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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby March 28th 2010

Well today i thought was a good day to start my blog. This is the day i have been planning for probably around 3 years.... You see i missed out on the backpacking when i was in my early 20's - my own fault really.. having a boyfriend etc but now glad i did, I am 33 years old (in 2 weeks) and on the 28th Nov 2010 - i am doing the most spontaneous event i have ever done... i am quitting my job and taking a trip around the world for 3 months... For the past couple of months i have scanned the internet on destination advice, read blogs, quoting fares, pricing up hostels etc etc to build up my courage and confidence for today - the day i book my flights !! I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire February 7th 2010

Hello to anyone who might want to read this. I shall be travelling around Africa, India, and South East Asia for the forseeable future so I've decided to write a blog partly for myself as a record and partly for anyone who would like to take an interest in my whereabouts and what I've been doing. Tomorrow evening I fly out to Cairo so stay with my old housemate Tom for the first step of the tour. I'm very excited but slightly nervous as I'm convinced that there is some major task of fundamental importance which I have yet to complete, but I've no idea what it is so screw it. I'm going to bed.... read more

Hartington - Peak District 20th - 22nd November, 2009 The English countryside is beautiful even when it is raining! It's always nice to get out of London and even when it is starting to get cold and wintry, the hostels are always warm and toasty. We found a great hostel in the Peak District in the village of Hartington called Hartington Hall. Hartington Hall is a manor house and was certainly very grand. It was very cosy with log fires in its own bar and dining area. We also made use of the self-catering kitchen which was in a separate building (once a barn) next to the lambs, goats and chooks. The rain did come down but we still ventured out of the hostel for a wander through the nearby hills. Lots of farmland surrounding the ... read more
Beautiful Autumn Colours - View From Room at Hartington Hall Youth Hostel
Hartington Village
Hartington Hall Youth Hostel

What can I say about the contrast of a city in China with a population nearly 17 million, my hometown in China with a population of 6.2 million, a walk with 2 great friends across stanedge edge in gale force winds with changing weather at the speed of light and a rainbow stretching across the entire expanse of the horizon and London? Four fantastic places, 3 chinese dogs, and 6 fantastic friends from 2 continents all within one week. Suzhou, Shanghai, Stanedge and London - it's messing with my head. ... read more
then it's sunning
then there it is
janey under the rainbow

Erik's verjaardag en we hebben hem heel de dag door gevierd vanaf 2u00 s'nachts!!! Om 5u30 moesten we in-treinen in Calais, gelukkig op de Eurotunnel en geen boot.... Een nieuw avontuur stond te trappelen om te beginnen en Enya wou er ook deel aan nemen. Erik was al enkele dagen gewoon hyper, zo hard aan het uitkijken om zijn derde thuis te bezoeken. Om 10u30 stonden we al op de camping in Hathersage en niet veel later hingen we aan de rotsen in Stanage Plantation. 's Avonds vierden we het met een minder goed etentje in the Fox House Inn. De vorige keer was het subliem, nu echter abominabel. Spijtig! We zijn de komende 4 dagen klimmekes gaan doen in: Bamford, Burbage North en Higgar Tor. Verschillende hele mooie routjes gedaan, en enkele mindere. Erik deed ... read more
Vader en dochter, toch mooi !!!
Wie is wie in deze legende ....


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield September 4th 2009

Since coming to England I have wanted to see the location where the movie Pride and Prejudice was filmed and it is located in the Peak district which I have also wanted to see. It wasn’t until my last week in England that I had a chance to plan a trip up to Chatsworth house to see it. The reason it took so long for me to go is that it kind of takes a bit of work to get there. First I took a train to Chesterfield. Once in Chesterfield I had to find further transportation to Chatsworth. The bus I needed to take to the next town over didn’t leave for about an hour so I walked around the town and saw the flea market set up in the middle square. People were selling ... read more
Sign to Chatsworth
Chatsworth Gate
Houses in Baslow

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby August 24th 2009

Monday 24th August, Derby Shopping day today.I wanted to get our vodafone sim cards sorted and the girls were dead keen that we helped Robin buy some clothes. Apparently someone had given her some money on a card at Debenhams, a big clothing store in the middle of Derby. Along the way we went to a couple of op shops. Altho' the idea was to get Robin new clothes from D's in Oxfam we saw a lovely green skirt, it had a really interesting hem line and was her size, only 5 pounds. I had to bully her in to it - but everyone who saw it thought it looked great. Off to the mall, there Robin introduced me to LUSH - they make gorgeous soaps and creams etc out of natural products, wonderful names and ... read more
Lichfield cathedral of 3 spires
Lichfield from front
Immense Inside

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby August 23rd 2009

Sunday 23 August, Derby As Rob had only been to see Mim once yesterday she decided not to go to church in the morning and to visit Mim then. Cathy (friend) was coming for lunch and they had decided to have a traditional Sunday roast - Ann and I shoed Rob away and told her we'd do it. It is so nice to be able to do things for her - it's not a lot, dishes, some meals, hanging out the washing, helping with the pets - Rob works sooo hard. Ann & I went over our photos and we got some on facebook for Ann. Cathy arrived and is just a warm lovely person, so nurturing for them all including Kirsten. Ann & I finished up sitting and chatting with her after lunch, Rob went ... read more
Colourful barges
heading over the iron bridge
Canal over road

22 August, (Saturday) Derby Jerry has the next 2 weeks off. Today he drove us around the countryside. Kirsten had been staying with Jerry's cousin, Nessa, at their pub in Sheffield and we went to pick her up. First we went to Chesterfield, Jerry was just going to drive past but I was keen for a photo (parking was a huge pain but eventually we managed it and I got a great photo of the Crooked Spire on St Mary's church apparently caused by the devil sitting on it! Then we were off to Sheffield. Nessa is just lovely - so glad Kirsten has her as I think she really needs people like that in her life, Rob & Jerry so preoccupied with Mim. The pub very cute too. We had a cuppa there then loaded ... read more
Nessa's pub
Church by pub
1st British pub lunch

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby August 21st 2009

21 August (Friday) 5 am, DerbyBy 9pm just could not keep the eyes open. Rob & Jerry went off to visit Mim, good thing they did'n't stay home to be sociable coz Ann & I were neither. Woke just before 3am. Ann had gone - not sure where she is - I suspect she stole a bed in Kirsten's room to escape the snoring! Pip was due home tonight but we weren't awake to see her - she was going to sleep in the lounge (Ann & I have her room). Later... It was lovely to meet Pip she is a delightul young woman. She is doing some work in a local pub over the holidays. Friday Robin decided not to visit Mim in the morning and we set off for the day. First stop was ... read more
Kiddleston Chapel
Kiddleston from the back
Kiddleston from front

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