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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire March 7th 2006

Something possessed me to book a flight home and actually come back here to the cold weather expensive prices and all that goes with being a citizen of the crazy island we call the UK. I was pretty homesick and decided that I needed to see friends and family and so I decided to book a flight home. Got a pretty cheap deal with Qatar which takes me back to Thailand on the 6th April, Thats right everyone at Mermaids thats when I am back 6th April then on the 20th April I am flying to Sydney to see family and work my way up the east coast looking for a diving job. Its cold here and I cannot get over how eveything seems to stand still at home, I have seen and done alot of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire March 7th 2006 ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey » Earlswood March 7th 2006

We are only just starting to prepare.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon March 7th 2006

Just a quick journal entry to test whether it works! We are going to STA travel on Saturday in Exeter to finally book our RTW ticket. However we are 4 days away from doing this and we keep changing our minds about how long we should stay in each country. There is so much world out there, and we are not the best at making decisions. Hopefully, we will be sorted by the time Saturday arrives!!!! Anyway hope this entry works.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Stockport March 7th 2006

In order to prepare ourselves for the long and lonely road, we thought a few home photies wouldn't go a miss! couldn't imagine three months without the doggies.... more like we were bored and wanted to see if the site worked with photos!... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex March 7th 2006

Time goes so quick that we find ourselves leaving Holland today. Once again Beck did most of the packing, and then we had to say goodbye to Lenny who has been so great in opening up her home for us. Fifteen minutes after Lenny headed off to work, Henny and Theo arrived to pick us up just as we were putting the finishing touches to our packing. The traffic in Holland is pretty bad at times, but we made it to the airport in plenty of time, which enabled us to check our bags in, and have a hot drink and snack with Theo and Henny. Soon after we had to bid them goodbye and catch our flight. We hope we get the chance to show Henny and Theo the hospitality we have been shown by ... read more

Evidently relaxation disagreed with me. I woke up with a blocked nose and sore throat. I could have put this down to being in zero degree temperatures for the last few days but I’m sure my body was disagreeing with taking it easy. This was another relaxing day. We went into town with Paul and he bought some travel items for Morocco trip, I took photos and we had a few coffees. Tynemouth was the next stop. Sophie, Paul, Jo and I headed north and out to the coast for a fish and chips dinner. I ordered the scampi which was lovely - I wish we could get it like that in New Zealand. Tynemouth was much prettier than the other suburbs we had visited so far in Newcastle. It is a seaside town in the ... read more
Grey's Monument
Tynemouth Priory

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City March 6th 2006

Yesterday I did what every great man needs to do in his lifetime... watch Blackburn Rovers play a game of football. People compare such an event to the Wall of Berlin being thrown over or even the birth of Jesus. Blackburn Rovers; Modern Day Gladiators. Unfortunately today with a few bad referee decisions coupled with bad luck the might of the north went down 3-2 to a very lucky Tottenham HotSpunk. Seated in the season ticket end of White Hart Lane I wasn't exactly feeling to much at home with thousands of Spurs supporters surrounding me chanting and bellowing there words of hatred towards the pitch. At around 2pm my dads mate Bob (the organiser and heart behind spurs) picked me up and did the trek into London. Before the game pre-match analysis took place in ... read more
Warming Up
Edgar Davies
Bobby and Jono

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater Manchester » Stockport March 6th 2006

Just registered for this blog page, and thought i would give it a go! Chris and I are on the run up to departure in less that 5 weeks, think we are nearly there organisation wise, but bet we have forgotten something! I am frantically trying to finish my dissertation before we go, i have no choice really but its just so boring! 16 days and counting left at work - woooohoooo! Will see if this gets published! TTFN! Amanda ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire March 6th 2006

...was where I found myself for outdoor regionals this past weekend. It was an amazing and awesome weekend playing some great outdoor frisbee and generally having fun, despite the wind, slanted pitches and a few bumps and bruises. Saturday saw everyone getting up incredibly early to drive the couple hours to Witney, near Oxford for the first day of regionals. The tourney was hosted by Oxford Uni and was held at the Cokethorpe School. The school grounds were sooo cool!!! It used to be an old manor house with extensive grounds, which when you walked through was like walking through the inner bailey of a castle, or as Biscuit remarked, like walking through a French village. It was just an amazing setting, complete with a flock of sheep grazing nearby. Very picturesque. Game recap: Our first ... read more
James & Ben (our driver)
Fling Guys
Tef, Jax & FoJ

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