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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Dronfield July 9th 2014

We are now in the heart of a British summer. The occasional thunder storm clears the air but it still feels heavy and muggy. A different heat to that abroad. The nights are long and have reached that plateau where they neither get any longer nor get any shorter. And it is 50 days to our next long holiday. Suzy sits idly on the top garden waiting to get on the road again. She needs a fill of fuel and that will be done some time over the next week or so as I have accumulated another 20p per litre off fuel and need to use it by the end of the month. Plans are still underway . We need a vignette for the Czech republic and we cannot get this from our usual supplier TollTickets ... read more
Renishaw Hall - the lily pond
Lily pads on the pond
Pink waterlily

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Bakewell June 26th 2014

Where is heaven? Let me ride on this sweet breeze and waft away thither. A few years ago a friend and work colleague who was as mad as a bag of frogs just like me bought me a small desk calendar. It showed - one day at a time - and had some thought or saying from an eastern religious text or words of wisdom from an eastern philosopher. Since that first calendar I have had one on my desk every year. Sometimes I read the thought for the day and think it is beyond me. I don' t understand it. It is too complicated to fathom and I feel it is like throwing pearls to a swine to expect me to digest it and take it in . Other times I read the pearls of ... read more
First course
Hassop Hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Matlock June 15th 2014

We have been home now for the past two weeks. Where has the time disappeared to? When you are younger a year lasts forever, a month feels like a year, a week like a month, a day like a week . But as you get older it seems to disappear quickly into a black hole and you wonder where it went to. Suzy gets her windscreen makeover tomorrow but that's another day. She still needs cleaning and it is a job that will need to be done sooner rather then later. But then there is today................ Today we take you down Electric Avenue. There you go - I got the song in. Eddie Grant - go on sing along . We did as we walked down the street. Quietly of course. It is one of those ... read more
All aboard the tram
we going rock you down Electric Avenue
We didnt risk the fine

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Hathersage May 7th 2014

Off into Burton today to say goodbye to Pat - he was off back south on the train today. A short but pleasant little run into Burton - a good looking little town with the slow River Trent running right through the middle of it - I could not believe though how many beers are brewed here though. Those people of Burton certainly seem to know their beer Nearly everyone I know of, seems to come from here. They weave their magic on the old River Trent On stuff we should have no regrets when we have spent Our cash, on tears and tales and merriment and laughter And philosophies about the now, here and after And when in the morn we awake all a quiver Don't feel bad - just blame it on the river. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Hathersage April 18th 2014

Weer een jaartje ouder, en dat vieren we tradioneel niet in België. Kris, Dieter en Jerina hadden besloten ons te vergezellen voor een klein 5-daags tripje naar the Peak, UK. Erik en ik reden vrijdagavond, de 11de april al richting de eurotunnel. Nog diezelfde dag stonden we aan de overkant en stopten pas halverwege Sheffield. We besloten onderweg een paar uurtjes te slapen. We hadden voor mijn verjaardag allebei een NeoAir Thermarest gekocht. Amai, wat een luxe (6,3cm dik) en opgerold niet groter dan een nalgene-fles en nog stukken lichter in gewicht ook. Ik ben een grote fan!!! De volgende morgen rond een uur of 10 zaten we in the Outside iets te eten. Kris, Dieter en Jerina vervoegden ons daar. Een dik uurtje later stonden we op Stanage Plantation. Het was koud, rond de 9°C ... read more
Moe maar voldaan!
Friend 4!!


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Derby March 5th 2014

58 days and counting. 8 weeks and the odd day before we head off for our first continental trip of 2014. It has felt a long time coming. Since we moved into our new home at the beginning of December trips have gone on hold and we have concentrated on putting in a new bathroom and are in the middle of completing a new kitchen. Whilst we have wanted to go out for trips to pass the time away the house has taken over and the trips unless essential put on the back burner. How sad is that? Suzy has been standing forlorn in the back garden. Somehow she doesnt feel in our face any more as she no longer sits on our front drive right under our lounge window. Instead she is up on the ... read more
The M1
On the way to Derby
and its the birthday boy

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Buxton February 10th 2014

Back from a wettish weekend walking in the Peak District - fortunately no significant rain when we were walking on the Saturday but rivers still in spate and ground pretty saturated. Given that the UK has just experienced the wettest January on record and February shows every sign of being a repeat of January I guess we can't complain too much about getting a soaking while making the dash from the pub to the Saturday night curry. Notwithstanding this good fortune it still feels like a pretty good time to be leaving the country for a sunny 70F Buenos Aires. I've now taken care of admin and packed so am pretty much ready for the off. Planning to travel light on the basis that 5 months is far too long to anticipate every eventuality and Spanish ... read more
Hoping to Travel Light(ish)

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield January 28th 2014

Suzy has been nestling in her parking spot for the last seven weeks. Huddled up against the laurel trees which have sheltered her from the January rain and winds. The weather has been too unkind to think about taking her out and we have been too busy with house repairs and renovations. So she has been somewhat sadly neglected. I hate this time of year and cannot wait for spring to arrive and to get her on the road again. The weather has been mixes. Heavy rain which has flooded the Somerset Levels returning many areas to a landscape Alfred the Great would have recognised. Sleet and yet more driving rain falling like stair rods. Wind and unusually a thunderstorm. Not something we would normally expect at this time of year. And last week a flurry ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 29th 2013

Finally after five weeks of moving from site to site Suzy is happy sitting in her new home. She just needs her umbilical cord plugging into the mains to keep her batteries topped up but what with moving that has been sadly forgotten about. It feels strange to see her on the drive finally and in her proper home. She wont be sitting there for long though as its only about five weeks until the nights start to draw out again, spring might have sprung and we may get on the road again. Such a lot of hopes of plans as 2013 drew to a close and 2014 dawned. Who would have thought this time last year that we would have packed up lock, stock and barrel and moved?. Not me nor Sion who felt at ... read more
Through the trees
A glimpse of the gardens
The long path

Time for something completely different For most of my life the concept of caving has been an intriguing yet terrifying prospect. Earlier in the year I purchased a voucher for an outdoor activities day for Gemma and I for £50 instead of £260, among the activities listed was caving, climbing, gorge walking and abseiling. Gemma was keen to try the climbing and I the caving. We'd completely forgotten that we had booked onto it until I received an email earlier this week with consent forms and injury waivers to sign. We arrived at the predetermined meeting point in Calver and I waited for everyone else, we then drove up to Grindleford to a natural rock wall. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought we'd be at a climbing centre. This was just a wall a short ... read more
Terrific fashion sense

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