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Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen July 18th 2014

This Swiss Miss... ....lost a little bit of her heart in Switzerland. Sometimes in life we experience moments that take our breath away, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to have several of those moments in our life time, I've experience exactly this while visiting Switzerland. When we were planning this trip, I was quietly excited to be visiting Switzerland for the first time. Like all of you I have seen pictures and postcards and most probably scenes from movies and wondered if that spectacular scenery could be real! Let me tell you it's so real I've actually touched it. I've been thinking how to describe the natural beauty of this country to you....the word most often used was 'WOW!'.... Said with such awe, and mouths agape. The grass is the greenest I've ever seen, such ... read more
Sacha Torte

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen August 1st 2013

Wow, what a day. We came here because this was one of the places I liked the best when we came to Europe when I was young and I wanted to bring the children here. It didn't disappoint. After breakfast in the large guesthouse dining room, where the girls enjoyed two types of Swiss hot chocolate, we set out for Lauterbrunnen. There were snow-capped mountains all around and a full and fast moving stream right beside the road. At Lauterbrunnen we parked in the parking station with no indication of what the price would be and headed for the station. We failed to work out the automatic ticket machine so went into the office and $800 later we had 6 return tickets to the top of Europe. It was a beautiful sunny day and the train ... read more
More Swiss Alps
On the train through the mountain
At the Top of Europe

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen July 28th 2013

Mountain bikes, slightly overcast conditions, best friend as companion and the Alps ahead! We arrived the previous night at Interlaken Ost and checked in at 'Hotel Beausite' (10 minutes walk. It is closer to Interlaken West). The staff was very friendly and patient. They spent close to 20 minutes answering our various questions on our proposed biking trip for the next day. Rooms were very comfy and clean. The best part was the view we got the next day from the windows. The picture speaks for itself. We walked till Interlaken West which had a bicycle renting place within the railway station. They charged us 30-40 CHF to rent a mountain bike for a day and took a photocopy of our passports. Its better to take the bikes for a day, as you can return whenever ... read more
Our transport
Along the Way 1
Along the Way 2

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen July 2nd 2013

The day started with a couple of delays. We got down to the town and had forgotten our Visitors Pass so back we went as we wanted to book tickets to the Cheese Making on Thursday morning. We then drove to Lauterbrunnen and Karilyn left the camera in the car so Neil went back. We then walked up the valley in beautiful sunny, warm weather to the Trummelbach Falls. There seems to be an over abundance of Muslims everywhere who block the tracks and don't move to let people through. Maybe it's the large populations they have that they just don't care. The men wear what they want and the women are either completely covered in chadors with only eyes showing (even then sun glasses) or they are rugged up in trousers, coats and scarves then ... read more
Lunch by a stream
Lauterbrunnen Falls

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen June 9th 2013

Woke up today and went to reception to get some change because the showers were 50 Swiss cents. Unfortunately for me it was closed but thankfully Ken had the foresight to get some change the night before and I was able to borrow a coin. The campgrounds actually had the bathrooms and showers in a different building so if you wanted to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night you had to go outside. Breakfast was in the tent and we all got ready for today's optional activities. Most of us were going on a train to Jungfrau and 4 of the ladies Romy, Jemma, Emma and one other person were waiting for the weather to clear so they could go for their helicopter sky dive. The group that was going for the ... read more
Train ride up to Jungfrau
Ice Palace
Ice Sculpture


Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen June 8th 2013

Woke up with my first hangover of the tour and took a minute to remember the events of last night. Went downstairs for breakfast and sat down with Christine. I will describe Christine as quiet, shy and very nice. It would take awhile but she would eventually be my favourite person from the tour. After breakfast it was time to load the bus for Switzerland. I had never been to Switzerland before so I was very excited. It would be an 8 hour drive to Lauterbrunn, Switzerland so it was our longest ride of the tour. First time we were all on the bus and every seat was taken. We had a get to know you activity after the first bus stop. Most of us slept off the hangovers from the night before (common theme). Kate ... read more

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen January 2nd 2013

Day 4 - Lauterbrannen, Swiss Alps Wednesday 2nd January 2013 An optional excursion to the summit of the Jungfrau Mountain, home of Europe’s highest rail station anyone?! So breakfast was spent discussing the night before, and getting ready to go! The tales I heard of what went on after I went to bed were hilarious! We walked up into town ready for our trip up Jungfrau. How exciting. Most people were still amazed by all the snow but wait until they get to the top. Some of the guys went skiing or snowboarding and s... read more
Winter Express Trip 168
Winter Express Trip 185

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen January 1st 2013

Day 3 – Paris to Lauterbrannen, Swiss Alps, Switzerland New Year’s Day -Tuesday 1st January 2013 Magnificent Swiss scenery is on display today as we travel to our base in the Swiss Alps. All aboard the coach were very tired people all quiet and sleepy for the morning. A couple of hours in, we were awake and playing games on the coach that Carly set up. They were so funny. Then she put one of the best films on of all time. Taken. Oh yes. And as we had just spent 2 days in Paris where the film was set, it was even more fun to watch. Unfortunately Carly had never se... read more
Winter Express Trip 136
Winter Express Trip 141

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen July 22nd 2012

Switzerland was by far my favourite country, as it was love at first site. Driving into Switzerland i was awe struck by the beautiful snow capped mountains and lush green scenery. Once we had arrived to our location of Lauterbrunnen, we were greeted by cute little log cabin houses and the a massive waterfall as our backdrop. As we settles in our little log cabin campsite, we went to the dinner tent to sample the local cuisine. Inside there were huge pots of cheese fondue over small flames at each table, which I enjoyed far too much! It was then followed by a delicous roast dinner, no wonder I had trouble fitting into my jeans that night! After dinner we went to the campsites pub to have a few drinks, well thats how it started anyway. ... read more
Enjoying the Swiss scenery
Leaving our mark at the campsite bar
Afternoon treat at the local internet café

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Lauterbrunnen June 30th 2012

Week seven has proved to be our favourtie week so far- full of places that we feel like we could live in. While traveling it is fairly common to hope that you will return to a place but only a few places make you actually want to live there- with Switzerland and Munich doing just that. After leaving Grada we headed to Italys most popular lake- Lake Como. Lake Como is a huge upside down Y shape, with small towns scattered on the cliffs of the lake. Last time I was there we stayed in the town of Como so this time we stayed in Bellagio. Bellagio is very pretty on the peninsular of the lake with views in every direction. Our campsite was up the hill, providing a panoramic vista. We found a local restaurant ... read more

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