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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Lanzarote June 5th 2014

As a couple going away for less than a week on a relaxing holiday, we decided to head to a beach location in Lanzarote. I couldn't help but compare to our last holiday in Majorca, as though they were competing with each other (...location in Majorca 0-1 location in Lanzarote...) The beach (in comparison to Majorca) was around a fifteen minute walk away, but the walk there along the coast was breathtaking cliffs, as black as coal, looking over a sparkling turquoise ocean. The local restaurants used this area in their favour and there were balconies for people to enjoy a romantic sea front meal, which we happened to enjoy the pleasure of too. The hotel was Brit-abroad-stag-and-hen-all-inclusive-esque who, on speaking to a few, wasn't aware there was a pristine beach around the corner. However, they ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Chipiona June 3rd 2014

We spent the next 5 days mostly visiting relatives and strolling around town. It was getting close to the major influx of vacationers from Seville and other towns wanting to spend some time on Chipiona's beaches. Already, weekends doubled the size of the town with folks spending the weekend here. Besides the visits to my wife's aunts, uncles, and numerous cousins, we also spend one day in Las Cabezas visiting Consuelo's (my brother-in-law's wife) parents there. Over time, they have used funds from their farm to build a large, very beautiful house with a garage big enough for 4 full-sized buses. Another day was spent in Jerez de la Frontera visiting Consuelo's sister and spendiing a good bit of time sightseeing and then having a very decent lunch. Friday, the night before we left Chipiona, my ... read more
Consuelo's Sister, Consuelo, Antonio, and Manoli having some moscatel
Family farm with 3 names of owners, my wife and her brothers
Tito (Uncle) Raphael at his home

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid June 3rd 2014

My brother-in-law Raphael came to Antonio's house around 4:30am to take us to the airport in Jerez. I'd noticed from our Orbitz flight schedule that they still hadn't updated our homeward flights and that none of them actually matched in flight numbers or times, so we were a bit concerned. When we reached the airport, they had no problems issuing tickets for all but the final leg from Charlotte to Pensacola, so we started feeling a bit less worried. Jerez airport was no problem navigating since it was so small, and we caught our flight to Madrid on time with no problems. Unlike Jerez airport, Madrid turned out to be the biggest nightmare we've ever had in all the airports we've ever been through. Our plane arrived at Terminal 4, which from my previous experience was ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona June 1st 2014

Une chose est sûre, on ne pourra pas dire qu'on a été ben ben chanceux côté météo pour ce voyage ! C'est drôle parce qu'il y a trois ans, en Allemagne et en Autriche, on s'attendait fortement à de la mauvaise température (froid, pluie...) et finalement, on a eu 2 semaines de soleil mur à mur et de belles températures chaudes. Là, on s'est dit : come on, l'Espagne, soleil et chaleur tout le temps ! Hahaha. À Madrid, il y a environ un mois quand on regardait la météo, c'était soleil soleil 35 degrés... On a eu du soleil, mais plus comme 18-20 degrés. Et à Barcelone... de la pluie tout le temps, sauf par petits moments, et sauf hier journée du départ où il faisait beau et chaud ! Bon ben coudon ! S'il ... read more

When you are looking at this article, you are making me extremely happy and so I am going to introduce myself more in the detail. I just became 22! I know how to speak Spanish. My dream job is Advertising Executive. My hobbies are sports archery and swimming and I love to play guitar. After traveling in Liechtenstein in my gap year I decided to establish an online diary :) about health, happiness and love. All of the reviews on this blog are my own 100% opinion based on my experience. I do not count myself as being an absolute professional in things I'll discuss, however, I'll definitely give you only valuable information and facts! I talk about my evaluation and lifestyle honestly. What are you waiting for, go ahead and begin checking my posts! And ... read more


Europe » Spain » Catalonia May 28th 2014

Well this will be somewhat of an experiment to see if it is working for me since I am a real novice at this "blogging" business. Anyway we have had a few days in Barcelona, and it is an amazing city. In fact many of The group have said the same thing, that we wished we had more time to explore it more. The architect Antoni Gaudi is responsible for many amazing architectural buildings herI, built in his very unusual but unique style. Yesterday we visited two famous sites of his work, one the absolutely magnificent Sagrada Familia, a Cathedral, and a garden, called Park Guell, which showcases his unique style in statues, and various constructions. The garden is World Heritage listed. We were simply blown away when we walked into the Cathedral, it was so ... read more
Hockey BBQ
Bullfighting Ring

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 28th 2014

In 1957 Arthur Frommer changed the way people looked at travel by writing “Europe on 5 dollars a day”. It inspired a whole generation to think differently about what travel could be. By 1986 the book had become 25 dollars a day. Still a bargain price and for many who only experienced Europe through the movies, Europe became a reality instead of just a dream. Sadly, today it is not possible. I recently saw a two week trip to Spain listed at 4,157 dollars per person not including flights and many meals. Counting in those dinners and flights I think a couple could look at a budget approaching 1000 dollars per day. As the world recovers from the Great Recession, I’m not sure everyone has included a trip to Europe into their short term travel plans. ... read more
Gracia Neighborhood- Barcelona
Camp Nou- FC Barcelona
Montserrat Monastery

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona May 28th 2014

Ce matin, la grippe m’est tombée dans la face, ou plutôt dans le nez ! Congestionnée ben raide, nez qui coule, mouchage, chialage, nez bouché, goûte à moitié, toute la patente !!!! Ah simonaque !!!! Ça m’arrive toujours… chaque fois que je pars en voyage ! On finit par s’y faire, mais c’est quand même désagréable. Et moi qui espérais que ça n’évolue pas… pfff. En tout cas, c’est la vie ! Ça ne m’a pas empêché de profiter de ma journée (même si j’espère fortement que ce sera moins pire demain…). Aujourd’hui, on a plongé tête première dans le modernisme barcelonais ! On s’est dit qu’une petite cure de Gaudi nous ferait du bien, alors on a commencé drette en partant avec la Sagrada Familia, rien de moins ! Une maudite chance qu’on avait acheté ... read more

Europe » Spain » Aragon » Sabinanigo May 27th 2014

Sunday night Monday morning - what a night. Our last night in Spain was an eventful one. In the early hours of the morning the mother of all storms erupted. The sort of storm you never quite get in Britain and the sort of storm that rocks a motorhome. At first it sounded like someone was watering Suzy from above with a watering can. This then increased to the volume and strength of a hose pipe. Then the thunder and lightening started - the lightening lit up the sky like a firework display. We didnt need a light in Suzy you could have read by the light of the flashes. The boom of the thunder overhead followed by seconds later. It was impossible to count a gap between the clap and the lightening. Thunderbolts and lightening ... read more
Snow on the tops
how much narrower can they get
Mountain tunnels

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid May 27th 2014

J’écris présentement du train qui nous mènera à Barcelone ! Je n’ai pas de connexion internet, donc je mettrai le tout en ligne plus tard, mais pour l’instant je prends le temps d’écrire. On dirait qu’on est en première classe dans le train tellement on a de l’espace ! Pourtant on n’a pas payé plus cher… tant mieux ! Plein d’espace pour les pieds, plein d’espace entre nos deux sièges pour mettre nos sacs, et en plus la cafétéria est dans le wagon juste à côté. Comme la vie est belle ! Bon, étant donné que j’ai 4 jours de retard à raconter, je me demandais si je faisais un résumé… mais j’en suis incapable, il faut toujours que je raconte dans l’ordre jour par jour avec les détails. C’est la première fois que j’en fais ... read more

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