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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 25th 2011

July 25th-July 31st Love our hotel!! It is right by the London Eye. Went on a hop on, hop off bus to have a quick tour of London. Shopped on Oxford street. Went on the London Eye. London Dungeon and Mme Tussauds. A visit to Brighton, a south coast city. Bicester Village for shopping. Long 3 hour walk in the evening along the River Thames (almost made it from Westminster Bridge to London Bridge). ... read more
London Eye at night
London Eye at day
London Eye view

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 24th 2011

Having spent the summer that I lived here traipsing around the continent, putting on as much weight as I could humanly manage whilst on a gastronomical tour of Italy, France, Slovenia and Croatia, this time around I settled upon spending a few weeks of the summer in London. One night I was walking to a pub in Notting Hill to see a friend from my teenage years spent in Ballarat and, lo and behold, who should be walking towards me but none other than Jimmy Page! I did an about-face as he entered a restaurant to my right, felt giddy and realised that I was wearing the grin of an inbred half-wit who just experienced for the first time the rush gained from drinking his uncle-daddy's moonshine. With the classic Led Zeppelin riff from Kashmir flooding ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 22nd 2011

Yah we have finally made it to London... a day I never thought I would see! We are just settling down into our BnB/Hotel type accommodation... a very small room with an even smaller bathroom but it is nice and cozy! We flew Buisness Premier to Hong Kong which was nice and we all managed to sleep about 4-6 hours then our Hong Kong to London flight we were in Economy (not as nice but I won't complain!). I had quite bad pains during landing in Hong Kong but nothing in London... my only concern that I have just discovered is that I have MASSIVELY swollen ankles (about twice the size of normal! Well the rain has stopped so we are off to explore! TTFN (Ta ta for now) Love, Danielle (+ Steve)... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 22nd 2011

so had a full on day today. we were up early after having a full nights sleep which was amazing. we had a full continental breakfast at the hotel which was yummy. after that we went on the tube to hyde park corner and from there walked to Harrods. wha a massive store! the stuff was very cool, but also had a nice price tag too, the best bit was definatly the toy section. from there we went to Buckingham palace and watched the changing of the gaurds which as cool, there was 100's of people there. we then walked through St. James park. we then went to the national gallery just so we could say we have been there. (not so much into art). We went and saw the big ben and houses of parliment ... read more
eggleton (danielles) + Alvin
Alvin picking up a floozy in Auckland

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 21st 2011

Wouldn’t you know it; our run with fine weather came to an end when it was time to take the ferry across to Ireland. Was this the true English summer we about to experience? Ten days into the trip and this was the first real rain that we had experienced; could the spell of the Sunshine Bus be wearing off? No, by the time we had chugged across the Irish Sea things had cleared up and away we went to explore another tourist place where there were 27 coaches and 975,000 tourists… Geoff held some misgivings about travelling in Ireland, and with our first overnight stop being Londonderry he was in no hurry to get there. But there was nothing to worry about, and we had time to walk around the top of the (old) city ... read more
Londonderry Wall
ThisNatural Marble from Connemara - definitely not painted
Killarney National Forest


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 20th 2011

Hi yall, Thought i would start this so everyone back home can see what I am getting up to on the other side of the world. I am writing this on thursday morning, but lets just pretend its yesterday, otherwise im going to get confused! got off the plane @ 6:30 this morning - flight was ok, food was good but not enough off it. It would have also been nice if they told us they were doing a surprise stop over in Dubai ... which isnt really that exciting at 1:30 in the morning, but at least i can say i have been! Customs was ridiculous - they ask you your life story now. Yes i am on holidays, and it none of your business how i am going to pay for it. Do I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 18th 2011

(By the way, I guessed on the location- we're somewhere near London, probably not in the middle of the city though.) Hi, guys! Hasn't been long this time. Sunday, July 17. We went to the Canadian WWII cemetary in Beny-sur-Mer. We were really pleased to see that it is well kept up, with gardens and plants around each gracestone. The youngest we saw was 18 and the oldest 44. This was another cold, wet day. Monday, July 18. We stopped quickly to see a WWI memorial on a hill near Calais. Very windy. Very, very windy. Then, we went and got the Chunnel (Which is extremely expensive... apparently, if we had booked in advance it would have been half price, though -.- . A lesson you can learn from us. We spent a long time getting ... read more
American cemetary
Canadian cemetary

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 14th 2011

Hello, I have survived another day in the city of London. I have been informed by my sister that if she wanted to read a novel she would read a book. I gather that means that I better make this own shorter for her! By the way Nissa, you may have not left your real name but, I could tell it was you! Today after attempting to find the tour hop on hop off bus walking tour departure for awhile I gave up and explored on my own. I was able to walk to everywhere I wanted from the underway station I came up at. I walked down to London Bridge and snapped some photos of the Thames River along the way. I then strolled along the Thames River walk to the Tower Bridge. Upon arriving ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 13th 2011

I survive my first full day in London before my tour. I am not sure if blogs are meant to be long but, I think this one will be so please bare with me. I inquired about the comment issue from a colleague who used this blog site before. She informed me that if a person wants to see the comments other people have left you have to go to comments on the side of the blog to read them. This is kind is an annoying feature of the site as usually they go right under the post. So in other words mum-your comment did show just not where one would expect it. Melissa, this also means your two comments are there. While, I am speaking to you Melissa I should answer your question. I think ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City July 12th 2011

Hello, I made it to London in one piece! It was a bit dicey at a few points on the flight from Toronto to London. The flight didn't agree with me (which is unusal since I've never felt sick on a flight before). We suffered through quite a bit of turblence (spelling??-feel free to correct me mum as I am sure you will. I am not sure why there isn't spell check on here). When I was waiting in the airport in Toronto a girl noticed my contiki tour wallet and asked if I was going on a tour. She and her friend were heading from Toronto to London to do a tour. We caught up the flight and traveled together to the Contiki Basement which is connected to the hotel they are staying. My hotel ... read more

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