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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow November 19th 2013

Arrived in England 40 Minutes early after travelling for almost 2 days. It was definitely a long time since I woke up at 6am in Sorrento Victoria on 17/11 Aus time after a great girls weekend, until I went to bed at 8pm on 18/11 in England. Got the tube to my Aunts Place and am now sitting here in South Harrow (Harrow if you are posh and 'arro if you are cockney), one tube station away from where I grew up in Rayner's Lane. We are staying right next to South Harrow market where I used to go spend my hard earned pocket money on a new 'single' by the Beatles or even Deep Purple. I still have these singles at home. For the younger of you a single was a 45 RPM (revs per ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow January 18th 2013

After a month at home it’s now time to start moving again. It was really nice to be back for Christmas and to get a chance to see friends and family but the whole time I knew my life belonged somewhere else now. I had become so used to the road, hostel life, being a foreigner, and meeting new people that at times I felt out of place at home. It was as if nothing had really changed at home, but the way I live now did. I still enjoyed all the comforts of home though and had a great time not to having to pay for food anymore, not looking for a place to sleep every night, not living out of a backpack and being able to hang out with familiar faces. Even though going ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow January 12th 2013

If I was writing a coffee table travel book on "Kenton"the introductory paragraph might read: "Kenton is edgy. Kenton is placed neatly on the petite dinner table that is England's Home Counties. A table covered with a starched white tablecloth as crisp as cardboard, dressed with our finest silver and crystal. The mighty candlestick of Nelson’s Column, the flower arrangement that is Hyde Park. Baker Street and Euston, the matching cruet set. Kenton, oh peripheral, peripheral Kenton. 29 minutes from Marble Arch. Right where the side plate should be. Feed the romantic gourmet that exists in your soul, Kenton is the prime locale on which to plonk your garlic bread.” And the book would have a picture of the Glynn’s Bakery near Gooseacre Park, with a scratch and sniff panel beside it honouring the crusty granary ... read more
Kenton in Books

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow January 12th 2013

Harrow and George Orwell Days. Such Were The Joys. I know. And you think you know too. George Orwell didn't go to Harrow. Orwell went to Eton. Then he went everywhere; Barcelona, Mandalay, Wigan... which meant I had to go everywhere too. And George Orwell wasn't really called George Orwell. He was christened Eric Arthur Blair. Eric simply called himself George in print so that he could write free from idiotic two ton Texan republicans, the Bill Mccalpin wikipedia morons, wimpering on and on about him. Eric kept the Eric thing close to his loved family and trusted friends. He kept himself anonymous so releasing himself. Eric didn't feel a blinging, minging, clinging need to be recognised as Eric at all hours and in all places for self agrandissement, sad and frustrated that no one understood ... read more
Orwell's Road

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow June 19th 2012

Zwei Täg hämmer scho wider verbracht, aber vill isch nöd los gsi. Gester (Mäntig) simmer innere 3. Klass gsi bim Mr. McMahon. Es isch sehr interessant gsi ihm zuezluege, er achtet vill meh uf Disziplin und Ornig und es isch richtig agnäähm gsi. Au hemmer de Chind ide Mathi chöne hälfe und am namitag händs no für ihres Theater güäbt. Dadebii hämmer festgstellt, dass am Mr. McMahon en wahre Comedian verlore gange isch, sini Schauspiilkünst sind eifach genial komisch! :) Usserdem hämmer äntlich eusi Stunde für nächst Wuche wommer döfed gäh bestimmt, oleee! Nach de Schuel simmer den mit de Gwenda in Morrison's, das isch so e art Migros nu öpe 5mal grösser. Es hät vo allem viiil meh als ide Schwiitz, aso öpe 100 sortä Cornflakes (under anderem Alpen Muesli with Swiss Recipe), 500 verschiedeni ... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow June 14th 2012

