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Middle East » Jordan March 4th 2013

Español / Català Jordan is a Bedouin chimera. A colonial ruling pen product. A Dead Sea riverside, a desert looking Arabia and a stony plane pointing to Mesopotamia. - Wahad Arak , Mr.? - Minfadlak, Hassan. Shukran jazilan! It was the third one. I appreciate that kind of aniseed Ouzo, taken as an appetizer in a small glass with just an ice cube before have dinner. Hassan appreciated the tips. Meanwhile, afternoon was languishing on the warm shadows staining the monotonous rooftops after Maghrib, the sunset call to prayer. Those were the same shadows that seemed to close the curtain in the Roman theatre on the hill of Jebel Jofeh. Temperature begun to be breathing then and people filled the st... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash March 2nd 2013

A long day today, but saw some incredible sights. It started with an amazing breakfast in the hostel. Out came olives, hummus, jam, bread, orange cake and tea, followed by 'real' breakfast which this morning was an omelette. I had to leave half of it on the plates I was so full! At 8am I joined some other travellers from the hostel and headed out in a minivan towards Jerash. Basically, it is a town with the centrepiece being a ruined ancient city (Roman style). One of the guys in the group and I hired an English-speaking guide there, Samir, and took almost two hours to get around the whole site. Really, we could have done with longer! What amazed me was how green the place was. I knew I was visiting at the end of ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman March 1st 2013

I am still adjusting to another time difference, but at the moment all I know is...when I've finished this, I'm off to sleep! This morning said goodbye to Clare and family, and left for Dubai airport. The queues for check-in were the biggest I've ever seen and I was waiting for about an hour before finally getting to the front. I was a bit worried when the woman at the desk asked about my non-existent Jordan visa, but after I got through security I did a quick Google to double-check you could get visa on arrival - which I did. Phew! Before I left this morning, I called the hostel here to arrange an airport transfer. The driver was waiting with a sign (my name on it) at arrivals, and he was lovely though our conversation ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman February 7th 2013

Desde mi primer dia en esta casa, la Familia Zeidan, comandada nada mas y nada menos que por el gran Jeque Saed-Zeidan Amo Abu-Mousa, me comenzo a introducir a lo mas profundo de la cultura Jordana. Por los primeros dos dias, el caos y la prisa de los varios miembros de la familia me paso incompredido. Al inicio, no supe distinguir si era mera rutina, o si algo especial acontecia. Tras uno o dos dias de duda, y con una urgencia por saber cual debia ser mi rol y actitud en la situacion, me decidi preguntarle a mi hermano Omar. "Ahki, por que la gente se nota tan estresada?" La llegada de Muhammed occurrira en dos dias. Al escuchar esto me quedo frio. Muhammed es el nombre del profeta del Islam, tal como Jesus lo es ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Al Karak February 1st 2013

No snow overnight, but it was still cold and gloomy with the threat of more rain. Ahmad talked with the Tourist Police and was advised that while the Petra site had opened this morning it was likely to be closed down again if (when?) it rained. Not really wanting to go through the whole evacuation exercise again we agreed with Ahmed that the best course of action would be to proceed to Karak. After a quick stop at Moussa (Moses') Spring we started climbing back into the Petra Mountains. Before long we were above the cloud line and visibility was almost zero again and the road was lined with snow that had been ploughed from the road after yesterday's bad weather. When we reached the other side of the mountains the sky was blue and there ... read more
Karak Interior
Karak Tunnel


Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra January 31st 2013

As we were warned the weather wasn't very promising this morning. Undeterred we put our thermals on again and layered up our clothing AND we put our waterproof over pants on. We look ridiculous, but we will be warm and dry whatever happens with the weather! We met Ahmad in the foyer just before nine and we walked down to the Petra ticket office in the drizzle. It only costs five Dinars more for a two day ticket so we asked Ahmad to purchase the two day tickets in case we want to re-visit tomorrow morning before we leave. With very few other tourists about we entered the site. Just before the entrance to the siq Ahmad asked if we needed the facilities, warning that it would be a long way to the next opportunity. Being ... read more
Petra Waterfall

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra January 30th 2013

The dogs went off just before 7.30am this morning. Obviously Ahmad exaggerated when he told us that we would be woken at 5.30am when all the dogs start running around playing and barking. I guess the dogs are on winter time too?? Absolutely too cold to think about using the basic showering facilities (didn't even check to see if there is hot water, but I think not) so we made do with a bit of a wash at the hand basin. If you get hat hair from wearing a hat and bed hair from sleeping what do you get when you wear a hat to bed?? A really bad hair day!! Thank goodness I'm not trying to impress anyone with my personal grooming. We had a quick bit of breakfast and then we headed off on ... read more
Wadi Rum 2
Rosy Cheeks
Henna Cat

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum January 29th 2013

We had a very lazy morning today. We slept in a bit and then went down to breakfast where we were able to pick and choose from a breakfast buffet. It was windy and overcast outside - there were white caps on the Dead Sea - so we spent a couple of hours in our room bringing the travel diary/blog up-to-date while we had really good internet access. Ahmad met us in the foyer at noon and we set off for Wadi Rum. Wadi is Arabic for 'valley' so Rum Valley. The weather was dreadful as we drove back to Amman to pick up the Desert Highway. In fact, when it reached the point where the fog reduced visibility to just a couple of metres, I dozed off! Well, there was nothing to see was there?! ... read more
Wide Seven Pillars
Camel Crossing
Camel Call

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman January 28th 2013

Estoy en Amman. La aventura en este pais y en esta region del mundo ha comenzado. Durante el vuelo, un par de veces me pregunte, que p*tas hago aqui? En que me meti? Quien carajos me manda a mi, un ciudado de Siquirres, ha andar metido en el Medio Oriente? Por lapsos fugaces de tiempo me senti dudoso. Sin embargo, pronto recupere la actitud. Yo escogi venir a este lugar. Desde hace tiempo descubri que queria experimentar esta cultura, estas creencias, esta situacion que se vive en esta tan famosa, pero tan incomprendida region. Pronto, el deseo de aventura que siempre he llevado, otra vez se apodero de mi. De repente estaba listo, de repente me sentia lleno de seguridad, de repente pude ver Israel desde el aire. Una vez en el hotel en Amman, ya ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea January 28th 2013

Our first stop this morning was at the Greek Orthodox St George's Church in Madaba. This church is renowned for the 6th century Byzantine mosaic on its floor that shows the entire region from the Nile Delta in Egypt in the south to Jordan and Palestine in the north. The detail recorded in this early map is impressive. Just a few more kilometres by road found us at Mount Nebo which has been a centre for pilgrimages since the earliest Christian period. It is also reputed to be the burial site of Moses who climbed the mountain to view the Holy Land before he died. Unfortunately at present the peak of Mount Nebo is largely obscured with construction works. The historic church atop the mountain has been restored, but is now having a larger church, sponsored ... read more
St Georges Church Mosaic Picture
Sad Santas
Mount Nebo Sculpture

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