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Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Midlands » Sutton Coldfield January 24th 2006

(Bronia typing) Here is our Itinerary - planned as much as we can to give structure and a general direction, but still giving flexibility for us to change our minds about the length of time we spend in any one place. This framework of dates is based on pre-booked key flights (bold text) that we have booked and our idea of how long we want to spend in any one place. The rest however could change as we go along. Where we refer to a flight that is not in bold text, it means is not booked yet. We start our trip in the Year 2006 * 30 Jan -- Train from Birmingham to Heathrow. FLY Heathrow 20:40hrs to Delhi arriving at 10:30am * -- Visit areas surrounding Delhi (ie. Taj Mahal), then go eastwards ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Canterbury January 24th 2006

Ahoy! Today's fun: I went to Canterbury today and had a great time! There are lots of interesting shops and little windy streets; a wandering pedestrians dream. Did a bit of shopping and stopped for lunch and tea at Poppins (c'mon, I had to go because of the name... it said "Pop-in for a bite". I love the UK), then went to the Canterbury Cathedral. The Cathedral was absolutely amazing. I hardly know how to put to words how I felt about it. It was just an amazing experience, awe inspiring and beautiful and it really hit something in me. I don't mean to sound weird about it but it was sort of an emotional experience. I don't really get that way about churches and stuff normally. It's not that it was a religious experience for ... read more
Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City January 23rd 2006

Arrived into London Gatwick in the evening and made our way to the Sofitel Hotel which is in a great location right in the terminal. I was pretty tired but hungry so another crew member and i walked to the terminal in search of food. Most of the shops had closed by now but we thought we had struck gold when we found a nice little bar with comfy couches, only to find out the kitchen had already closed. We decided we'd may as well stay and have a few pints! By the time we decided to call it a night we were both starving and thankfully we happened to bump into the one place i could depend on - McDonalds! Next morning, made my way into the city on the gatwick express train and went ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Nottinghamshire » Nottingham January 23rd 2006

So in lieu of studying for my last remaining final, I have decided to catch everyone up on just what has transpired since the beginning of finals week. My first two finals went fine, I hope, although they were quite hard and people here write an extraordinary amount in a short period of time. By this I mean that the test booklets are on A4 paper, with about 6-8 sheets per booklet. People would actually ask for another booklet, so they were definitely writing essays.....research essays that they amazingly remembered. I was quite impressed but also quite annoyed, as I always am when people need to use extra booklets. It just doesn't seem necessary sometimes, plus they were killing more trees. EXAM 1: Contemporary World This exam was held in the sports hall, the large one, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City January 23rd 2006

We arrived in London around 12pm, got off the plane and before we got our bags, we had to show them our passports, visas and baggage tags. We got our bags and made our way to the main area where we checked in for our airport tranfers. The bus picked us up at about 1:45pm and people got dropped off at hotels and hostels all over the place. We were the last people on the bus and when the driver realised we were aussies, he started pointing out where all the pubs were in our area! About an hour later, we arrived at our hostel - YHA City of London. The driver reckons its in the middle of nowhere but its just a quieter area than everywhere else which suits us fine! After we checked in ... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London January 23rd 2006

Today is Monday! As far as days here, it sure was jammed pack! But before I get to today, Last night, at about midnight, the fire alarms in Metrogate went off!!! I was scared! and the only thing I could think of the entire time down the stairs, was, what about my iPod, my laptop, my camera!!! BUT thank the Lord it was a false alarm! And then everyone was laughing at me, because I had my frilly PJ's on, with my Silky robe from the Gap and my Salon slippers! They thought I looked like a rich mom! Well, of course I had class, British Life and Culture. And we just talked about what we are doing for our final papers. I think I am going to focus on the political structure of Great Britain ... read more
Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament1

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Kent » Whitstable January 22nd 2006

Well I finally made it to the UK! I took a bus last night at 9pm from Liege, Belgium, and got to London around 6am. The train to Whitstable left at 7:30, I got there around 10ish I think. I wandered until I found someone who could directions to the stree Alice's sister lives on. I walked there and met Esther and Jason and their two adorable kids, Harry (turned 9 today!) and William, who's 3 years old. They have all adopted me into their household for a couple days, and I think it will be a blast. The kids are full of energy and fun. William kept climbing up into my lap as I was trying to sort my pictures on the computer. I showed him what a map of Canada looked like and he ... read more
The Beach
The Beach
The Beach

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » North York Moors January 22nd 2006

Danby is a great destination for anyone wondering where to go in the North York Moors. There is some great scenery and Danby is easily accessed on the Esk Valley railway running between Middlesbrough and Whitby. This blog is from my home territory, Yorkshire, in the north of England. I thought I’d put in some of the more interesting trips I make before my next trip abroad. For some work I am doing, I have to get some pictures in the North York Moors National Park, so I took the opportunity of good weather to get the train up to the Moors, in north east Yorkshire. However, with the bus running late, it looked as if we had missed our train in Leeds, so I got a ticket to Malton (a different destination). Then suddenly the ... read more
Danby - pantiled roofs, detail
Little Fryup

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath January 22nd 2006

Well I have no idea if I have set up this Blog correctly so this is a bit of a dummy run to see if it works. This sees the end of a weekend of partying. Friday night at the local was a fab leaving do from work. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it an excellent night, but special thanks to Carmie and Alex for decorating the pub (and me!) and to Lindy Loo for being a fantastic photographer and capturing those embarrassing moments, great photies as usual! More booze and boogying followed on Saturday night in Bath. Needless to say no packing has been done this weekend, meaning I still have shed loads to do, but very little energy to do it! Anyway, enough of the boring waffle. Hopefully if this entry ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Surrey January 22nd 2006

Just testing the system in readiness for trip to NZ. Well time's running out. Only another 22 days before we go. And I haven't even packed. But no stress, the packing list is virtually there (draft #14). Scorn if you must but how many t-shirts/ socks/pants does a girl need for a five week trip? It's a new one on me and the balance between plenty and constant laundering seems mighty fine. I can't quite buy in to old Dayne's logic of 'there's four ways to wear a pair of pants before they need washing'. This excludes the fifth, equally worrying, popping-them-on-your-head option. Love the backpacker approach but 'fess I am a girl with comfort needs... So will it all fit in just the one rucksack? Prrfffph. Ever seen my weekend bag? Think I might rent ... read more

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