Hüt isch en relativ langwiiige Tag gsi leider. Am morge hemmer zerst fast 1.5h Assembly gha ide Aula wo d'Chind vom History Club ihri Sache vo dem Semester de andere Chind präsentiert händ (Römer, Ägypter, Vikinger, Steiziit...). D Powerpoint Präsentatione währed mega cooli gsi nur präsentiere chönd nöd und d Lehrerin het auno immr müsse drii schnurre. Au di andere Chind sind nöd wükli debi gsi, was fü d Arbet vode PräsentatorInne schaad gsi isch. Dänn hämmer mit de 3. Klasse Theaterprobe gha, was no chaotischer gsi isch als s Assembly. D chind chönd weder ruhig si no ruhig hocke no uf de Bühne de Lehrer zuelose was si sölled mache und alles gaht eeewig langsam. Nach de 15min Pause (di einzig am Morge) hend d chind den e Schriibarbet gmacht zum Thema "If I was ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow June 12th 2012

En noie Tag, s'gliche wätter, räge und chalt. hüt hämmer wenigstens chli länger chöne pfuuse will d'Gwenda no het müse zum Nasedokter. Acho ide Schuel hemmer de tag ide 5. Klass bide Mrs. Pearn verbracht. D'chind hend Literatur und Mathi gha und am namitag Sport und Präsentation. D'Literatur isch recht interessant gsi und d Chind hend eus verzellt was im Buech passiert isch. Ide Mathi isch den D Assischtäntin zueständig gsi, was zu ener vill Chaos gfüärt hät, aber wo denn d Mrs. Pearn zrugg cho isch, hät widr ornig ghärscht. Si isch nett aber sträng und lobt ihri Schüäler vorzue mit "Güüüüd Boy well done!" oder "Güüüd Girl, veeery güüüd!" aber wenns öpis mached wo's nöd sölled den wird si zimli luut und laht d chind ufstah "I'm underwhelmed, that was very rude, not pleased ... read more
The Thames
Reggae Sauce
Yummy Bakery

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow June 11th 2012

Hello there! Hüt morge isches s erste mal id Schuel gange. Grimsdyke School heisst eusi Schuel vode 1. bis 6. Klass und liiht öppe 10 auto-minute vo eusem dihei wägg. Es isch e mittelgrossi Schuel und het pro Jahrgang zwei Klasse. D LehrerInne sind alli mega nett und mir hend e kompletti Füärig vode Mrs. Marrow becho. Nachr simmer denn inere 4. Klass bimene recht lustige Lehrer gsi und hend mal chöne aacho und erlebe, wie das da so zue und häär gaht. Pro Klass hetts öpe 30 chind und alli hend en roote Pulli mitem Schuellogo ah. Es git fü d chind gwüssi Hose/Röck wos döfed alegge und es gseht rächt härzig us. Eus hät d art vom Schuelgeh rächt verwirrt bis ez. D chind höckled a Gruppetisch und es isch gern recht unruhig, wobi ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow May 29th 2012

Well it's that time of year again, when I head off to the Northern Hemisphere. I'm like a migrating bird heading north for the winter towards warmer weather. Quite true really, as I do hate the cold. Another big 6 months coming up - but more of that later - back to my departure. The last few weeks have flown by and after finishing my latest temp job last Friday, the few days leading up to my departure have really flown. Although my departure perhaps does not come fast enough for some, ie my house mate who takes every opportunity to remind me that when I am in residence he is unable to roam or lounge around the house in the nude. Not that you would want to do that activity at this time of year ... read more
Singapore airport

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Harrow November 3rd 2011

Spent this arvo packing my backpack and its officially FULL! weighs 15kg...reckon when i come back my backs either going to be broken or im going to be superwoman hilly! not much i can do but practise lifting the damn thing as much as possible! well now im packed its officially hit me that we are actually going tomorrow!! probably wont sleep tonight, emotions are mixture of exciting and sad ones. ... read more

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