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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia August 13th 2011

Stepping off the plane I knew it was time to step up to the challenge: this would be the first time that I would be exploring a new city completely by myself. All I had where backwards Google map directions to my hotel. By instinct I walked out of the airport and straight to the Metro; I studied the map, still not grasping just how big València really is. I bought a ticket, asked for help, looked at the map for ten more minutes and decided to make an educated guess and if worst came to worst I would hail a sixty plus euro cab to my room-- luckily it never came to that. After getting off the Metro I took a bus in the opposite direction of the Google directions and guessed what stop I ... read more
En La Plaça del Ayuntamiento
Iron Door
The Catedral

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 17th 2011

Sooo Valencia... Actually one of the most beautiful cities i've been to see. So far, its rated in the top three with Nice and Marseille. The place itself is beautiful, with lots to see, and the nightlife is just as amazing. One of the days I was there I went to the Biopark, which is a zoo that has the animals all mixed together (except the ones that eat eachother, they're kept separate). I went with two girls from Montreal, and one of them had never even been to a zoo before! Another day I spent with a scottish guy just walking around, and we went up to the top of one of the cathedrals where you could see the whole city, it was amazing. The last day I went to the beach! We got back ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 28th 2011

here is Spain! :) this was where we started realizing that Europe would break our budget! ... read more
spain and italy ;) 003
spain and italy ;) 004
spain and italy ;) 005

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 10th 2011

It is nearly time to go to London!! I leave on Saturday (tomorrow) and will have to make through the trek through the London tube on my own to Regent's Park... should be quite interesting!! Wednesday night Grace, Sara, and I started our weekend... apparently so do the Spaniards! We didn't get crazy just went out for a couple drinks with some of the people in her program which all seem very friendly. The girls surprised me at my hotel with 3 bottles of wine all for under 3.50 euro!! The wine and water are so cheap in the stores here... one of the few perks of buying refreshments. When I came back I decided it'd be fun to count my money (even though I have written down all of my purchases and kept track) but ... read more
Giraffes Up Close and Personal
Lemur Pee on my Longchamp :(
Sara, me, and Grace at our last dinner

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 8th 2011

Hola! That's about the only word, along with gracias, that I say to people here. The cleaning lady came into my room to grab the towels (I am in here waiting to Skype mom) and she just started making a little running motion and said "rapido" several times so I just smiled and laughed. Kill them with kindness right? My first two days in Spain have not been too exciting. It is nearly 2 PM here and this is when stores start to close for people to go on siestas. I am pretty sure they either drink or sleep during their 3 hour window since the stores open back up around 5. The biggest thing I have noticed here is that people really do take their time. People are always out at cafes drinking and eating ... read more
Water Springs
City of Arts and Sciences


Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 8th 2011

Today was a mix of aimless wandering through the historic centre of Valencia and in part trying to hit a couple of specific spots. Valencia has definitely left an impression on me. I would move here. It is pretty and clean. There are subways and buses to get around (although I've done every thing on foot!). The people are incredibly friendly. There are beautiful parks and there is a beach a stone's throw from here. The architecture is incredible ... a mix of old and new within one street. And paella EVERYWHERE. Lovely, lovely, lovely. My aimless wandering first took me to the Central Market. I just love these types of markets and wish that I could take some of this stuff home. It is an assault on all of the senses. There was Serrano ham ... read more
2 A kind of demonstration
3 You have a voice!

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 7th 2011

I have arrived in Valencia, Spain! Traveled about 18 hours since it is about 8:40 AM here and its 1:40 AM at home.. a 7 hour difference. It all went off without any hitches. I was bored throughout the journey so here's a few observations from earlier in the day. Minneapolis, MN 8:41 AM- I reached my first connection fairly smoothly except for a landing in which apparently we were testing how quickly the brakes work. Aside from the first flight, traveling alone has been quite boring… but also entertaining to people watch and quietly laugh to myself. For example, there was an entire family at the Omaha airport on their way to Disney World, the grandmother that was telling us about the trip didn’t seem too thrilled but I’m sure inside she was boiling over ... read more
Valencia Hotel Room
Quaint Bathroom

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 7th 2011

I left Barcelona this morning and made my way to Valencia. It is about a three and half hour train ride which went well and was very uneventful. The views were beautiful ... filled with orange trees and the odd old fortress built up on a hill. I could easily walk to my hotel and I found it right away with no problems (I just took a right at the bullfighting ring and I was on my way ... not a sentence that I get to say very often!!). My room was not ready but the young girl at the reception checked me in right away, gave me a run-down of what I needed to know and a map of the city (she kept circling things on the map and saying "this is pretty" and "this ... read more
2 Gulliver
3 Under a bridge
4 Always a graffiti

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia May 29th 2011

OK I got on the train at ten o´clock this morning OK. Arrived in Valencia around 1ish. I found the hostel OK, it is very central. I saw the mercado centrale today (unfortunately it was shut). Even though I couldn´t go in I was still very imperssed with the outside. After checking into my hostel I went for a walk around the city. I saw where the students are protesting. All very interesting. I then went for a wonder around the narrow streets in the north of the city, which are so wonderful for just getting lost in. I spent a couple of hours doing that before heading back to my hostel. My plan for tomorrow is to go to the beach.... read more

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