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November 10th 2006
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Hey Everyone,

After much wandering of the narrow winding streets of Sevilla I finally reached my hostel. I quickly dropped my bags off in my room, and then I was out to explore some local markets. I spent the rest of the afternoon walking down to The Rio Guadalquivir River, and taking in some sunshine. It is so warm here, and I am without a jacket all day into the evening. I love it!

As the sun was setting I decided to head back to the hostel, check some e-mails, and get ready for my second Tapas Tour. The first place that we arrived at was very modern, and the tapas plates were presented beautifully. I had ceviche, and some grilled pork with these potatoes that weren't quite chips, but they weren't fries either. They were just delicious.

When we arrived at the second Tapas Bar I had a mini Queso Manchego Sandwich, and to be honest I was full. I spent the next few hours meeting a ton of cool people who are staying with me at my second Oasis Hostel, and then we crossed The Rio Guadalquivir, and arrived at our Flamenco Show.

The place was packed with locals, and run by this crazy Spanish woman who kept shouting at everyone to buy more drinks. It was hilarious! The show finally started, and of course I was without my camera!!! I didn't know when we were leaving the Hostel that we were going to a Flamenco show, but I hope that some people will e-mail me some pictures. There were five men who started the show out by singing a few songs. Two men had guitars, two men just sang, and one man played this box style drum. Their harmonies were amazing, and the music was exactly what I was expecting it to be. After a while I was wondering if any dancers were going to come onto the stage and perform, and so did a lot of people from my hostel, but they decided to leave, and a few of us decided to stay. Well, we made the right decision, because a minute after they left this couple came up on the stage and started dancing. Flamenco is such a passionate dance, and the dancers were also very attractive, so it was a lot of fun to watch.

After about two hours the show was continuing, and it was already 2:30 am. A bunch of us were commenting how it was so funny that there were so many people in their mid seventies out later than us. But, we were also saying how in the European culture people of all ages hang out together, and it is not viewed as odd like it might be viewed in The States or in Australia.

As we were walking back to the hostel, we decided to stop and enjoy some Churros con Chocolate. Churros are delicious freshly fried donuts, and the chocolate is not just hot chocolate, it's better. The cup of hot steaming liquid is thicker than molasses, and you do not sip it, but dip your Churros in for a taste sensation. I was off to bed, and let myself sleep in on Friday morning.

Once I bought my bus ticket to Lisbon, I set out to see some sights. I walked around the famous Cathedral, but I was not willing to pay 7.50 Euro to go inside. Churches should be free!!! I was willing to pay to see the Reales Alcázares, and it was very similar to The Alhambra in Granada. I enjoyed viewing more architecture and exquisite gardens, but the beauty of The Alhambra cannot be touched!

I walked further North to see the Plaza España, which was massive. An entire half circle housed a huge fountain, and little alcoves with benches decorated for each major city in Spain. The alcoves were decorated with Spanish tile, and the city's Coat of Arms.

I walked back to my hostel through the Jewish Quarter also known as Santa Cruz. I got completely lost at one point until I ran into some people who were staying at my hostel. They helped me find my way back, but I needed to make a slight detour when I saw a Churros Stand! hehehe! I am now about to enjoy a meal at my hostel with fellow backpackers, and have an early night. I will be on a bus to Lisbon for seven hours tomorrow. Thank God for iPODS!!! I am so excited to see Portugal, but sad to be leaving Spain. Spain is such a unique and beautiful country, and I can understand why Spaniards have so much pride. Just seven days left on my adventure abroad, but how I spend my days it will feel like a lifetime! Can't wait to hear from you all.




10th November 2006

Halae! Your trip sounds more and more fabulous with each entry! I am so happy you were able to go on this journey. I can't even imagine what the sites must be like! I hope to travel all over one day in the near-er future! I love you tons and can't wait to catch up!!! I hope you have lots of pics. Find me an Italian Stallion (okay...European since you aren't in Italy anymore) and bring him back to me! :) Keep being safe and enjoy your last few days of freedom before your return to the States!! Love always, Canae
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10th November 2006

PS: The churros and chocolate sounds AMMMMMMMMMAZING :)
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11th November 2006

Italian Stalion
Well, you could have a Spanish Stalion, because the men are just as forward and just as macho here! HAHA! I am super excited to see in in less than a month! LOVE YA!
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