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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland May 14th 2008

Wednesday 14 May - Timidly we showed our faces at breakfast, after coming last in the quiz the previous evening. However, we were not overly worried because we were so delighted to be celebrating our third wedding anniversary and in quite a novel way, helping to raise money for charity. It was a very good breakfast and on seeing our Ectopic Pregnancy Trust 'Hiking 429km the Long Way Up' t-shirts, a few people showed an interest and asked us more about our fundraising hike. Two ladies who showed an interest as well, were on an archaeological dig - one of whom said she had recently read something about the Ectopic Pregnancy Trust in the Telegraph; and told us that Marilyn Monroe had suffered from an ectopic pregnancy. Whilst paying our bill, the landlord of the Twice ... read more
Off to explore more of Hadrian's Wall. Pennine Way, Northumberland
There are lots of ascents and descents along Hadrian's Wall. Pennine Way, Northumberland
Steve heading up some very steep steps. Hadrian's Wall. Pennine Way, Northumberland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland May 13th 2008

Tuesday 13 May - Waking up today, we were filled with excitement at the prospect of seeing the famous and historic Hadrian's Wall - especially because it was another glorious day. Following breakfast, Malcolm's 'first' English breakfast, which we were sure would be one of many along the Pennine Way, we left Greenhead. The area is full of history and the first interesting site we approached on our walk was Thirwall Castle. The castle was built in the early 14th century as an impressive family stronghold and splendidly surmounts a green hill overlooking the tree-lined Tipait Burn. The setting of the castle was simply charming. Fascinatingly the thick walls are built from recycled Roman stone. Our fascination and excitement quickened as we glimpsed our first sighting of the magnificent Hadrian's Wall - which was the most ... read more
Steve excitedly explains to Malcolm the highlights of the Pennine Way so far. Northumberland
Ruins of Thirwall Castle. Pennine Way, Northumberland
Craggy cliffs at Hadrian's Wall. Pennine Way, Northumberland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland February 29th 2008

Last Weekend I went to the Borders with the International Society and got to see a lot of really beautiful places in both Scotland and England. The first stop was Rosslyn Chapel, from "The DaVinci Code" for those of you who read it. The Chapel was absolutely gorgeous but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside of it. I bought a lot of postcards for the inside pictures though. It was absolutely amazing. The original Chapel was built out of Sandstone if I remember correctly. So it was a lot of different colors within the chapel. But a mixed blessing cam along in the form of the Victorians who came in to restore the chapel by painting over the very soft stone with CONCRETE!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!! By painting it with concrete the Victorians successfully ... read more
Date Stone
Melrose Abbey
Inside of Melrose Abbey

Staying in the historic city of Berwick Upon Tweed was a tactical decision, because it’s within easy reach of Holy Island, (and because I found some really good books in the hostel lounge.) It struck me as a curious place, so I took a brisk walk around before leaving for Scotland. The quintessential border town, Berwick (pronounced Berrick) was claimed by both Scotland and England, and changed hands numerous times during various scuffles. In the Middle Ages the Scots finally ceded it to the English, who promptly fortified it as a border defence. The township is still encircled by the same city walls, strengthened by enormous grassy ramparts on the eastern side during the reign of Elizabeth I. The views from the ramparts were marvellous, the air was fresh, and the accent strange. Berwick is further ... read more
Who said the mediaeval military weren't publicly minded?
Melrose Abbey and church

A tiny, isolated island off England’s northeastern coast, Holy Island was an attractive prospect to the early Christian monks. Its remoteness allowed them to cut themselves off from ordinary life, in order to devote themselves more fully to prayer - yet in this location they were still within reach of the towns and protective castles of the mainland. The religious community of Lindisfarne was founded by Aidan, a missionary from Iona, and flourished on the Island for more than two hundred years. It had its very own patron saint - its most famous resident, Cuthbert. Fellow Old Girls should remember the story, but it's interesting enough to repeat, anyway: Cuthbert was a shepherd who had a vision, and entered the monastery in Melrose. A devout monk who preferred the life of a hermit, his piety and ... read more
Rainbow arch
Looking back
High on the hill


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Farne Islands September 16th 2007

On Sunday we were up bright and early for a drive out to Holy Island which can only be reached by a causeway on low tide. This island is out in the North Sea and is home to Lindisfarne Castle and Lindisfarne Priory. The castle was much more modern than Alnwick as part of the castle hadn't even been built until the early 1900s. It was also much smaller but had an excellent view of the North Sea and Bamburgh Castle could be seen, distantly, from the walls. The priory was a ruin, much like Fountaines Abbey. There was a working church next to the ruin and a cemetery. This priory is where both St. Aiden and St. Cuthbert lived for a time. After visiting the Priory, Kia and I had a quick lunch and then ... read more
Holy Island Castle
Lindisfarne Priory
Lindisfarne Priory

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland July 27th 2007

Today we are visiting the Great Wall, travelling up the east coast, dotted with Castles, crossing the boarder and ending up at Edinburgh. Our day started full of sunshine and after a quick breakfast we headed to the Great Wall. You could be forgiven for thinking I was talking about the Great Wall of China - that is coming in a couple of months. I am talking about Hadrian's Wall. It is huge! Spanning across Northern England, it was originally built as a northern frontier for the Romans. We visited Vindolanda, the ruins of a Roman fort village that supported the Roman patrols of the wall. Vindolanda was quite a find when it was first uncovered. The contents of the fort, that once stationed over 5,000 soldiers, were well preserved due to the low oxygen content ... read more
We are Prepared!
Ancient latrine anyone?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland July 2nd 2007

The weather was inclement, a 5am rising had helped to develop a distinctly foul taint to the moods of our heroes, and the entire centre (in the direct path of travel) of the country was underwater. However, valiantly they pressed on to the wilds of Northumberland to seek the fabled puffin bird... and they were not to be disappointed……………. After suffering through a night of dodgy bedsprings care of the Newcastle YHA, and an even dodgier breakfast, we headed north under threatening clouds (the previous day had seen a very wet dash to stand on Hadrian’s wall which we were not keen to repeat). However, we arrived in the aptly named Seahouses (yes it is a lot of houses by the sea) to find the clouds parting and the fresh breeze dropping. We got ourselves ... read more
Puffin on grassy bank
Jess & Puffins

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Northumberland » Farne Islands October 1st 2006

This weekend I went to the The Farne Islands diving with my mum and a group of MCS divers. We were diving with Farne Divers, and stayed in Beadnell (near Seahouses) in their accommodation. It was basic but good. Big cooked breakfasts supplied every morning. The weather was good, and the diving was great. The sea was flat, the viz was great. The dives were all scenic ones (glad I had a wreck fix last weekend!). We noted down what we saw and filled in seasearch forms for the dives. The water was a bit colder than Newquay - 13'c BRRR but it is up north! We had dinner at the local pub, which was good (not as expensive as the previous weekend!) Strange couple of weeks - drove past Stonehenge at the beginning of the ... read more
Pipe fish
Seal in the kelp

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