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Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash December 16th 2013

Greetings all happy travellers! This day started off kind off shaky as our private driver was delayed due to blocked roads. We decided to postpone the trip to Jerash for a few hours and started with the historical monuments in Amman instead. First we went to the theatres but they were closed so we decided to take the chance and went to the citadel instead and luckily it was open! The citadel was very nice and you could see remnants of many civilizations here. I especially liked the Temple of Hercules and the Umayyad Palace Gate but everything here is well worth a closer look and if you're in Amman this is a must see! Located at the Citadel is also the Jordan Archaeological Museum, it is well organized and has quite a good collection of ... read more
Umayyad Palace Gate
Arch of Hadrian

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 20th 2013

Kiss one to the left cheek, 3 to the right, embrace with both arms for a 2 to 10 second hug, back pat then release in one swift high five to seal the deal. If you so desire, try to hold hands with your male companion and swing them as you meander along the street in joy that you have been reunited at last. This is the authentic traditional Jordanian greeting amongst heterosexual males when they have not seen each other for quite some time. I wonder if this would catch on in NZ? Yeah, nah, too casual! And they call us kiwis friendly…… Day two of the G Adventures tour began early. Being that my lovely room mate Sally and I were both on skewed body clocks, we were awake before the first call to ... read more
2 kitschy hearts
My favourite, figs

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 15th 2013

October 15, 2013 Having wrapped up our hang in Aqaba it was time to get back to Amman, we still had Jerash and the Dead Sea to check out before we left for Greece in a couple of days...hopped the local bus and made it back mid-afternoon, enough time to organize the next day's travels... Settled with a driver who would take us first to Jerash, let us explore for the morning and then drive us through the Jordan Valley to see the Dead Sea in the afternoon...we had chatted with a couple of tour companies who were reluctant to combine these two destinations, telling us that the driver would have to backtrack through Amman to get to the Dead Sea from Jerash and that it would take too long...this is nonsense, if you go and ... read more
Hadrian's Arch II
All the world's a stage...
Outside the Hippodrome

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 12th 2013

JERASH, JORDAN - DAY 10 People were given a choice of whether to go to Jerash or sleep in and have a spa day. Half of us chose to go to Jerash and I’m so glad I joined them. The bus ride was about an hour and a half. We picked up our guide, Maraj in Amman on the way. We had been told that it was another old Roman ruin, but what a surprise when we pulled in and saw the condition of Hadrian’s arch. From that point, everything got better and better. Our tour through the large area remains kept impressing me more and more. The ancient city of Gerasa, now called Jerash, is about 2,000 years old and the remains are well preserved and excavations and restoration efforts are continuing. I saw the ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash May 7th 2013

We left Madaba to Amman where we would spend our last two nights in Jordan. The journey is coming to a close. We made one stop just out of Madaba at Mt. Nebo. The place where Moses apparently first laid eyes on the promised land before dying. There isn't much to "see" there. Some mosaics and a viewpoint looking over Israel, but it was neat to be in such a significant biblical place. (I suppose the entire area is significant in a biblical sense, but for some reason Mt. Nebo was the most inspiring). The sky was a bit hazy so we couldn't see very far, but we could see the Dead Sea a little ways beyond. We didn't stay here long, and spent a good portion of the day driving to Amman. Amman has the ... read more


Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash March 2nd 2013

A long day today, but saw some incredible sights. It started with an amazing breakfast in the hostel. Out came olives, hummus, jam, bread, orange cake and tea, followed by 'real' breakfast which this morning was an omelette. I had to leave half of it on the plates I was so full! At 8am I joined some other travellers from the hostel and headed out in a minivan towards Jerash. Basically, it is a town with the centrepiece being a ruined ancient city (Roman style). One of the guys in the group and I hired an English-speaking guide there, Samir, and took almost two hours to get around the whole site. Really, we could have done with longer! What amazed me was how green the place was. I knew I was visiting at the end of ... read more

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash January 27th 2013

Grrrr, Bernie collected an internet password from the reception desk last night, but we haven't been able to connect to the internet. On our way to breakfast we let them know at the reception desk that we couldn't access the internet. They said they would look into it and asked us to call back at the desk on our way back from breakfast. On the way back to the room we picked up an IT guy at the reception desk and he came upstairs to check our connection. He couldn't connect our laptop either and left saying that he would ask the head of IT to come to our room. However, the head of IT hadn't arrived by the time we had agreed to meet Ahmed in the foyer so we had to leave without checking ... read more
Northern Ampitheatre

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash January 21st 2013

January 4th, 2013 - We were originally planning on returning to Amman by bus from Petra, but decided the $30 extra for a taxi was worth it. We arrived to the Marriot in Amman where armed guards searched the cab for explosives before were allowed to enter the parking lot. Then we had to walk through metal detectors and our luggage was scanned as well before we could approach the reception desk. We checked in, grabbed some food from the sports bar downstairs, and then relaxed in the pool for the rest of the night. We made friends with our taxi driver from Petra. His name was Mohammed and although he didn't speak much English, he was incredibly nice and helpful. Mohammed is from Amman and offered to be our driver for our remaining time in ... read more
hotel room in Amman

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash October 8th 2012

Monday - Jerash, Ajloun, Dead Sea We start off with Khaled waiting in the parking lot and us in the lobby, however after almost half an hour we connect and are on our way. We decided to head to Jerash before the heat of the day….This was incredible. The site is in such awesome condition and it is huge. They are still excavating. It was great to do this in the cool morning air. Was a real contrast seeing the new in the background of the old. We spent almost 2 hours here going through with our guide who had been doing this job for 30 years....Jerash is massive and the ruins are so incredible. The oval plaza, the fountain and cathedral area and massive walkways and columns were very impressive. We turned down the chariot ... read more
Entrance to Jerash
Ajloun Castle (3)
Our guide for Jerash

Middle East » Jordan » North » Jerash January 9th 2012

After a fairly uneventful flight, where the only hitch was a 2 hour delay in Heathrow I landed in Amman at about 9 p.m. I queued up for a Visa, which took over half an hour, got my bag and found the airport express bus to take me into the City Centre. On the bus a guy from the UAE asked me where I was from and when I said Ireland, he asked if I knew the word "saoirse" Irish for freedom! He wouldnt tell me how he knew this, but it was a bit strange being grilled on my Gaeilge having just landed in the Middle East. There was also an Indoneisian girl on the bus who was staying in the same hotel as me. We got a taxi together to the Farah Hotel, but ... read more
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