water rights, gerrymandering of vast drainages, and their consequences on our often overabundant lives. This becomes especially evident when one or more of the core elements in this increasingly strained system fails to fall into climatological norms. Nowhere is this more evident than in California, where the largest agricultural nexus in the US and several of our largest and most sprawling cities must compete for water that comes from as far away as Colorado to keep the machine wet. When winter does not produce snow for the great ranges of the west, nearly everyone in California ... read more
Half Moon Cirque looking like any other epic year
Scratchy approaches
The planning phase consumes our little house

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya February 18th 2014

Woolly says – Time seems to pass so quickly with a paintbrush in your trunk. Having completed my room, the hall and the living room (with very little help from that idle pair I might add!), we were at last ready for the arrival of our furniture. I was so excited at the thought of finally having my whole wardrobe out of storage and seeing what snacks had been packed in the UK. The moving day arrived and Ian left Jo and I packing up our temporary home while he headed for the mountains and our storage facility, ‘should be back in an hour or so with the first load’ were his immortal last words! Jo, under my supervision of course, packed the rest of our temporary home up and we walked up the road to ... read more
Moving Turkish Style
Woolly finds his spot on the balcony
Lots of fruit in the gardens

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya January 19th 2014

Woolly says – it seems like years since we last put pen to paper or, if you like, paw to keyboard. I do miss writing the blog and thought it was time to give a bit of a catch up on life in sunny Turkey. Our first few weeks of the year passed quietly and easily where the biggest decisions to make was which part of the balcony to sit on to doze in the sun or which flavour ice cream to have on a walk round the harbour. Our evenings spent watching the beautiful sunsets followed by episodes of Dr Who – I do like Mr Tennant – life was going swimmingly until the keys arrived! With our patience dwindling and our proper apartment standing empty our frustration grew ever higher as the keys to ... read more
Measuring up
This is slave labour!

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya January 1st 2014

With the year coming to an end, over 20,000 miles travelled, 21 countries and principalities visited, 132 Blogs published and over 3000 pictures taken we asked the International Mammoth of mystery for some of his views on his adventures in 2013 ….. What has been the most inspiring place you have visited this year? Well, that’s an easy question to start, let’s hope the other questions are better! It would have to be Mount Nemrut 809520, the location was incredible and to see what they had built on the top was amazing and truly inspiring to a Mammoth of my size. In my (not so) humble opinion, truly the eighth wonder of the world. You have quite a few outfits, which has been your favourite one for the year? A few outfits….are you kidding? My wardrobe ... read more
Go Woolly Go
View of the second tower - San Marino
Checking out the White Tower

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya December 30th 2013

Woolly says – what a super Christmas I had, lots of pressies for me, so I must have been a very good Mammoth this year. I really loved my JCB from my bestest friend Sion and I spent the afternoon playing with it and my mini Ferrari, I’m not sure that daughter Zoe liked it when I kept driving into her leg hehe. The time in Aberystwyth passed very quickly and with the wind whipping around us we had a tearful goodbye before Ollie took to the road for his last journey before retirement. With only 193 miles to go we spent the journey reminiscing on Ollie’s 20,000 miles with us and watching the Welsh mountains going past, glorious scenery with white blobs of sheep carpeting the landscape. Woolly says – Jo was so transfixed by ... read more
The Great British Phone Box, now sadly nearly extinct
Following the Hunt in Exmoor
Christmas Mammoth


Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya December 17th 2013

An old wine house, Turkish music in the background, a glass of red and a head full of memories. What to write for my final blog? I could reminisce about the places I’ve seen, the experiences I’ve had or even write about the history, food or culture. I could write about the people. It’s the people who I have met and shared this journey with that have provided the best memories. You ‘people’, you know who you are. You have questioned my logic, challenged my beliefs, shared your stories, given words of wisdom and touched my heart. It’s these connections that I have treasured the most. ‘Back to the real world’ so they say. Turns out I’ve actually been living in the real world; I encourage you to try it sometime. My final story is of ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya December 11th 2013

We had a really nice breakfast. Then went to Antalya. It took five hours with stops now an again. Once we arrived we checked in to our hotel with was really nice. Mom and me had a room with a double and a single bed. I got the single and mom on the double. We then went with the group to a nice restaurant. Ibo told us some good places to go. Then 7 of us went to the beach, while Francisco went to the museum. I went in for a swim. The water was cold but nice. We then headed back to the hotel when the sun started to set. We then all went for supper at the castle restaurant. I got deep fried mussels that were real tasty. Then we split up; some went ... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya December 11th 2013

We left Antalya at 2:00pm after shopping at the square and little shops all over then wandering the town and walking with a full view of the Mediterranean. We then got in the van for a long ride to the next town. When we got there it was about 6:00pm so we got settled in and went to an all you can eat buffet at a 4 star hotel. It was about a 20 minute walk away. They had a good meal set and I had lots of food. After paying we went home and played backgammon till 10:00pm. Good night snake wangler... read more

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Alanya December 8th 2013

Woolly says – The days pass so pleasantly here, sitting on the balcony watching the huge cruise liners arriving in the harbour and all those lucky people getting to sample the wonderful resort of Alanya. Jo and Ian have finished painting the apartment ready for next year’s visitors, I have of course helped by directing operations and telling them where spots have been missed, not that they thank me for this. Woolly is as helpful as a chocolate fire guard and keeping his paws out of the paint has been more of a challenge than actually painting every wall in sight. Having realised that I was still missing my thick waterproof winter coat we took a day off from the emulsion and headed to our friends in the hills behind Mahmultar to rummage through the garage ... read more
Overlooking of the Christmas Market
Pretty Amazing
Mr and Mrs Claus'

Middle East » Turkey » Mediterranean » Antalya December 2nd 2013

We were now headed for Antayla on the south coast of Turkey. We drove along a range of mountains that at first were sparsely cover with small twisted trees and dry brown grasses until they rose to sheer rock faces. As we moved farther south, the tree cover grew denser. We saw apple orchards and stretches of thick pine. The mountains grew taller and sharper, no longer soft sided ancient and worn, these were sharp thrusting rock with the road winding through valleys, turning corners to beautiful vistas. Then we met a mountain range running perpendicular to the one we had been following. Once we crossed over this range the climate changed dramatically. Now trees were green, not leafless. We could see the oranges on the branches. There were palm trees. This was the Mediterranean. Antayla ... read more

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