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Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash January 27th 2013

Grrrr, Bernie collected an internet password from the reception desk last night, but we haven't been able to connect to the internet. On our way to breakfast we let them know at the reception desk that we couldn't access the internet. They said they would look into it and asked us to call back at the desk on our way back from breakfast. On the way back to the room we picked up an IT guy at the reception desk and he came upstairs to check our connection. He couldn't connect our laptop either and left saying that he would ask the head of IT to come to our room. However, the head of IT hadn't arrived by the time we had agreed to meet Ahmed in the foyer so we had to leave without checking ... read more
Northern Ampitheatre

Middle East » Jordan » North » Amman January 26th 2013

Here we go again! Wake up call at 6.00am, breakfast at 6.30am and on our way to the airport by 7.15am. I hate cleaning my teeth before breakfast, but it's either before breakfast or not at all with the these early starts and having to leave our bags outside our room before we go to breakfast. We only found out that we were being dropped at a different terminal from Meredith and Alex as we neared the airport. There was no opportunity for a long, emotional farewell as Amal bundled us and our luggage out of the minivan while Meredith and Alex stayed on board. Meredith and Alex have been wonderful travel companions and the four of us have really enjoyed each others company during the last 20 days. Amal escorted us into the airport, but ... read more
Looking Down
View towards Hercules Temple
Guess Who

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra January 21st 2013

January 3, 2013 - We arrived in Petra around 5:30pm and were originally scheduled to be at a Jordanian cooking class at 6. Since it had already been a long, busy day and the class was a little pricey, we decided to forego the Petra Kitchen and enjoy the buffet at the hotel instead. But before dinner, the hotel was running a special for their Turkish bath that was attached to the building. For only about $18 we sat in a steam room and then each had separate massages on hot slabs of marble before being doused in hot water. It was a pretty relaxing end to the day. After dinner at the hotel we flipped on a movie in the room and were sleeping by around 10 or 11. We woke up early again the ... read more
Petra hotel room
view from hotel room
view from hotel room

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash January 21st 2013

January 4th, 2013 - We were originally planning on returning to Amman by bus from Petra, but decided the $30 extra for a taxi was worth it. We arrived to the Marriot in Amman where armed guards searched the cab for explosives before were allowed to enter the parking lot. Then we had to walk through metal detectors and our luggage was scanned as well before we could approach the reception desk. We checked in, grabbed some food from the sports bar downstairs, and then relaxed in the pool for the rest of the night. We made friends with our taxi driver from Petra. His name was Mohammed and although he didn't speak much English, he was incredibly nice and helpful. Mohammed is from Amman and offered to be our driver for our remaining time in ... read more
hotel room in Amman

Middle East » Jordan » West » Dead Sea January 19th 2013

January 1, 2013 - We arrived in Amman, Jordan around 6pm and immediately jumped in a taxi headed for the Dead Sea. We had absolutely no idea what to expect during our time in Jordan. The cab ride was about 45 minutes and our ears were popping much of the way as we headed to one of the lowest places on Earth. Once we arrived at the beautiful Dead Sea Spa Hotel, we went down to the sports bar to grab a drink and enjoy the nice night on the patio. Again, we called it a night fairly early because we had a very busy day ahead of us. The next morning we woke up around 7, ate breakfast, and headed down to the beach. The beach was empty because it was only in the mid ... read more
view from hotel room
view from hotel room
Dead Sea Spa Hotel


Middle East » Jordan » South January 3rd 2013

This trip to Jordan is best served by the pictures of all the cool things we saw. Pictures of Jordan Wadi Rum When we were first looking at the horses in the stable I told Jessica that I hoped my horse didn't have a name. It had a name, it was something like Halal or something like that. I don't know because it never really responded when I called it by name. I eventually just gave up. What I do know about my horse is that it liked to fall behind so it could run to catch up. I was told not to get out in front or my horse would take off. I am pretty sure that our guide became very scared and nervous when I told him I didn't know how to canter or ... read more
Wadi Rum
Treasury in Petra
Treasury from above

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 18th 2012

Petra is probably the most visited attacktion in the Middle East, and probably the only reason for many tourists to come to Jordan in the first place. For me, it was a very short experience. I knew I had to visit Petra eventually, despite the 50 JD entry fee, because you can't go to Jordan and NOT go to Petra. So I didn't hesitate when my Bedouin friend from Wadi Rum invited me to go and stay one night at his friends house in Wadi Musa and visit Petra the next day. I grabbed my backpack and off we went, Bedouin style: Very spontaniously. We went with 2 other guys from the village and after a short drive we arrived at the friends house. For me, a European girl alone, this was another scary experience. I ... read more
on the mountain
A camel chilling
Roman theatre

Middle East » Jordan » South » Wadi Rum December 12th 2012

Israel After a short and – let's say interesting – experience in the Israeli kibbutz, I packed my bags and got out of there as fast as I could. I don't want to go into too much detail, but the particular job I had to do was borderlining with slavery and I didn't come to Israel to milk cows for 10 hours a day. And because I was in the country on a volunteer visa (which got cancelled), I had about 48 hours to leave the country. And as I conveniently booked a flight from Amman to Bangkok in Februrary, I decided to spend 10 weeks in a real Middle Eastern country: Jordan. Thanks to HelpX, I had already arranged a place to volunteer in Wadi Rum. So I went down to Eilat and crossed the ... read more
Bedouin desert guide
A Bedouin writing my name in th sand

Middle East » Jordan » South » Petra December 6th 2012

After two hours of walking through Petra, I turned a bend on the dusty road and this beautiful little boy came into view. He was sitting all alone in the desert wearing a bright orange sweater of all things and a heavy cotton hat. Set before him was a sheet of cardboard covered in rocks for sale. My first thought was how ingenius this was, selling rocks in the desert. He had plentiful inventory, zero overhead costs, and a never ending stream of potential customers walking right past him all day. My second thought was, "Where is your mother young man?" I have a seven-year-old son myself. I put him on the bus every morning and send him to school where he gets a good education. He came home recently telling me he knew what he ... read more
All alone?
Me with the future bowling alley employee.
Just happy to be here!

Middle East » Jordan November 29th 2012

Jordan: Desert Country with unique features: Middle East culture, Dead Sea, and spectacular Petra. O Jordan co 2 noi dac biet la Petra , ky quan the gioi, rat dep va la mat va bien chet (Dead sea) la noi 400m thap duoi mat bien, thap nhat dia cau. Petra la thanh pho co tao thanh boi nhung vat da cao huyen bi. Petra vua moi duoc kham pha va moi mo cua cho du khach khoang 15 nam nay. Goi la bien chet vi co nhung giong song chay vao bien nay va dong tai bien nay ma khong di dau het do do bien rat man 30% la muoi hay chat rang, 70% la chat long do do boi binh thuong nhu o song khong duoc vi nuoc day nguoi len mat muoc ma ... read more
The Treasure (El-Khazveh)
Betheny where Jesus Christ Baltized for the first time.

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