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Europe » Sweden » Dalarna April 30th 2014

Vakantie Zweden 2014 10 dagen naar Zweden Hoe langer je lid bent, hoe groter de voordelen Staat Zweden al een poos op je verlanglijst? Dan is deze Kampioenaanbieding een goede reden om naar het noorden te trekken. Je slaapt in zo'n charmante stuga en hebt alle mogelijkheden om de natuur te verkennen. Op de fiets, te voet, kanoënd of zwemmend in het meer voor de deur. Tijdens dit arrangement in Zweden verblijf je in het ruime Säfsen Resort. Dit resort ligt in de beboste heuvels aan het Säfsjönmeer in Midden-Zweden, op circa 3 kilometer van het plaatsje Fredriksberg. In het restaurant staan lokale specialiteiten zoals köttbullar op het menu. En hoe langer je lid bent van de ANWB, des te meer extra's je krijgt. Check daarom zeker even de kleur van je ANWB-pas. *Haal het maximale ... read more
De Stena Line
Buffet aan boord
Op het bovendek

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Falun June 10th 2011

Three years at the Swedish gymnasium has finally come to an end. In exactly 12 hours, I will have officially completed my A-level. I will have to make one other big choice when I choose which university I want to go to, but before that, my Camino trip awaits! Duct tape has been my friend the most recent hours, and now I should be ready to leave within 30 minutes of notice. Prepared!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Falun June 5th 2011

Today is actually my birthday. And the first day that my pack is completely packed and ready (in essence). The only thing left is to pack my unicycle in a snug way. I really hope that Ryanair won't lose it during the flight. You never know. The departure is scheduled Sunday 8.20, 12 june from Skavsta, Nyköping. I hope for the best!... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Gagnef June 5th 2011

Short history about the route and me So, a little more information about the two agents in this adventure, the Camino de Santiago, and me. The Camino is essentially the way to the city Santiago de Compostela, and more precisely to the Cathedral in Santiago. It is an old (I've heard something around 1000 years old) pilgrimmage route with a number of different main paths, one of which is called the "French Way", "Camino Frances". In these modern times, people commonly start in a village called Saint Jean Pied de Port and walk all the way through, among other places, Pamplona, Burgos and Logroño, Léon and Astorga. This walk is approximately 800km long, and a couple a months ago, I decided to cover it by unicycle, which is what I will do during three weeks in ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora August 19th 2010

Hey hey ! We zijn op dit moment in Orsa, waar we gisteren het berenpark hebben bezocht. Heel tof en gezellig, ondanks de regen.. Een paar Kamtjatkaberen vonden het blijkbaar heel plezant dat ik met hun wou spelen en achtervolgden mij, heel schattig. Ons plan is nu om langzaamaan naar Stockholm te gaan zodat we op de 31ste huiswaartskunnen gaan. Voor diegene die ons "messages" stuurden: hartelijk bedankt, we hebben ze nu echter pas gelezen omdat we nu pas zagen dat messages mogelijk waren.. Bij deze ook een veeeel te late "Happy Birthday" aan mijn nonkel Erik, sorry... Lucas... read more


Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora June 13th 2009

I have spent three more days in Mora, and sadly these are my last days here. Unfortunately, the weather has been bad this entire time and the rain has hardly stopped. I spent two of those days at the hospital. Thursday was a very uneventful but relaxing day. I did not watch any surgeries and instead spent the time in the outpatient clinic. I spent the day with Torbjorn Blixt, an intern at the hospital whose name translates to 'God of thunder bear flash'. The other doctors call him Dr. Flash. Anyways, Dr. Flash spoke excellent English and explained everything in such minute detail that I had a hard time paying attention. We looked at a few of his favorite x-rays from really interesting cases and he had my identify the injuries on each of the ... read more
Carving the Dalahorse
The steps of Dalahorse making
Painting room

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora June 10th 2009

I have spent two more days in Mora since I last wrote. They have been very busy and I am so tired - I guess that is the life of doctor. My body is also aching from standing for so long. But it has been a very fun last two days. Yesterday I assisted in a arthroscopic knee surgery. I scrubbed in and Pierre showed me how to use the camera - I think more video games as a child would have helped me out there! It's hard to only be able to see what you're doing through a video screen! I also got to do my first stitches, which was pretty scary considering I didn't know what I was doing. Luckily I caused no damage. The rest of the day I spent in the outpatient ... read more
View from the lookout where Oskar and Anna took me
Me and Anna
Me and Oskar

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora June 8th 2009

Today I visited Mora Lasarett (the hospital) for the first time. I found that they wear scrubs everywhere so all that effort I put into picking out the right clothes to wear didn't really matter. I will be spending the week in the Orthopedic Surgery department so I was introduced to a few of the doctors. I met Pierre, the main doctor I will be shadowing for the week. Pierre is a Swedish surgeon who speaks excellent English because he went to medical school in Budapest, Hungary and they taught in Swedish. I look forward to spending the week with him because he is extremely helpful and tells me more information than I can ever remember. Anyways, he told me that we would immediately be going into surgery. It was a hand surgery (I can't remember ... read more
On the bike ride into town
Eating fresh strawberries along the lake

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Mora June 7th 2009

Well, I have arrived safely in Sweden and have settled into my apartment. It was a long journey. I had one short plane from Madison to Chicago and then a long plane ride from Chicago to Stockholm. I'm not even sure how long it was - all I know is that it seemed endless and I did not get any sleep. I arrived at 7:45 AM Sweden time (12:45 AM Central time) in Stockholm and then took two trains up to Mora. That leg of the journey took another three hours. Luckily, getting keys to the apartment was no problem. I am staying in an apartment that is on the grounds of Mora Hospital (Mora Lasarett), which is the hospital where I will be shadowing doctors for the next week. The apartment is very nice - ... read more
Kitchen at Mora
My Apartment
One wing of Mora Hospital

Europe » Sweden » Dalarna » Falun March 17th 2009

Hej, it has been a heck of a week. This is going to be a long one because it is going to be our record of the trip so please skip over what you want to. We left Härnösand on Friday when we finally got up at noon and began driving south. It was a great drive with the kids just playing in the back and then Norah took at nap. We decided to stop for lunch in Gävle. We walked around the outdoor mall until we found....sushi. Perfect for everyone. We then drove west until we got to the small village Camilla lives in, Grängesberg. It was friday evening by this time and they were are all very excited that we made it with out even asking for directions. they said the people from Götenberg ... read more
Walking home in Harnosand
before the wedding
After the wedding

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