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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Great Dunmow October 2nd 2011

Today we have the van and trailer all packed and ready to go. We are now getting our own things ready to take with us - clothes and stuff. The van just needs to be filled up with fuel, and all will be ready for us to set off. Tomorrow, we'll take some photos, so you will be able to see what it looks like before we start.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex September 27th 2011

I saw something rather cool earlier. Smoke trails from the end of what I might describe as a massive hunk of metal drifting through the sky. As this beast of a machine was travelling through the air at a ridiculous speed it was leaving behind it these elegantly soft strings of white, slowly playing and dancing around each other until they calmly dispersed into nothingness. What stories do the people have to tell and what lives do they lead. The people that have made that trip possible in order to create such a beautiful impression on me. In a matter of months I will be one of those people. I will have the opportunity to change peoples lives, to help, to laugh, to cause mischief, to create happiness or sadness. To flourish in an unknown world ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Colchester August 31st 2011

Today we took a train trip from London to Colchester. For relative novices to the London rail system we managed very well. After a change of trains we arrived at Liverpool Street station with plenty of time to spare. Being very wise it is cheaper to have a coffee to go and so we wandered the station concourse supping hot coffees. For some reason that seems to be a legacy of the IRA bombings of the past there are no rubbish bins in the London railway stations. So where do you put empty coffee cups? Find a table belonging to an outdoor cafe and quietly place empty cups for someone else to find a bin. The train trip to Colchester passes the 2012 Olympic Stadium and it is not long before you are speeding through the ... read more
Sample of Colchester's wonderful gardens
Medieval abbey gatehouse

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Southend-on-Sea » Westcliff-on-Sea August 24th 2011

Here I was, with 2000 raving Tottenham fans, surrounded by 72000 jeering Manchester United followers. All adorned in their proper colors. I'm not in America anymore. But I'll back up. I left America, which was very tearful and depressing. It's hard to imagine how long this year will be, how much will change in this year. How much will stay the same at this time of “transition” for all of us? All my friends will live yet another year without me. I'll come back home and need to be prompted of a whole years happenings in a few meager hang outs and then go back to Purchase, where I'm sure even more of my friends will have dropped out or left. But I have to stop thinking about that. I'm doing awesome things. I'll be ... read more
Kids playing in the Sea
Manchester United Stadium Front

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » West Thurrock July 30th 2011

With relatives at South Ockendon Essex, the rest of the mob from Oz arrive at Stansted late Tuesday . Went to a very nice restaurant at Leigh on Sea today ,called The Grove, nice location, good selection & well priced.Tuesday we met my cousin & her husband from Luton & had lunch at The Whitmore Arms at Orsett, very cosy place, nice meals & well priced. Can't get our heads around how light it stays, we think its about 5pm when really its 8.30pm, It will be interesting to see it through the eyes of the mob. Today has been a beautiful summers day like I remembered from childhood. 26C & lovely blue sky. We went to Flatford Mill where Constable did most of his paintings. very interesting museum. people rowing on the River Stour, feeding ... read more
boat Building


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Stansted Airport May 1st 2011

AA flight was delayed a few minutes. Keen to be puntual (or to give a hard time to those who are late) might still be a good thing. Anyhow, the flight was fine; a bit cold, a bit hungry, a bit bored. That's the AA experience anyhow. Arriving Stansted airport, we ran into huge queues in immigration. Looks like 4 or 5 plane load of people arrived all at the same time. When confusion threw you having to take the little train from a building to the main building to get to your luggages, coming out of the train and seeing this sea of people really not moving much is a good start to your holiday! Anyhow, what seems like half a day, we finally reassembled with our luggages. Only to face an impossible task of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Harlow April 24th 2011

Hello and welcome to my TravelBlog! I wanted to make this so that you could all hear about how I'm getting on this summer :D So far my plans include: - finishing my exams (good luck to me!) - organising and running a few fundraising events - working in Italy for a couple of weeks - AND THEN volunteering in Lima, Peru, for two and a half months!! That aside, the real point of this blog is to inform you about my work with Progressio in Peru and what difference me and my team will be making, as well as what we'll be learning and telling you what you could do to get involved! I will also be giving updates about any fundraising events that I will be organising and how you can attend! So all ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Billericay April 18th 2011

Welcome to Steve ‘n’ Cathy’s travel blog. We’re off around the world (for the third time it has to be said) so we’re calling it RTW3. This first blog entry is to set the scene. Where are we going? We’re going to revisit some old favorites and some new places. Here’s the itinerary in summary. 1) A few days in Hong Kong to revisit old haunts and get over the worst of the jet lag. 2) Then on to Perth, Western Australia – never been, so 5 days there. 3) Across to Sydney – this is a return visit but we were there first in 1994. Steve is going to do the Sydney Harbour bridge climb, but Cathy has decided to be sensible and go shopping instead. 4) Then to South America (flying across the South ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Maldon April 14th 2011

: Our beloved adopted child Dudley: On a cold day, after weeks of scouring the internet, we find ourselves heading to Essex from London to see if the 1992 VW T4 transporter will be the trusty companion we had been searching for. By this time we knew what we required... he needed to have been loved by his previous owner, be able to take Diesel, and get us around Europe - as far as Turkey and then back. We met George, Dudley's original parent, who was as much a VW enthusiast as you could find... we had found our new family member and within 7 hours of seeing him, Dudley was in our possession on the road back to London.... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Essex » Billericay April 11th 2011

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