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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol February 19th 2014

Hi everybody, After a bout of the sniffles (remind me to post something about preventing sickness on trips), I have finally the time to write about my recent trip to Bristol. the First bus company is actually a great way to get around between Bath and Bristol. X39 route will take to between the two cities in less than 40 minutes! However, you can take 339 or 338 (all by First ) for a longer but more scenic route, along the rolling country farm hills of England. Because I am a student, I get to go to Bristol for free over the weekend using my First bus pass. I think tickets are less than 10 pounds for return though for a regular trip. Once we got to Bristol, it was pouring rain, but no harm, there ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol August 18th 2013

Sunday August 18,2013 Bristol UK I awoke to blue skies and a little bit of wind. Sally, the dogs and I said our "goodbyes" to Wendy and headed of on our last adventure on the road. We left Bristol around 11:35 am and it took us about 4 hours to get home with 2 stops along the way. We finally got back to PFH around 4:25 pm and we were all glad to be home. Sally and I cleaned up and made sure that the mobile home was all ready for the owner to pick it up. We had an amazing and fun adventure in Wales and England!! The dogs were also glad to be home and smelling familiar things. Shale and Rune were awesome travelers! Before dinner....Sally and I got unpacked and settled ourselves back ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol August 13th 2013

Tuesday August 13,2013 Bristol I woke up earlier than usual to blue sunny skies at PFH again which is wonderful! I think that I was too excited to go back to sleep and so my eyes opened around 6:30 a.m. I checked email & blog. At around ......9:30 am after showing the woofers their jobs and taking pictures.....time to start our exciting journey. Sally and I and the dogs climbed in and headed off out to the open road. We stopped at one rest stop and then onward to our first destination of our ............road trip. Shaftesbury was a lovely quaint town and we arrived around 2:30 pm and left to head to Bristol around 4:50 pm. It was really nice to meet Sally's uncle Peter and a cousin named Frank. The house was great and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol August 11th 2013

So here we are a day before we leave for London and there is still so much to do :( i mean we've only had a month off from work so far so its been pretty busy around here reading books, watching tv, catching up with friends and relatives and ofc any time off at home means loads of Ps3 time for moi! We are all set on our vaccinations and we have booked our first 3 nights in a hostel in Bogota but we are still waiting for our visa confirmation from the almighty US and we still need to buy our insurance. And ofc pack our bags! Pressure is on....... Ps: we are not know for our literary skills so you'll just have to bear with us. Xxx... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol June 1st 2013

Two weeks in Cornwall completes our UK Holiday. Cornwall has very many beautiful fishing villages, spectacular coast lines and the narrowest and most winding roads in the world. Cousins Michael and Barbara wanted to come with us , so Michael drove us just about everywhere, as David hated the narrow lanes and the vehicle we were provided with by the house exchanger. We stayed in Mylor Bridge, which is a pretty village just outside of Falmouth. Every time we went to the waterside the tide seemed to be out so the boats were lying on their sides! We were delighted to see a swan on her nest, but after a week the nest was abandoned and the eggs left was very close to the road so I guess the swan was frightened away. We walked ... read more
Mylor Bridge in bloom
Land's end


Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol May 26th 2013

We had planned visiting Bristol and Cliffton Suspension Bridge on 13 May. Mark had printed the maps and bus timetables from the Internet. We caught the bus from Bristol from the bus terminal in Bath. After having an hour journey, a wide area of residential houses and large buildings appeared in our sight. Bristol is regarded as a city, and every single building looked bigger than Bath and Gloucester. We caught the bus for Cliffton Village from the city centre’s bus station. It was rainy and windy when we arrived at Cliffton Village. However, miraculously, the strong wind cleared off the gloomy climate, and the sun turned up when we reached the destination. We crossed over the famous suspension bridge, popped in the gift shop, and I bought presents for my father. We walked up to ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol April 13th 2013

Having returned from a snow covered Wales, we decided to explore the local stretch of the River Frome, which turned out to be a shallow slow stream, so we went over to Downend and saw a fast flowing beautiful Frome river. The next day we caught a bus into Bristol and visited the Museum and saw a real flying box kite made for the movie “The magnificent men in their flying machines. We walked up a very steep hill as to Cabot tower a memorial to one of the first men to go to America. We visited the 900 years old Bristol Cathedral , St Marys Redcliffe (infamous for its involvement in the slave trade) and a church that was bombed and left as a memorial of those thousands who died in the Blitz. Michael and ... read more
9 Raglan Castle fortress against English parliament
25 Helter Skelter
1 Lifeboat station converted to a home in Tenby

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol April 7th 2013

We had another try for Chipping Sodbury on Monday morning, freezing cold and blowing a gale we were able to see this beautiful village completely devoid of people. We then went to Tintern Abbey which is in Wales and almost had to drive to London when I got into the wrong lane. The UK is big on ruins. Tuesday we went to Bath and walked for four hours , we saw the Jane Austen museum, the Bath Abbey the Royal Parade and lots of cobblestones. It took us one hour to get out of Bath because there was a traffic light being repaired. Wednesday we went to Castle Combe which is a delightful village in the Cotswolds , and where several classic films were made. On Thursday with great trepidation we set out for Tenby in ... read more
2 Clifton Bridge
8 The scary eye hospital
3 The Bridge

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol March 30th 2013

This is our first real Travel blog. We left Brisbane flying out at 2.35 am on Monday 25thMarch. No one in their right mind does anything at that hour. Our journey to Singapore was very good because the plane was almost empty and Gillian stretched out over three seats and sort of slept. We arrived at 6am. Our hotel was the Changi Village Hotel which was as far away from the city centre as you can get, but it is close to the airport. It was the site of the infamous prison which is in the process of being demolished. We were able to rest until 10am and then went into the city and travelled on two buses and saw almost all of the city. The most spectacular structures were the Marina Bay Hotel which has ... read more
Singapore  Architecture
Singapore Washing
Sombre reflection

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Bristol County » Bristol March 2nd 2013

So it's 23:44 on 2nd March and I'm counting down the hours until 2am when I leave for Heathrow with my family. I have had some amazingly emotional 'au revoir's with some insanely amazing people including the best leaving party with my lovely work people and I think it's just hit me that this is real. Just been texting Rose as we've suddenly realised we both have the wrong numbers for each other, but that's all sorted now. So the plan is I leave at 6:20am from Heathrow and fly into Madrid - going backwards but oh well - and then onto Guatemala City to arrive at 16:15 local time (10pm English). There should be a cheeky Guatemalan waiting for me with my name on a board which is one of my lifelong ambitions. When I ... read more

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