Photos from Europe - page 7

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F - Too many Italian kids getting bored!
F - Dali used perspective to great effect
F - Dali's cubist picture of Cadaques
F - Inside the museum courtyard
PL - Matadors, lips and tyres???
PL - Split head on the roof
PL - Iconic egg scene
PL - The troubled soul!
PL - The bizarre echoing room
PL - Gala in her glory!
PL - Dali's studio with unfinished work
PL - A Polar Bear!
PL - Dali's house overlooking the bay
PL - Port Lligat
CP - Melted clock with ants
CP - Pubol
CP - Dali's Car!
CP - Long legged elephant in the garden
CP - Extraordinary hallway
CP - Lion, the wardrobe, where's the witch?
CP - Stone pictures
CP - Burning Giraffe
Bridge of Sighs
Our Working Group
Guess Who
View from roof Terrace
Olive Grove
David & Debbie Woodroof
HUF Yard
HUF Staff Dining Room
Madonna & Child
John the Baptist
Wash Day 3 Floors Up
Wash Day
A Building
A Church
Typical Side Canal
Grand Canal at Dusk
More San Marco Square
San Marco Square
Horses of San Marco
San Marco Basilica
Grand Canal
Paris Metro
Paris Metro
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