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Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg June 29th 2006

talked to Zaur for like the third time. With one of the Liverpool Staff this time for about an hour. He is convinced that we are a crazy sect probably of the orthodox russian mother church. So if you could pray for him because i will be seeing him tommorow night here at 7.....thats 11 am in est. So if you could pray that would be great. Lets see. Lots of fun stuff going on....funny stuff, but i guess that tends to happen often around a bunch of college aged kids. Lots of funny pictures too. Unfortunately i dont have the ability to put more photos on the list probably for the rest of the trip... but oh well Also pray for spiritual protection because a lot of crazy stuff has been happening to my team ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Mykonos June 29th 2006

Ladies and gentlemen, the wine here is so good. I'm in love. I am especially fond of the house white wines, I havn't had a bad one yet! My new favourite meal is a big Gyro pita with lots of tzatiki (sp) sauce and a half litre of wine. Ohhhh it makes me all happy inside and out. Its crazy cause a glass of the house white is normally like 1-2 euros, but you can get a half litre of the house white for like 3-5 euros... So that begs the question stated in my title. Why have one glass when you could have 3, be so happy, and have such a better value?! Ohh I love Greek logic! So today we are in Mykonos. We were supposed to be here yesterday, but the winds here ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London June 29th 2006

I've just spent 3 weeks in Scandinavia, but instead of getting back on the plane to Perth (Australia) I got off in London. On Sunday (the day I was supposed to fly back) I decided that I couldn't be this close to the UK/Europe and not stay. So I changed my ticket and I am now staying here indefinately. I have resigned from work and am going to take my chances with finding work here - either as a nurse (if I can get my registration) or if not, then as a nanny or in a pub or something. At the moment the only plans I have are to go to Berlin to see some friends from the 4th-7th July and then come back and find a job. This goes against everything about me - I ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Tübingen June 29th 2006

The past few days in Tübingen have been relatively quiet, for one reason in particular: No Football. Its been so strange I feel like I have lost a shoe. The world cup started with 3 games every single day, what bliss, and then went down to 2 per day, still very tidy. But in between the round of 16 of the Quarter Finals there are two whole days where neither a football is kicked nor a shin is grabbed in mock horror and pain at a foul that did not occur. Tomorrow though will make up for that because Germany plays, and that always means goodtimes. Unless they lose. Hopefully that doesn't happen. One interesting thing that has occured is I recieved this message from a fellow called Tim in response to the entry "Stuttgart": Hi ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia June 29th 2006

Posting time: 4:30pm, Location: Betina, Croatia I arrived in Zagreb at 10:30pm on monday evening. I stayed at Zvon' apartment. The day time temp is constantly at 36. The apartment is not any cooler. Apparently croatian didn't know the world has invented the fan. The first night was unbelieveablely hot. I am glad I don't have to stay here in Zagreb for another night. With the temperature constantly this high, I didn't want to do any tourist stuff. I went to a cafe to meet up with Barbara. We met in a party in vancouver last night. We spent the afternoon walking around the town and have geleto. The geleto is pretty cheap and good. It costs about 0.80 cdn per cone. We left that evening and headed to the coast. It is a 3 hours ... read more


Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca June 29th 2006

A week in Alcudia, Mallorca, with my husband, my sister and her husband ... hmmm I was a little worried - I thought it would be high rise and tacky... I was wrong! I found the old town of Alcudia and some Roman ruins, more later... We stayed at the Soliceto Apartments which were about 900 metres from the beach. The apartment was fine, and the property had a bar and restaurant, and a small pool, residents were allowed to use the larger pool of the hotel next door. There was a supermarket nearby and some cheap and cheerful restaurants and bars. The Gool Stadium restaurant next door served lovely breakfasts! The weather was supberb - very hot. The beach was great - big and busy - the sand was fine and the sea was shallow ... read more
The beach from the port/marina area
Dave, Carol and David on the boat to Formentor
The area around Formentor

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » The Hague June 29th 2006

Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't updated in ages. I've been busy working a temporary nanny job. Unfortunately I do have to come back to the USA in July mainly due to financial and visa reasons. Bram and I are going to stay together long distance. Once back in the US I'll be moving to Houston with my parents and little brothers to get a good job. However, I've still got a little less than 2 weeks here and some plans to enjoy the rest of this stay in the Netherlands with Bram. We're going on a little trip this weekend to northeast Holland and I'll post photos from it if there are good ones. As you can imagine World Cup fever is alive and well here in the Netherlands. I cheered on "Oranje" (the Dutch team) ... read more
Oranje Fans
Oranje Fans
Oranje Fans

Europe » France June 29th 2006

This little sea side town - reminds me a lot of Byron bay. During peak season (now) there are a lot of tourists and the atmosphere very carefree and relaxed. It is also the home of Tom Curren - I wonder why GD was so keen to visit! There was a sense of relief when we got here - to be close to the ocean and of course waves. The temperature has been out 28 - 30 degrees, the water is a chilly 17 degrees - very refreshing! We have found a camping ground right on the beach and a 5 minute walk from the town. We plan to stay for about 4 nights to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the weather. We have finally gotten into the European lifestyle of sleeping in late which is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northamptonshire June 29th 2006

Two days to go and disaster struck. Before travelling for 3 months Ian and I decided haircuts were in order. I even took a photo to the barbers. "That's not very short" "I know, I don't want it very short" "OK, I'll see what I can do". Unfortunately what he could do bore little relation to what I wanted and thankfully we'll be on the other side of the world long enough for our crew cuts to disappear. Happily counterbalanced when we found out we both got 1sts in our first year exams, still I'd swap it all to get my hair back. Massive admin rush going on - we're trying to help finance the trip by setting up an export company while we're out there so there's auction and shipping accounts to set up, as ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Wembley June 29th 2006

Getting quite used to this diary thing and with very little to do at work (1 day left) thought i would update after one of our weekends in London to see Ben & Rosalyn. They live in Primrose Hill in a Flat in a converted Georgian house and this was our first visit to their new pad and a great weekend it was. I am getting quite aware of ramming our flight plans down the same ears so it was nice to update people who seemed genuinely interested and plans were even hatched for a potential meet up in Thailand (watch this space). After a very 'North London Lunch' of mixed salad leaves, balsamic and cured meats (I may mimic but i loved every bite) we headed of to hang by the thames and enjoy the ... read more

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