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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool July 27th 2014

Alex and I joined Mum and Dad at the Rhallt for cake and fizz this afternoon - sadly Alex had to work in the morning. A good time was had by all. And this evening Ineke and Lynda will call round to drink to the birthday boy (any excuse!)... read more
a grandmotherly kiss
a drum set?
opening the cards

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool July 22nd 2014

We have had the most lovely summer so far. And today continued the trend with blue sky and hot sun. Ineke, Lynda and I had planned to walk along a part of Glyndwr's Way, a long distance footpath which runs quite nearby. What a good idea that was, as most of the path was shady, and the picnic spot at the end was beside the river! So here are some photos of that (sadly Alex was at work a so couldn't come, and I took Maisie out early as it is too hot for her). Once this is done, I'm off to sit outside with a cup of tea and watch the bats!... read more
about 150 steps
out into the daylight
and back into more woodland

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool July 18th 2014

Alex was off with the canoe club for a weekend at lake Bala, and not to be outdone, Ineke and I decided to take our tents along - to another site - and relax and look for some of the hundred or so caches hidden in the area. And Maisie came too.......... read more
view from my chair
the river dee behind the tent
and again

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool July 9th 2014

Sophie, Tom and Martha came to stay for a few days and I thought you'd like to see some pictures. As you see, Martha is walking and enjoys being outside.... read more
the play area was fun
tea in the garden
checking out Great Grandad

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool June 29th 2014

This "event" has been in the planning for a while, its just a matter of the other two people getting the same day off work - not that simple when they both do odd shifts. However, we wanted to walk along the cliffs form Borth down to Aberystwyth, so we parked the car at Borth station and proceeded in a southerly direction, uphill. And down, and up, and down again and so on. The signpost indicated 5 miles, but there were so many ups and downs. My poor knees. BUT we did it and celebrated with chips on the prom at Aber... read more
second stop
3rd stop
at the first top!


Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool June 21st 2014

Its the longest day today. Alex and I and the picnic basket arranged a surprise picnic for Mum at lunchtime. I arrived to collect her - a little on the late side - and walked our usual walk up the canal. We are so lucky that its there for such easy walking with her. We arrived at the limekilns to find Alex waiting with the food, I couldn't carry it AND push the wheelchair, so he was the accomplice. We enjoyed the al fresco lunch, then I wheeled her back accompanied by the dog. A good time was had by all.... read more
I espy a pic-a-nic basket
what do you fancy?
a bit of this

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool June 15th 2014

another lovely summers day, so Ineke and I took sandwiches and set off to a lovely piece of common land right on the Welsh/English border. the views were wonderful, and if I didn't catch the sun, I caught the wind as I can feel my face burning. Of course, we went there because of the caches, but it is a lovely spot and only a little way from here.... read more
Maisie closes in
one of the caches

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool June 13th 2014

We took a picnic up to an old colliery area that's been turned into a country park today, just because Alex had a day off and it was a lovely day. In fact we discovered a nearby nature reserve too, but it was too hot to walk far. One of the places had a kind of assault course, well, just activities I suppose, but fairly assaulting for elderly ladies!... read more
old coal wagon
the parallel bars
ouch - my poor shoulder

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Hay-on-Wye June 10th 2014

Excursion to Hay-on-Wye On 12th May, we got up slightly early to catch the 10:05 bus for Hay-on-Wye. The bus was running through lovely countryside and picturesque villages. We got off on the Castle Street near Hay Castle. Hay-on-Wye is officially a town in Wales − there were bilingual signs at many places in the town. We picked up and bought the information leaflets, e.g. the map of the bookshops, the map of historical spots, at the tourist information centre. As it was sunny and pleasant, I suggested we would do walking in the morning. We started the Wye Valley Walk/Bailey Walk (the old railway line route) around Bridge Street. There were two or three footpaths along the river and they allowed walkers to see lovely views of the river. As we had heard, Hay-on-Wye is ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool June 8th 2014

We've just come back from a week at Tywyn in our tents. I almost didn't come back, it was so lovely, but thunder was forecast and I didn't want to spoil such a nice week by getting hit by lightning. Anyway, we stayed pretty close to the camp site as there are plenty of walks to do, and of course the sea, and the honey ice cream shop to be visited. We saw the waterfalls at Dolgoch, Alex and Ineke climbed Cader Idris, and we even took the canoe to the river. Lots of pictures - the good ones are Alex's, of course.... read more
dog in the dunes
what shall we look at

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