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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura » Gran Tarajal May 4th 2013

This years first real holidays brought me to Fuerteventura. The Beaches In Fuerteventura you have to two basically two things. First, go to the beach. And not just one beach, all the beaches ! All areas of the island offer spectacular views. In the north the Grand Beach of Corralejo is just breathtaking. Strong winds could be disturbing though. the peninsula in the south is known for crystal clear turquoise water and white sand. The northwest is the go to spot for kite and wind surfers. From the fisher town of El Cotillo you can reach all the top spots. The Inland The most surreal area on the island is inland, it almost completely consists of dessert. You can be lost wondering around without any distraction or light pollution. It is just amazing to watch the ... read more
Costa Calma - South
Corralejo Night

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura March 30th 2011

I left you last time with a problem … a bike with no free-wheel So we get back to the room with our bikes and a few more days to enjoy on our biking holiday. I scour the little town looking for bike repair shops and guess what, there are none. Then I find a little store selling holiday makers stuff which is not doing so well, all the stuff in the window is faded by the sun and the shop owner is half asleep. I've spotted a couple of old bike pedals in the window for Euro 3. Now I reckon they will have some ball bearings in them even if the wrong size. It's worth a Euro 3 bet. I take them back to our room and break them open. Now I have not ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura March 29th 2011

Bicycle mishap on Fuerteventura We flew from the UK to ride around the chipmunk infested desert island of Fuerteventura and we had taken our two old hybrids with us. It was early in the season so the usual numbers of tourists and tourist buses had not yet started filling up the island and we had been off exploring, looking at the island's special windmills, visiting the little churches of the little villages and seen the amazing surfing beaches. Now, towards the end of the holiday we wanted to go south to one of the best national parks and do this via eating at one of the best fish restaurants around. This meant that we had had to ride off road over walkers paths and crumbling rocky roads all morning until we found the little inlet where ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura November 14th 2010

Le retard de mes billets sur mon blog commencent malheureusement à devenir une habitude!!! Pas de bonne excuse, juste de la bonne vieille procrastination!! :) Pour mes vacances d'automne, j'ai choisi d'aller dans les îles Canaries (Espagne) pour plusieurs raisons. D'abord, au départ, je partais seule et je cherchais une destination soleil où je pourrais pratiquer mon espagnol, où il y a une auberge de jeunesse et pleins d'activités à faire et pour pas trop cher... Beaucoup de critères, un seul endroit: Fuerteventura! En fait, j'ai choisi cette île parmi toutes celles de l'archipel parce qu'elle possède la seule auberge de jeunesse des Canaries! Aussi simple que ça. Les autres ont des appartements ou des hôtels qui ne sont pas chers, mais quand on voyage seul, les auberges de jeunesses sont géniales pour rencontrer des gens. ... read more
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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura November 23rd 2009

Nach meinem doch schon etwas wehmütigem Abschied aus der Hotelschicht und den damit verbundenen „Letzten malen, wie Fahrrad fahren auf der Insel, Iberostars, freie Abende“ bin ich nun im RIESIGEN Esquinzo Playa angekommen. Bis ich auf meinem Zimmer bin ist es eine halbe Weltreise und mein Arbeitspool liegt natürlich genau am anderen Ende. Aber die Anlage ist schön und alles unter freiem Himmel. Viele verschiedene Pools und Einrichtungen für jegliche Aktivitäten sind vorhanden. Nach dem ich an meinem freien Tag die Einweisungen erhalten habe und mich auch gleich mal in jede nur mögliche Anlage des Clubs verlaufen habe, kenn ich mich langsam aus. Bin ja am ersten Tag noch mit „Stadtplan“ hier herumgelaufen, doch das sieht schon etwas komisch aus, wenn ich gleichzeitig einen Mitarbeiter Button trage. Also dachte ich mir… selbst ist die Frau und ... read more


Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura October 31st 2009

Erster Abend im fernen Spanien…. Die Anreise hierher verlief eigentlich (fast) ohne Zwischenfälle, jedoch ist der Eindruck eher negativ. Nachdem ich viel zu früh aus dem Bett geschmissen wurde, um auch ja nicht meinen Zug zu verpassen verlief alles nach Plan und ich kam gut am Münchner Hauptbahnhof an. Dort jedoch stieg ich dann nach 10 minütiger Verspätung in die S-Bahn um, da eine Frau zufuhr ihr Kind in die S-Bahn geschoben hatte und dann der Zug losfuhr. Was für eine Aufruhr und die Notbremse legte dann den Verkehr völlig lahm. Im Endeffekt waren Frau und Kind wieder zusammen und ich mit 10minütiger Verspätung auf dem Weg zur Gepäckabfertigung. Trotz meines Übergepäcks lief alles reibungslos und ich kam nach einem ewig langen Flug (4,5h) in Fuerteventura an. Vielleicht war es die Übermüdung oder die Tatsache, dass ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura January 21st 2008

Fuerteventura 12th - 15th January A special girly weekend for me and Katie, to chill out and enjoy some special "girly" time together. We stayed at the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort, in Corralejo. It was a really lovely hotel the pools were heated so we even squeezed in a couple of relaxing swims!! The weather was perfect, lovely and sunny and warm. We had alittle rain on the 2nd afternoon, but it was still warm, so we went for a walk on the beach, and paddled in the sea. The sand dunes nearby to Corralejo, made the beach area really nice with pale blue sea and white sand! It was lovely and quite, so we just chilled, chatted, gossiped and chilled some more. We made some final arrangements for our departure to Oz and managed ... read more
Winter 2007&2008 004
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Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura July 9th 2007

I'm back on my travels (well sort of!!)...i was for 10 days anyway, just got back from Fuerteventura (well i hadnt had a holiday this year had i!!)..I managed to pack more for 10days than i had done for a whole year...but i think i ended up wearing everything i took so I'm learning (actually i didnt wear my white dress or my pink top...hmmm.oh well ) Anyway yep, so off we went to Fuerteventura, forth time now so I'm a pro and we could meet up with all our friends ... it didnt start off to well though as i was on a different flight to Dean (due to me supposed to be still in got booked separate!!) i ended up sat next to a lovey dovey couple...typical!! I'm sure they follow ... read more

Europe » Spain » Canary Islands » Fuerteventura March 7th 2007

Denise had a 3 week break between leaving her old job and starting her new one, so we took the opportunity to head for the sun for a week. We found a cheap holiday in a self catering apartment in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands, just off the coast of Morocco in Africa. The Canary Islands are actually Spanish, and made from volcanoes. The volcanoes came first and then, in the 1400's, the Spanish. As is the custom, the natives, called 'Guanches' were wiped out. Very little evidence is left of their existence. It is thought they came from North Africa and were polygamous with a difference, in that each woman had on average three husbands! Our apartment was in a British council estate with the addition of a swimming pool to give it that ... read more
Kitesurfing near Costa Calma, Fuerteventura
Jandia, Fuerteventura
Morro Jable harbour, Fuerteventura

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