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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 11th 2006

yes indeed all we made it and have not stopped walking since we arrived. our flight went really well and we were pleasantly surprised to get bumped into economy plus with a ton of leg room, foot rests, and our own movie screens. we figure we slept maybe about 2-3 hours on the plane and landed about 5 am london time, so about 11 or 12 chicago time...i think. anyway, we managed to get checked into our hostel and ate a little breakfast while we waited for 10 o'clock to roll around so that we could check in and go to our room. oh yes, and between there we made our first contact with 'the tube'. by now of course, we are pros. anyway, we slept two hours once we got checked in and then headed ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 11th 2006

Since it would have been very unfortunate not to pay a visit to London considering I was only two hours away, I decided that I was going to make a one day trip into the city and see everything I could in about 15 hours. I had just moved to a new rental room, and both my classmates were French, one of which I was able to successfully pitch the idea of going with me to. Slyvain is a 23 year old civil engineering student from Lyon & Montpellier who is finishing up a traineeship in Portsmouth. He hadn’t been to London yet, so he didn’t take too much convincing. He was also game to see as much of the city in one day as I was. We lucked out the day before with a whole ... read more
Tower of London
Big Ben
Slyvian and I with a horse guard

Europe » United Kingdom » England March 11th 2006

The most beautiful castle in the world!!! It truly is and i think it would even be better if it was spring and everything was super pretty green. I took a day trip to Leeds Castle in Kent. It was awesome and the coolest part of this castle is that it is an active castle. It is still used for business meetings and thing. And there are so many things to do and see while there. There is a Duckery! And a museum of Dog Collars. It really was the most beautiful castle in the world. I walked around the grounds, and did the tour around the castle. It was also very cold outside and blustery. Then, after I walked through the castle, I went to the Maze. There is a maze there and it takes ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich March 11th 2006

Finally we can shout from the rooftops that we are going on this trip!! Julian had notified his work at the end of January that he was handing in his notice but Kelly had kept her secret from all but a few close colleagues. Anyway, last Thursday 9th March she handed in her notice and now everybody knows.....we have informed most people that the leaving party will be held in Norwich on the 28th April - it should be a good night!!! We have a nice new shiny sticker in our passports, otherwise known as a Vietnamese visa and Oz have said we're allowed entry too, which is good! Just need to suss the Chinese visa in Bangkok, that seems our only option, you all know what fun we've had trying to obtain these before we ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London March 11th 2006

I've been in London since Monday. Yesterday I went to Greenwich (the birth place of time!) and it was only then that I realized just how chaotic this city is. I'm not sure that I love London, but I think it's grown on me. The last couple days I've been able to do some fun things. It's been raining the entire time (I think I see a patch of blue out the window though!). Despite the weather, I've been getting along fine exploring the city on foot. I've finally hit up most of the main tourist attractions and been to several of the museums. The national museums have free admission. I really enjoyed the National Portrait Gallery. I saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace the other day. There was a huge crowd of ... read more
Tower Bridge


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City March 11th 2006

Hi everyone!!!!! Sorry, again, we took so long to send any news - we've been a bit busy or lazy or probably both!! Well, for those who haven't heard from us since Brazil - where by the way we had a great time and we have to thank Axe's family for having us for so long Mercie Beaucoup !!! - we arrived well in London, although leaving a country where it was 35C and arriving at 5C was a bit of a shock. The first week was hard to get used to the cold, but it didn't stop us doing the whole touristic sightseeing in London. We have been very lucky since we got here. First of all we were received by Tom's family who have been helping us a lot and we would be pretty ... read more
So cold!!!!
The Tower of London
Tower Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » East Sussex » Brighton March 11th 2006

The Adventure Begins - Goodbye Worthing Town! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Hampshire March 10th 2006

I know, I know.... insane.... but then I never said I was normal (whatever that is)... in fact, I think I'm so far off my trolley that I don't think I know how to get back in! lol ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City March 10th 2006

Spent the day shopping on Oxford Street and in Soho feeling pretty seedy before pigging out on an all you can eat Thai buffet and then crashing at Warren´s place for a few hours before clubbing. Warren´s friend Oscar came over to the apartment for drinks around 9.30pm. He´s boyfriend had gone to Sydney for the Mardi Gras so he decided to come play with us this weekend. After a few drinks Eddie drove us down to the club which is in a warehouse somewhere behind Kings Cross station (I think). Club review at: The night got of to a shaky start when the mean dyke at the door confiscated all my party supplies!!! Luckily there was plenty more inside. The club had 4 different rooms with different dj´s and a nice mix of people. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon March 10th 2006

Yeoford in Exeter, Devon 10-12th March, 2006 The story goes like this. Bernadette and Elizabeth's surname is Dornom. When we arrived in England Bern got an email from David Dornom who lives in Devon and has been tracking the Dornom family history for several years now. David was keen to meet the infamous Dornom twins of Aspendale, Melbourne having discovered that they were his cousins. David and his wife Paddy invited us to stay with them at their home in Yeoford which is just out of the town of Exeter in the county of Devon. Being a Fitzgerald and not a Dornom I was still very much welcomed in to their home. Even if it was only to help disperse the Dornom conversations and keep Paddy company! We were truly spoilt the entire weekend with a ... read more
Paddy, David and Biscuit Dornom
Paddy and David's house in Yeoford
A walk in to Yeoford with David and Biscuit

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