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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 17th 2014

Somebody is very nearly a year old, so we are all getting together to celebrate. Its good fun.... read more
early birthday present for Martha
a late birthday present for Granddad
and an early one for Grandma

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 14th 2014

It was a glorious spring day so Mum and I walked down the canal into town and ended up in Tescos to buy Easter eggs. There was a chilly wind when the sun went in, so that's why she's so well wrapped up.... read more
shall we have this one?
or this one?
dont forget to pay

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 13th 2014

The storm we had on Feb 12th not only took a bit of our roof, but also broke the front door. The roof was urgent, so repaired quickly. The door I sealed with plastic feed bags filled with newspaper, so we were fine. Just couldn't open the door. BUT this weekend we got a spanking new PVC job - it took a long time for me to decide that's what I needed, and it will take a while to get used to a white door instead of wooden. But practically its sensible, and I just need a lick of paint round the porch and we're done.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 3rd 2014

Well, we got the boat to water. Unfortunately, Ineke had to work, so she couldn't come yesterday. And it really needs two people to balance it - as you can see. But Alex negotiated the swans and 2 narrow boats, and paddled up the canal to the Rhallt, where I brought Mum out to look. And another resident called Brian came along to see as well. Happy days - and here's to the start of a summer of bell tents and canoes!... read more
the town basin
between the swans and a narrow boat
cheering crowds!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool April 3rd 2014

Believe it or not its a year since Dad was 90! Today we celebrated by bringing Mum home in a taxi for the day. She arrived in time for birthday cake and coffee, then Dad made her lunch and they then had an hour or so before the taxi took her back. Of course Dad went in the taxi with her. After that, he came to our house for his tea - gammon followed by chocolate torte. yum.... read more
tucking in
and 2 seats


Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 31st 2014

At the weekend, Alex and Ineke bought a new (second hand) Canadian canoe. Believe it or not, it came home on top of Alex's little Nissan, though we took Ineke's car too, in case it was needed - we thought we could tie the cars together you see. Anyway, they couldn't wait to get it to the water, as you can see! - and I was too late to snap it on the roof rack.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 21st 2014

The sun came out this morning so I took Mum for a stroll round the Rhallt garden and along the canal. Very nice too. Here are some photos to prove it.... read more
blossom on the tree
more daffs in the sun
canal bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 11th 2014

Today is Caroline's birthday, and she'd spotted a walk she wanted to do. So we started - as all good walks should - with a coffee, then walked the walk, arriving back at the café in time for lunch. We went right up into the hills not far from here, along lanes none of us had been on before, and found some tracks that need exploring another day. Near a pool we saw herons and geese, and in the bog were curlew and peewits. Looks like spring is making an effort. And the sun......... well, lovely, and blue sky too. Happy birthday Caroline.... read more
present time
just us

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool March 10th 2014

The vicious wind we had recently damaged the west facing part of our roof, and brought some parts crashing down onto the sun room roof - which stood up to the test and held firm. All mended now, and painted up nicely, good as new. And as there was a bit of paint left, I painted the bit of wall by the sun room and we are pretty posh! The apple tree also came down, along with various other hedge trees. Alex has been busy pulling them all out and chopping them up. Though we need a larger saw for the apple tree. As luck would have it, I have someone coming to lower that hedge soon anyway........ read more
me painting
how smart are we now
you need sunglasses to look!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool February 23rd 2014

Its that time of year again, and we set off for Chirk castle to see the snowdrops. Unfortunately we felt rather ripped off, as entry to the gardens where the snowdrops are was very expensive. And as we found afterwards, when you do some of the woodland trails, you get a good view of them for nothing! However, we enjoyed the sights and had a lovely walk. We spotted lots of trees that had been blown down in the gales, you could see the line of the gusts by the carnage. And guess what - found 3 hidden caches!... read more
close inspection
white carpet
close up

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