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Europe » Spain » District of Madrid June 22nd 2006

I arrived to Madrid yesterday and was greeted by my friends family in the airport. It is really great since the mother is English and they therefore are acquinted with English language. It makes my sudden arrival into the Spanish tongue less difficult. When I arrived the younger sister of my friend had a party at their pool. It was amazing to meet so many people of whom I had been told so much by my friend. The wild sister and the shy sister and the brother who looks excactly like my friend -but with a growing moustage. The grandmother and mother who are both very lively and wonderfully nice and the father who told me that I should call him if I needed anything doing my stay. The house they live in is in El ... read more
sign of madrid

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Seville June 22nd 2006

First, Jennifer and I ate anchovies in Granada. Yeah, wow. That's all we are going to say about that. Oh, and my new friend Tommy Wang is mad at me that he hasn't been mentioned in our blog yet. So here is my shout out to Tommy Wang. He takes care of us. We got to Seville on Saturday morning. On Sunday night we went to a real live bullfight!!! We were all so excited about it. The crowd kind of reminded us of a Spanish NASCAR. Ha! There were six bulls and 3 matadors. It really isn't what we were expecting. A lot more people are involved than just the matador. They let the bull run out into the ring. There are these guys that kind of have the job equivalent to a rodeo clown. ... read more
Gardens of the Alhambra
Reflecting Pool

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » San Sebastián June 22nd 2006

olaaa!!! estamos em Espana! well we left Bordeaux at 9 am this morning to go to IRUN. We got to to Irun and realized we were now true backpackers! there we were with our big backpacks on and no where planned to go... there were so many people with backpacks from all over the world! So we ended up getting a train ticket for tonight to go on an overnight train to LISBON getting there tomorrow morning. We decided to spend the day in San Sebastien, so we jumped on the next train (gotta love the europass) and we´re spending the day here. WOW SPAIN IS AMAZING!!! too bad it´s cloudy out cause the beach is beeeaaauutifull. So after walking around the beach (and getting my pants all wet in the ocean ... thanks to ian ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 22nd 2006

hello again, it is 3.44am at home and 7.44pm here. this time from barcelona. and to say we hadnt got lost before! we certainly made up for it here. not long off the plane and we had totally gone out the wrong exit! we are waiting at the baggage claim for ages, couldnt see anyone from our plane! we cant even see our flight number on any of the screens! we just think oh well it might take some time! and everyone else must be duty free shopping! finally we bump into a 13 year old boy from our flight from america and he cant find his bag either! after about 30mins he finds out that we are in the wrong terminal! we have to go out and walk about 1km back to terminal B. meanwhile ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Salamanca June 22nd 2006

hey friends... just wanted to drop an unpdate to your guys. im almost done with my salamaca expereice! i cant belive it that there is only a week left. anyway, today my clases were really fun...we listened to spanish songs and danced and talked and and and.....yah it was just super fun. the weather is super hot 40 degress celsius....what ever that is in farenheit (i think like 100F) owell....but my spanish is improving and im getting good at communicating and knowing my way around salamanca. my mom and dad are comming next week and ill be able to be their translator...haha. we are gonna be in baracelona...saving the best for last (from what i hear). as soon as i get back ill dl the pics so you can all see. i just dont wanna ... read more


Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 22nd 2006

Hiya to all, I have finally landed in Gregoryland, South Wales and what did we all do first?? Yep, you guessed it! Myself, Shani, Chris and Chris's workmate Iestyn decided to point our noses south and follow the sweet smell of two-stroke and burning rubber to Circuit de Catalunya. (For all you non-MotoGP people thats bike racing) Wild horses couldn't have kept us away! A fantastic five days of numerous cafes, coffees, cathedrals, sightseeing, sangrias... oh and the race to go to as well. We even managed to catch a few soccer games. Barcelona was amazing and the race days soooo much fun. The crowd here is so different, very vocal and you can actually party in the stands without being told to sit by overzealous security people (you know like the ones at Adelaide oval ... read more
Barcelona 2

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Salamanca June 21st 2006

!Hola! Mi familia, amigos y profesoras! Nuestro viaje de Portugal fue estupendo. Hicistemos muchos actividades tan que la playa in Estoril, ver ciudad de Lisboa, ir de discotecas, un monasterio, ver ciudad de Obidos y Sao Jorge Castillo. !Portugal es muy precioso! !Me gusta mucho! Pasamos juntos un rato agradable. Con el tiempo deseo ir otras. !Portugal es muy bueno! Mi amiga Syreeta y yo risa, bailar, comer, comprar en las tiendas mucho, mucho. Mi amiga Syreeta es mi companero en crimen. Mis amigas y yo tiempo se estupendo y maravilloso! Los hombres en Portugal son muy guapo, ole! aunque tienes amigos Jackie, Kelvin, Syreeta y yo perderse en Lisboa! !La verguenza! Mi familia historia es en Portugal me abuelo de me madre es Portugues. Adios amigos! Buena Suerte! ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 21st 2006

The smell of two-stroke and the sound of engines was too much to resist and a detour was needed to the MotoGP in Catalunya. In between the hotdogs and beer I saw lots of crashes, a very exciting race and even managed to fit in a day of sightseeing.... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Segovia June 21st 2006

Petit voyage en train jusqu'à Segovia.... read more
Aqueduct romain de Ségovie
Cathédrale de Ségovie
Chateau de Ségovie

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 21st 2006

Day 15 & 16 Arrived: Barcelona, Spain Accommodation: Sant Jordi Arago Hostel first impression = small; around the corner from the famous Gaudi home/ museum room type = 6 person shared shower = shared in hallway tip = loud at night with young travelers staying here Gone.. Go Trippin' Barcelona here we are! We've had had an amazing time thus far but were both extremely anxious to be in Barcelona and we were not disappointed. Our hostel was a short subway ride located a few blocks from the famous Las Ramblas and literally around the corner of Gaudi's home/ museum. As soon as we settled in, we headed for Las Ramblas. Lunch was on the way at a nearby tapas bar, one of our favorite ways to dine which is why we were so excited to ... read more
Fat TIre

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