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Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona November 17th 2013

Phew what a crazy past 24 hours. I have now been in three countries and four cities in 24 hours! My camera that was supposed to be guarenteed arrival by friday didnt make it so we had to drive to the post office and shake some people down on the way to the airport! When I got there I was surprised she asked to see my may return ticket. Apparently people are traveling and never leaving the country. Big increase in number of american expats lately. Then I had to stay awake between the layover before leaving nj and the layover before leaving brussels. That's one of the nice parts about traveling with someone having someone to poke you! My flight to brussels was an indian airline, so here's this american flying to spain with indian ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 17th 2013

Har som sagt varit sjuk några dagar med kraftig feber och förkylning. Inget att läsa och bara fransk TV och för dålig uppkoppling för SVT Play. :( Men har lyssnat mig fram till år 1928, en bit in i del tre, av Jan Guillos romansvit över 1900-talet och efter tips från en pokerkollega P1s Filosofiska rummet vilket är ett program jag kan rekommendera. ************************ Nu är jag dock framme i Barcelona men vi tar och avslutar Paris först med framförallt lite sköna bilder. Macaroons var var för övrigt, liksom pilgrimsmusslor, himmelskt gott. Men det kom väl inte som nån överaskning direkt. Det franska köket är ju världsledande. Ser man till Michelinstjärnor finns det 10 tre-stjärniga restauranger bara i Paris. Ingen restaurang i Norden har någonsin bedömts med tre stjärnor av Michelinguiden. Dock har... read more
Flodpromenad i närheten av Notre dame
Love locks
Madrid buried in trash

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla November 16th 2013

We had a travel day with very little to speak of, except saying our goodbyes to Butch. The apartment in Barcelona, the Raval area is just as it was described with rough edges on the outside and cozy and comfortable on the inside. The next day we explored our area and tried to go to the beach. That means that we walked down the Rambla and through the big market and down the Rambla right to the docks. We hear from home that it is cold and keep telling ourselves that mid November is winter, but here it is warm. The sun shines on our shoulders, we're wearing t-shirts, we smile unconsciously, hard to believe it is winter. Walking these streets you have to look up. The architecture is breath taking. Yes Gaudi's work is everywhere ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » La Rambla November 16th 2013

We took our time getting moving this day. Jacob is trying to establish a structure for school work and we were tired from the walk. By afternoon we were ready for the beach. On our way we found a perfect pastry shop with excellent ham and cheese croissants. It's hard to pick a shop, there are so many; this is something I wish we could import to Saskatoon. Christie's is good, but I'd rather have more competition and not in the guise of muffin shops. The beaches are long and even here there is architecture. At one end of the beach there is a huge bronze/copper (?) fish. I want to get closer to it to see just what it is. At the other end of the beach is a sky scraper with interesting design and ... read more

Europe » Spain » La Rioja » Haro November 10th 2013

Oopsy, haven’t written in a while, not since the end of July and now we’re well into October (actually November by the time I finished writing this) time flies when you’re having fun! Our year is well over halfway through and we’re not ready to be thinking about coming home yet, as we are enjoying ourselves far too much! When I last wrote we were just about to leave Germany after spending some time in the beautiful South Germany countryside. We headed into France via the Black Forest then the Dijon area before arriving at La Roque Gageac in the Dordogne, roughly at the same time as the heat wave. You’ve not experienced 40 degree heat until you’ve experienced it living in a tin can with no electricity (so no fan or cold drinks/able to keep ... read more


Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia November 10th 2013

Our tour continued slowly along the coast. We were looking forward to coming "home". We have been connected to the Costa Blanca since the 70 ties. We have lived in Alfaz Del Pi. We could feel the temperature change as we passed Valencia and finally reached Calpe. We are curios to meet our old friends. This area of Spain must definately have the best all year climate. On the first of november it was arranged the first "julebord" with "lutefisk", beer and akvavit on the meny. It took place in restaurant Fandango in Albir. More than 60 guest taking part in the tradition. It was strange to sit outside in the sun and eating a traditional Christmas meal. But after 8 hours of eating and drinking it was time to go back to our base. We ... read more
Lutefisk i Restaurant Fandando
Lutefisk in restaurant Fandango
WRC Rally Spain

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 9th 2013

One of my favourite things (to be honest my favourite things list is endless) is sport. I love sport. Except golf. Today I had lined up a full day of sport. Quite alternative sport at that. I had read the small print on my FC Barcelona ticket email and it said that you could get a free ticket to see the above sports if you present your ticket for the game in the same week. I didn't hold up much hope as I got up later than planned (still recovering from nights?) and got to the Nou Camp at about 11.40 with the first game starting at 12.30. I went to the ticket office and asked for a ticket for the futsal and handball and gave her my Barca ticket....she said is this the only ticket ... read more
Futsal jokes
Handball team jokes
Handball jokes

Europe » Spain November 8th 2013

Today is a sea day, perhaps what I enjoy the most. Having a balcony cabin makes these days even more special. Andrew and I are usually the first up on the top deck and have seen the sun rise each day so far.The ship is quite full, 2250 passengers for the moment but some will not be crossing the Atlantic with us but will disembark in Lisbon which is our port of call tomorrow. The weather has been excellent so far. The ship is still looking good and we have even found some ofour crew from the Opera last year which makes us feel alittle special when they recogbised Andrew and I. We share our dinner table with a group of Brits from the North of England and we are having fun... Missing you all. xx ... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 8th 2013

This is a bumper blog today as there's 2 whole days to catch up on! Wowzers. Yesterday I spent my day in Montjuic, the hill to the southwest overlooking the city centre. Montjuic means Jewish Mountain indicating there was once some Jewish influence here, maybe a settlement of some sorts. I got the metro to Espanya and walked down the impressive Av de la Reina Maria Cristina. Impressive primarily as the grand building of the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (art gallery, come on keep up with the translations!) loomed over up ahead presenting infront of it a multitude of fountains and flowing water. And more outdoor escalators. Oh yes. The view from outside of the art gallery was quite impressive but as you'll find out I find it hard to get excited about any views ... read more
Alien telecommunications tower
A street in Poble Espanyol
Funicular carriages

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 6th 2013

Today was filled with a buzz as in the evening I had what I considered to be a golden ticket to see the one and only FC Barcelona in a Champions League game vs AC Milan. But first I had like a whole 12 hours before that to kill... ha. I had in store a Gaudi themed day. Antoni Gaudi is an insane architect who was born mid 19th century and is the figurehead of Catalan modernism. He seems to have a signature look to his work combining swirls and curves to create an amazing amalgamation of his passions in life - architecture, nature and religion. My plan had originally been to go to Park Guell first then to la Sagrada Familia but then I thought I should switch them around because THINK OF THE QUEUES! ... read more
The inside
Swirls and curves and waves...
Amazing view

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