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Europe » Germany » North Rhine-Westphalia » Bonn May 21st 2006

In the school kitchen I always see the same faces. Asian faces, to be exact, because we're the ones who are too cheap (and too poor) to eat out. There is a guy from Japan who always eats pasta because it's the cheapest thing you can buy and eat around here, and he has a funny little sense of humor (regarding the pasta, and overall). The other day while we were eating it came about that we started to talk about what we did before we came to Germany. Turns out that Mr. eats spaghetti everyday back in Japan is a shoemaker. He hand makes shoes! I looked down at the shoes he was wearing and I asked him if he made them. Yup, he did. That is sooo cool. And what was even cooler for ... read more
Mr. Shuhmacher II
Mr. Shuhmacher's handmade shoes

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden May 21st 2006

b21.5.06 2254 hours Welcome to the doghouse/b So I learned that being a “cute” girl in Deutschland has its advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantages in that I can’t go into certain places without getting a bit of a threat in a negative direction. You know, the hole in the wall places that the locals frequent that I seem to love oh so much. Nein. Skinheads. Tables being thrown. Ms. Elizalady’s life in danger “this is your last chance to live.” Yikes. Ok so I suppose I will stray from those places for the time being. Because I don’t want “you will cry. You will scream but I won’t be able to protect you.” The advantages came today when I ran into two fellas from the states that were Mormons. I couldn’t find anyone when I went to ... read more
Felsenburg Neurathen

Europe » Finland » Southwest Finland » Turku May 21st 2006

mike we arrive at 11 pm can't talk long only have a minute. elder scrolls is the best give it time... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 21st 2006

There we go some more pictures of my trip to EUROPE.....late but I got it!!!! Ai vai mais fotos da minha viagem a pouco tarde, mas eu consegui!!! Enjoy!!! PS: So uma observacao... a unica coisa ruim de viajar sozinha eh soh na hora das fotos....nao tem ninguem para tirar e eu detesto pedir para os outros tirar foto de mim.... Entao eu tirava de mim mesma,,,ihihihihi.....que coisa ne? Espero que gostem!!!! (the bad thing about traveling alone is.......take picture....i don't like to ask other to do it for I did everything by myself....that's why it's not good enough.....but I hope you enjoy it anyway!!!!!)... read more
In Barcelona.....Em Barcelona
In Barcelona.....Em Barcelona
In Barcelona.....Em Barcelona


Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest May 21st 2006

Who would have thought that Budapest has the largest population of mosquitos that I have encountered thus far on my travels. For the first half on the 'Pest' side there have been no sign of them. I come over hear and they think I'm a walking cheeseburger with extra ketchup... I'm here for the taking come get me! People walk upto me on the street and ask if im suffering badly from acne, I politely tell them to 'take a hike' and let them know that the mosquitos here are man eaters and they should watch out... they will be next mwahaha. The past few days have been very laid back. Haven't got upto too much at night and during the day doing very lighty touristy stuff. I'm starting to feel a longing hunger. I haven't ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro May 21st 2006

Next stop on our farewell to Europe tour was a nice, relaxing holiday on the Algarve. Being half-Portuguese and having my dad there certainly helped us discover all the local gems. We basically spent the week being fattened up. The food was amazing, especially the sardines! I managed to eat 18 large sardines in one sitting, much to the delight of the owners/chefs. Sy (my dad) was the perfect host: arranging for us to have a great 1-bedroom apartment in the Praia da Rocha then stocking up the fridge with lots of Portuguese cuisine to eat, despite keeping us so busy we hardly had time to eat there! His itinerary included taking in most of the towns in the area: Portimao, Albufeira, Vilamoura, Quarteira. A highlight was the amazing rock formations at Praia do Vau, where ... read more
Bronson and Sy
Bronson and Sharon
Jose's Bar

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris May 21st 2006

paris was paris! lack of enthusiasm just about summed it up i think. much walking and sight seeing but nothing to fantastic. Eaten too much bread!... read more

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague May 21st 2006

Left Berlin and headed for Prague. Had lunch at Dresden - this place was totalled during WW2 and they have rebuilt the old buildings without cleaning up the original workk so you can see the damage that was done. Got to Czech border, had to get the passports out for a stampin. A few kms over the border there were these little huts with big windows, a closer look showed that there were some ladies sitting there waiting for some business (weird, it was the middle of nowhere) and one place had them dancing outside right near the road. Made it to Prague, had a bohemian dinner at the hotel, hotel was good because it had a kids area near the bar and kept Michael busy while Mum and Dad unwound with a few quiet ones. ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » North-West » Lucerne May 21st 2006

Another end to a very long day. We were late to breakfast so ended up only getting a bread roll and some ham. We sat with 2 older American couples who are both very nice. I sat next to Nancy and we are both peanut butter lovers. She’s been looking for it here but can’t find any. I have a jar in my suitcase and told her I’d bring it to breakfast the next day. After breakfast at the hotel we board the bus for our Germany tour. We went on the optional cruise on the Rhine River. A very peaceful cruise we saw scenes of castles on hilltops, quaint little towns, and vineyards on mountainsides. The cruise went for an hour. 3 levels, we spent most of it outside upstairs as it had the best ... read more
River Rhine cruise
Heidelberg statue

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