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November 23rd 2008
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Day three. The first few days flew by. Two days in Cordoba. We stayed at the Hotel Mazqueta. It was right next to the cathedral. The rooms was pretty nice with marble floors and a large wooden window looking right at the Mazqueta. The town of Cordoba was great for walking around. Getting use to the narrow streets that you share with a car (like alleys back home). There was a wedding going on on Sat. night so we couldnĀ“t go into the palace but it was nice to see the people all dressed in their finest. The brid wore bright red! Talking about dress. Everyone was dressed pretty nicely. No tee shirts or sweats to be found. Lots of stockings and ties. The market was something else. Ever seen a hare hanging on the counter for sale.

Caught an early train this morning to SEvilla. We lucked out and found the Hotel Amadeus. Its a beautiful little hotel-hostel with a glass elevator and elaborately decorated rooms with all kinds of musically instruments. The house is dedicated to music and the rooms are tastefully decorated with large fluffy pillows and large baths with those rain like showerheads. Oh and there is a computer or we couldnĀ“t be writing right now.

Visited both the palace and the cathedral today. The cathedral is mind blowing. Its so large the ceilings look a mile away. The best part of the palace is definitely the gardens. There is a great maze. Food is a crap shoot though. Be careful if you come this way to go a bit off the beaten path or eat in a reputable place. We ate at a cafe on the corner of the gardens and it stunk. In fact we ended up going down a little side street-path and got another plate of rice paella to fill us up.

Tomorrow Gibraltar. We hope. Weve done great getting around by train and public bus. The system is great you just need to figure out where the buses are coming. If you use lonely planet add 2 or 3 Euro to the cost of everything!! The prices are definitely not up to date. Though this time of year is great. EArlier this evening while luke emailed friends, I went up to the roof deck and sat in the sun reading. It was wonderful. Just warm enough to not need a coat but the air was fresh and the sound of the sunday church bells rang out across the roof tops.
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Notice the rabbits hanging on each side of the store opening

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