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February 8th 2012
Published: February 8th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Hi folks, looking out of the window there's snow on the ground and a heavy fog descending, whilst laid out on my bed I have my swimsuits, dresses and summer gear awaiting to be packed! Can't quite believe we will be leaving for our next big adventure tomorrow, doesn't feel real, and I know we'll be sad when saying goodbye, but then I know you'll all still be here when we return (you better be)!

Anyway, this is our official blog (as before) so will keep in touch through this and on facebook, we'll do our best to keep you entertained and informed with short and sweet entries detailing our adventures - try not to get too envious - it's hard to keep up this lifestyle living out of a suitcase and always being on the move! And of course, if it all gets too much and you've had enough of work, life and the general grind then get your ass on the first plane outta London and come join us on our merry way!

F and M xx

PS - previous subscribers to our USA blog will continue to be notified of our updates unless you choose otherwise!


8th February 2012

Good times ahead
I just wanted to say good luck and have a lovely time we will miss you both but we know you will have a good adventure lots of love Jel & Bev
8th February 2012

Hi Fiona! While you were packing your swim suits I was turning out 20 years' worth of M&S receipts, tons of spare buttons from the M&S clothes and other stuff from my dressing table drawer. I found an Echo article from several years ago with your photo on. How weird! Thanks for including me on your blog news. I will look forward to reading about what you are doing. I'm off to Spain on the 18th. Not quite as exotic or warm but still better than this climate. Have a fantastic time Down Under. You won't want to come back! Have a good journey. Jane
9th February 2012

Lucky you
OOOOh how exciting enjoy every minute of it ! x

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