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Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York March 29th 2011

Hey there, Went to York yesterday and this morning. What a cool little town. We got to see a giant cathedral (you can't throw a rock without hitting one here) and take a ghost tour. There is also some awesome shopping to be had here. So we just wandered around the town taking pics, shopping, going to high tea and listening to ghost stories. This morning we got on a train and made our way to Edinburgh, Scotland. So far we haven't seen much because we got in at about 4:30 pm and walked (dragging suitcases for what seemed like 42 miles) to our apartment. We then lugged the suitcases up 3 flights of stairs......but when we finally got up to the apartment it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now off to explore a little bit while ... read more
Beautiful Ems
York Minster Cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York November 20th 2010

Sleafordian, ein Busunternehmen in Sleaford, hat am Samstag nen Trip nach York angeboten und weils recht billig war und York als sehr schön gilt, hab ich da einfach zugeschlagen. Ich hab mich vorher schon mit Gisela, der Argentinierin die ich in Cambridge kennengelernt hab, verabredet. Theoretisch alles ganz toll, nur leider hat unser Busfahrer gerade als wir ne halbe Stunde unterwegs waren gemerkt, dass irgendwas mit der Elektrizität net passt und deswegen sind wir wieder umgedreht. Bis wir den Bus getauscht haben und dann auf der Strecke auch noch ne halbe Stunde Pause gemacht haben, waren zwei Stunden im Eimer... die wär ich lieber noch im Bett liegen geblieben! Um 12 waren wir dann endlich in York, aber wenigstens hat ich nen netten Ratsch mit drei älteren Ladies, die mir jede Menge Tipps gegeben haben. Ich ... read more
York Minster
Yorks erster schwarzer Bischof
Roof tour

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York November 13th 2010

*Still in Manchester for the morning* Woke up around 8 and Emma, Miri and I sat at the kitchen table with some coffee and breakfast. A quick shower and bag packing and we were on the bus to the centre to go shopping and see the city a bit. The bus that picked us up was a double decker so now I can say I've ridden a proper double decker bus in England! We sat up top right at the front which was a bit of a mind trip because the bus is on the other side of the street to begin with and then when it goes around the round-a-bout it looks like it can take out the flowers in the centre of the round-a-bout. So weird! First we went to Marks & Spencer, a ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York October 10th 2010

We visited the National Railway Museum on 24 February 2008. The museum has been established in the former railway station building with the original turntable near the actual railway station. The museum offered an insight into the glorious past of the railway industry, and made us feel that we were invited to the real depot rather than the purpose-built museum. We started looking round the Grant Hall. There were different types of the trains which include: Shinkansen, Mallard, Eurostar, diesel trains, freight cars, and horse carriages. The Shinkansen or bullet train, which is used for the permanent exhibition at the National Railway Museum, is an outdated bullet train, Hikari, which was running between 1970 and 2001 in Japan. Yet, that bullet train seems to be "a dream train" in the UK. The description of Shinkansen included ... read more
Model Railway

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York October 10th 2010

Jorvik York has been famous for the fact that Vikings settled and there have been a vast numbers of archaelogical items discovered. Some of my work colleagues had recommended me to visit Jorvik. We decided to look round the Jorvik in the morning on 25 February. As expected, the museum offered a sound picture of the Viking life, together with dozens of findings. After paying for the admission fees, we were asked to go to the cinema room, which is called "time machine room" on the basement floor. There were the couple appearing on the screen, and changing their style of outfit and background according to the era which was transferred backward in time from the present time. Change of the era caused vibrations whilst we were travelling in the time machine. Afterwards, we were invited ... read more
Fairfax House
York Boat


Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York June 10th 2010

I drove a lot of the way to York to give Greg a break as it was all freeways, I didn’t like the narrow windy country roads. York wasn’t really what I expected. I was expecting, I think, a little like Bath with the old sandstone buildings etc, but it was a real hive of activity and busy little town with mixture of buildings. Again the search was on for a B & B. ( I think I like the pre booking better it saves you the messing around and stress of trying to park and find out prices etc) We had big variety of prices here as well, finally we found one for the same price we have been previously paying and about 30 pound less than the first 4 we looked at. It had ... read more
Spiral Staircase York
York Cathedral
York Ancient Landmark

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York June 7th 2010

From Conwy to York Saying goodbye to Conwy, we set out early for York because we wanted to take advantage of early check in at our B&B before noon. It was nearly a 3 hour drive, but this would be the last hurrah for the car as the rest of our trip would be on foot or by train. York is the second most visited city in England (next to London of course) and with good reason. Not only does York still have its castle walls around the town, but it is chock full of old building from the 1600’s which means there are plenty of ghosts and haunted houses. York was founded in 71 AD by the Romans, later invaded by the Vikings before finally becoming English after the Normans invaded. Castles, ghosts, Romans and ... read more
The Shambles
The Shambles

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York April 12th 2010

verhaaltje ... er was eens ... of liever : once upon a time in Scotland ... ´s Zondags den 11ste vertrokken, richting Zeebrugge. Met nen helen groten otto. en den boot was nog groter! den bart amuseerde zen eige me een ladderke van't bed (en deed er nen '180' mee). aangekome in schotland, emme we ons eige eerst is goe volgefret me engels ontbijt, waarbij een goeie portie bone ni mocht ontbreke! ons rickske lustte zen fruit echter ni, en de robin kieperde daarbij het vet van z'n spek. (wa een vies manneke!) vervolgens met den auto het binneland in; we begaven ons naar York! in York aangekome passeerden we ne starbucks: gin plaats, dus ginne koffie. daarna passeerde we ne nero; gin gemak dus ginne koffie. eindelijk kwame we dan ne pret tege waar we ... read more
Photo 13
Photo 14
Photo 15

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York January 26th 2010

All right! Wow! eeeee ... ok! I didn't have the time to write earlier because things went pretty fast during these last 10 days. When I think about the last time I gave some news in Belfast, it seems it was months ago. I've seen a lot, learned way more than I expected and met some really great people along the way (and since the beginning). Life is just sweet and generous to me right now. Je devrais etre atteint de cessite tellement j'ai vu d'endroits magnifiques et je devrais en etre a oublier mon nom tellement j'ai appris de nouveaux trucs depuis le debut du voyage. J'aimerais en dire autant pour la bouffe mais dans ce coin du monde, ce ne sont pas les talents culinaires qui attirent les touristes. J'ai essayer le met Ecossais ... read more
Giant's Causeway
Last day in Ireland ... I'm such a drama queen!!
Cathedral in St-Andrews

Europe » United Kingdom » England » North Yorkshire » York January 1st 2010

If nothing else happened this entire day just eating the local farm breakfast sausage Kathryn cooked up for me would've made this day special. Absolutely the best breakfast link ever. The Gallery has won numerous awards throughout the UK for its "Deliciously Yorkshire" breakfast. In fact, they had just won the "Visit England Breakfast Award 2009/10". Quite a feat in a land with so many B&B's in every town and village. Being not nearly as adventurous as Tyler who had the venison banger, I was more than thrilled with my country sage sausage. Additionally we filled our bellies with perfectly toasted bread served with fresh butter and homemade preserves, Eggs Benedict, baked beans, grilled tomato and more of that super thick and chewy English bacon that I've grown to love. Once again I washed it all ... read more
Juice, Cereal, Toast, Jelly, Fruit and Coffee
Window on a New Year
York's North Wall

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