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January 14th 2012
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View from our hotel room.
We had just finished our wonderful Christmas with Gogue and family and were excited to get to Portugal but we decided to make a quick overnight pit stop in Vigo. Vigo is the largest city in Galicia and it´s right on the coast. It´s also home to the newspaper, Faro de Vigo, which publishes Gogue´s comic strip Floreano. We left O Grove late morning and were in Vigo by early afternoon where we checked into a great hotel with a view of the water. The room had a giant comfortable bed and some nice amenities but we had little time planned for the city so we had to get out the door and explore, explore, explore!

We’d gotten some advice from Gogue before we left O Grove about what to visit. Their son, Anxo, happens to live in Vigo too so we talked to him to see if he had any additional recommendations of what to see. Besides seeing the water, we really only knew that we wanted to go to an area in the old town called Bairro de Berbes, for tapas. As per usual we were looking for action while everybody else was on siesta so a promise
Vigo ExplorationVigo ExplorationVigo Exploration

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of a great tapa zone turned out to be a little disappointing. Nevertheless we sat down at an outdoor table at a little out of the way bar and had a beer and a small snack. We got up to leave and the owner/waiter came up and started speaking to us in English. The man was really interesting and had lived all over the world including five years in Miami. He recently moved back to Vigo after spending many years in Venezuela running his own tourist boating company, trading the big bucks for a safer living situation. He gave us a few pointers about what to see in town and sent us away to check out his suggestions.

We wandered around and found a nice restaurant with an outside terrace with a view of the water where we had a great late lunch. First course was a seafood soup, followed by a steak for Brian and a nice piece of whitefish for Shannon. Wine and dessert were included and we spent a nice several hours enjoying the view and people watching.

Content and full bellied, we wandered down towards the water where we walked through a fresh fish market, another market of cheap clothes, and some other various shops and bars. We found a place with a great view and had a glass of wine by the window when we realized that very close by we could see the sunset on top of the waterfront mall. So we chugged our drinks and found our way just in time to see the sun go down. By then, we felt we had done our share of walking so we bought a bottle of wine and went back to the hotel. After a video chat with the fam, we hit the sack.

It was a nice and easy going day to officially kick off our vacation on the road and tomorrow was time to enter a new country!

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