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October 17th 2008
Published: December 2nd 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

(by Lettie) This sacred experience left me desiring more understanding than I received at the time. Also, we were a little unsure of the exact location initially. In my intutive mind I saw myself standing at the exact location and seeing water in front of me in the near distance. Though I could sense the location with inner sight, the map we looked at had little detail and it was by sheer divine intervention that we ended up near it - and near enought to walk to the spot.

Upon arrival it became clear to me that our intital contact point was a large collection of rocks partly hidden in tall grasses and situated in a field. From the road where we stood we would have to hike to them to make an initial connection. "Entering" into a sacred site, even if it is only sacred to you, needs to be done in an honoring way. There have been a number of occasions when I am presented with a being or spirit who acts as a guardian of the land, or oversees a particular site. This was the case here where I was met by the gatekeeper. I had the girls wait while I approached and presented my "credentials". These usually are one or more of the following: the need for a spiritual vision or sojourn, have divine sight or intuition that enables you to see them and respond accordingly, be pure of heart and intention, and have an apporpriate offering as well as any other personal concerns they let you know about. After that you may be able to respectfully ask for permisson to enter in or carry on with your quest.

In this case, after I made my offering and indicated my desires, I was told that where we wanted to go was to the trees at the corner of a field adjacent to this one. There our experience waited for us. We were each to enter at different locations, which we had to sense for ourselves, and then locate and gain access to our spot. We would then align ourselves with Spirit/Life/God and allow for divine wisdom to present itself in the form/s that would serve us best.

Mine came as a swirl of energy sweeping in around me like a maestsrom of power. I felt the earth energy rise up beneath and heard tinkling sounds of water both in this realtiy and non-ordianry reality where I was primarily entrenched. Nothing seemed clear, yet I heard whispers and felt energy brush past me. I saw swirling light against a backdrop of darkness. I waited patiently for things to make its own sense and not try to impose my supposed knowing or understanding on any of it. After a bit, I had still received nothing though I made several "adjustments". It would be later, in reliving the event, that the true nature of the experience would reveal itself to me.

The time came for me to journal about this for the blog. I recognized that I had been unable to discern the wisdom or knowledge of the experience at the time, or I wasn't suppose to understand it just experience it, or I had missed the whole point.

As it turns out, it was a delayed experience because the appropriate inquiry had not come to my understanding at the time. I would not realize the question that I was to ask until weeks later. The current energies therefore could not really respond. I would see and understand, eventually, when I went back to those moments and re-expereinced them. This is not remembering, this is going back in time to the moment and actually experiencing it again complete with all physical and energetic sensations.

Here is what I learned. The earth wished me to understand that I needed to be lifted up. It wanted me to know that a higher plain or hilltop was where the view is better; where I can see that I do not belong on any other hilltop - I am where I belong - on this one. There is no greener grass.

Wispering on the air around me I heard a soft and gentle voice. "There is a home within that represents what is without. What you look for out there - is there, but first here." I felt fingers brush my heart. "Look out, but look in at the same time." I acknowledged the words and experience; thanking the earth for the gift. Then I waited some more as I didn't feel complete with my experience.

Out of the darkness came fiercely swirling winds wrapping around me and seemingly threatening to carry me away. I was not intimidated. I stayed centered and relaxed letting it have its way with me. It did not dimish but it did not harm me. This was the gift of understanding that came to me:

Terrible forces would come and I would feel as if I would not survive them, that they seemed to threaten my very existence. But if I stayed centered and grounded the best that I could, all would be well. I could not tell exactly how I would be changed only that many things would be torn away and others wrapped around me like a second skin. And, somehow, I could cope and would be given the chance to do so. My perception was that it would destroy me and yet I would wake up more serene and alive for having experinced this maelstorm.

I thanked the wisdom of life that came on and through the air. I ackowledge the darkness beyond as it too seemed integral to the experience. I left an offering just as I had before and shifted back into this reality.

I thought this quite an interesting experience. I assume time will tell what the deeper or hidden meaning is. I hope I remember this when I need to.

I also hope that it is not too wild for all of you guys who are following along. The realms that we, as shamans or intuitives, travel are many and varied. The experiences I have are not the same as others. Mine inevitably come in metaphor and story which I expereince or live out in the spiritual realm, though, often I see actual events and physical locations such as this sacred place outside Linlithgow, Ireland.

I look forward to our next experience although the pace we are keeping is becoming harder for me to bear, it is still the greatest adventure ever.


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