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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Barnstaple October 28th 2013

Well its been a whirlwind of a few days. I landed at Heathrow with my lovely niece Romy there to meet me. It was off to see her home which is lovely and light and bright and straight out to Brent Cross shopping centre. For me lots of nostalgia as I remembered different places all familiar. We got provisions for Friday night Shabbat dinner and had lunch at a Wagamama so I can cross that off my list. In the afternoon she dropped me off with friend Lois and it was so lovely to see her. Her garden was filled with apple trees all laden with apples love that about England. We had big mugs of tea and I mean BIG and then she and Davey took me back to Romy and Brett. We went to ... read more
Lovely drive up to the Manor house
Lois and me
Horseshoe Garden furniture

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon September 29th 2013

Landed in Bristol under cloudy skies. Dan was there to meet us which was a bonus. Hired a car (Citreon C4 diesel) and off we set for North Devon, Woolacombe, where Dan and Donna had rented a farm cottage for the weekend. Good to see Dan again. We last met up in NZ when he was out for a week to visit his family but he's pretty permanent in London now so it was good to catch up. Even better, he did all the driving. It took us about three hours to get to Higher Mullacot Farm where the cottage was. To get there we drove through miles and miles of rolling down land with gorse and stone hedges, ending up in high hedged country lanes barely wide enough for a car. There was some delicate ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter September 26th 2013

Hi everyone!! Welcome to my travelblog!! My Dad and I leave for our epic adventure on Saturday and I am starting to get extremely excited now! I still have to pack but the to do list is almost complete :) I can't wait to start the trip and start uploading some amazing photos and blogs!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth May 21st 2013

Good morning from Plymouth; just a little tidbit before we move on from here. There are not a lot of older buildings in Plymouth because of the blitz during the war. This church although it has major bomb damage it's been left as a reminder of the loss suffered at that time. On a lighter note, it's also in the center of a traffic circle. I know there are some of you who wouldn't appreciate the number or the sizes of the traffic circles here. Have a great day, later........ read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Plymouth May 19th 2013

Well folks, it was another jam packed day. We went to Stonehenge & Bath. Definitely two places I could see again. Stonehenge really left me with an unexplained feeling; awe is the only word I can think of to even capture my experience. Bath has got to be the most beautiful place I've visited so far on this trip. The Roman Baths were pretty awesome but the city was unbelievable. Our tour director and bus driver have been quite accommodating, they took us through the small villages and countryside on our way to Plymouth. The roads were quite narrow, I'm not sure how Sid our driver maneuvered the coach through them. There were many fields of rape seed, canola in bloom. The bright yellow blooms seemed even brighter against the rich green background. Tonight we had ... read more


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Hatherleigh April 25th 2013

Our original plan was to bike over Dartmoor where we would pass Grimspound, the Neolithic site where Sherlock Holmes camped during the Hound of the Baskervilles. Our original timetable had us there on a full moon. The timetable was shot after several days of bike breakdowns, walking up horrendous hills, and difficulties in finding our route and running into detours. And then we heard numerous warnings of treacherous conditions for riding in Dartmoor, especially in bad weather. So plan 2 had us heading north to Bodmin Moor, another wild and beautiful part of Cornwall. As we climbed up to Bodmin on day 3 we entered a world of mist and open country that seemed like the top of the world. Picture a single track road winding through open pastures with sheep grazing freely. A lamb followed ... read more
Bodmin Moor morning mist
Heather on a stone wall
Sheep family on the moor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Holsworthy April 24th 2013

The first vegetables we sowed were potato seeds. Before doing this RM, AP, Naarah and Juanjo had weeded the entire bed using forks and trowels. We had never sown potatoes before so this was a good learning experience. It wasn't hard at all, anyone can do it. Rob taught us his method, we first sectioned lines in the bed sticking in a wooden narrow pole at both ends. In this instance there were 4 vertical rows. Two rows contained one type of potato and the other two another two types of potato. You use a string line marker so the rows are straight, this is basically a piece of wood with string attached to another piece of wood. You can buy this type of kit too, metals ones. Once you have your rows you can start ... read more
More mulch
Mulchy, mulchy!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Exeter April 22nd 2013

I have bought a one way ticket to Melbourne, Australia to travel on the 13th August 2013. I am very excited about this new adventure I will be going on. I am traveling on my own, but will start of staying with friends and see how i go from there. xxx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Holsworthy April 19th 2013

We all spent a morning with the subject of herbs used for medicinal purposes. Diana is a medical herbalist so is the perfect teacher. AP loved this part and has had an interest in the old ways of medicine for a long time. Many herbal remedies have been discovered over hundreds of generations of interaction between people and wild plants, though much of this knowledge is now lost in the mainstream of culture. Indeed many medicines are in use today originate from herbal origin. Medical herbalism differs from traditional medicine in that it aims to treat a person holistically - the cause (or more usually a multitude of causes) not just the symptoms. The herbalist will do a thorough interview with the patient - ask them about their diet, lifestyle, daily routines, trauma, digestion, breathing, immune ... read more
Pilewort aka lesser celendine
Pile work with flower

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Holsworthy April 16th 2013

The work here has been varied. On the first week, we cut down and pulled out dead raspberry bushes to clear the way for some grape vines Rob intends to grow in the future. This was hard work as the areas were about 60 ft. long and 4 foot wide and we cleared both sides one side of each polytunnels. It was pretty back breaking as some of the grass roots were deep and went on for metres. We also recovered a few ash trees from the area which we later planted in the new woodland area, which was previously used for the sheep. We also did some weeding in the polytunnels, digging up weeds such as chickweed, thistles, long grasses and dandelions (dandelion is a good medicinal plant so not really a weed in that ... read more
Great work
RM and Juanjo

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