Non Violence

July 31st 2011
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Borås, SwedenBorås, SwedenBorås, Sweden

In Borås in Sweden the weapon of choice is a pistol rather than a revolver

A blog entry dedicated to the gun with the knot on the barrel

This blog entry is slightly different from the ones we normally write. We hope you still find it interesting to read.

Outside the UN building in New York there is a sculpture of a gun with a knot on the barrel. The sculpture is named Non Violence and is created by the Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd. There are many copies of this sculpture on display in various cities in the world and for the last couple of years we have photographed some of them. Here in this blog entry we have collected the photos we have gathered so far.

We have mainly taken photos of the copies of this statue that can be found in various cities and towns in Sweden. Four versions of this sculpture can be found in or near Stockholm and there is one copy of the sculpture in Malmö one in Gothenburg and one in Borås.

Outside of Sweden we have photos of only two versions of the sculpture. We have a photo of the one in New York and we have a photo of one outside Zugdidi in Georgia.
Caen, FranceCaen, FranceCaen, France

Outside the museum Mémorial de Caen
The one in Georgia is not sanctioned by Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd and it might be argued that it is not a true copy.

There are several more versions of the sculpture. Supposedly the gun with the knot on the barrel is also on display in the following towns and cities: Berlin, Caen, Luxemburg, Beijing and Cape Town. When we visit any of these cities we will add a photo of it to this blog entry. But as we don't have any plans on visiting any of those places in at least a year we have decided to publish this with the photos we have now and add more photos later.

Additional photos below
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Gothenburg, SwedenGothenburg, Sweden
Gothenburg, Sweden

It can be seen on Kungsportsavenyn in central Gothenburg
Malmö, SwedenMalmö, Sweden
Malmö, Sweden

It can be seen on Skeppsbron in central Malmö
New York City, United States of AmericaNew York City, United States of America
New York City, United States of America

It can be seen outside the UN building on Manhattan
Fittja metro station, Stockholm SwedenFittja metro station, Stockholm Sweden
Fittja metro station, Stockholm Sweden

It can be seen on the platform in the metro station
Geneva, SwitzerlandGeneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland

Not far from the UN building in Geneva, Switzerland they have an alternative version of Non Violence
Sergelgatan, Stockholm SwedenSergelgatan, Stockholm Sweden
Sergelgatan, Stockholm Sweden

It can be seen on Sergelgatan in central Stockholm
Täby Centrum train station, Stockholm SwedenTäby Centrum train station, Stockholm Sweden
Täby Centrum train station, Stockholm Sweden

It can be seen on the platform in the train station
Åkeshov metro station, Stockholm SwedenÅkeshov metro station, Stockholm Sweden
Åkeshov metro station, Stockholm Sweden

It can be seen in the tunnel below the platform in the metro station
Zugdidi, GeorgiaZugdidi, Georgia
Zugdidi, Georgia

It can be seen close to the border to Abchasia, next to the bridge.

We saw this tattoo and thought it would fit perfectly. You can see Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd's autograph and the owner of the tattoo told us it is real

This version of the Non Violence sculpture is a limited edition for sale to the public

13th August 2011

Good Guns or Bad Guns
A friend of mine was an agent for a small arms (pistols and rifles) manufacturer. He was making sales to the BENELUX countries. His neighbors criticized him as if he was a war monger. He replied, The next time an aggressor comes to occupy us, do you want our soldiers to have good weapons or inferior weapons?
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