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Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 22nd 2008

This week was the first week of classes. Here in Málaga, and I think all of Spain, each area of study ("Facultad"-basically each college within the University) starts at a different time. Of course, all my classes started the first week. On top of that, we had a 5 day workshop that was supposed to introduce us to writing academically in spanish... Instead, we learned what the Internet is and that you need to end your final sentence with a period. Super. It was 3 hours every day of time wasted listening to one of the strangest people I have ever met in my life. The teacher spoke to us as if we were children and ALWAYS ended her sentences with, "de acuerdo?"(agree?) ... it would be easier for me to do an impression of her ... read more
statue on campus

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 22nd 2008

Life in Spain sure is different. Classes start on Monday the 25th, but not really until March 31, and after that we can switch around until the 28 of April (Just in Case...). I have already picked mine and had them approved by Roanoke (thank god!). I have no class on Monday or Friday, so anyone who would like visit... come during one of my many 4 day weekends. I have gotten to know my roommates a bit more. Both of them are from Spain, about 2 hours away from here in different cities in the Costa del Sol. Unfortunately i cannot really understand what they are saying most of the time because they speak with a heavy Andalucian accent, where they speak as if they have taken speed, do not pronounce their syllables and the ... read more
Some Erasmus students at Flamenco
Some Holland Pals
the stage

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 18th 2008

What a crazy, fun, long, cold, and exciting weekend this was! The vacation is over, kinda, because last week was our final week of getting out of class early. My school day finishes at one now, which seems early, but throw in a 35 minute walk, a huge lunch, a two hour siesta or so, and my day is about over! Usually I can find time to squeeze in some chocolate con churros or icecream in there, but man, the days are rough here :) So last friday we, meaning a group of like 10 of us ISA kids, decide we want to go check out these caves we heard about. So after class, backpacks, books and all, we hike on over to the bus station. The bus station might I add, that prior to ... read more
Beach Fun
Playing in the water.

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 17th 2008

Saturday I was up early, as usual. So I decided to go for a run because Carolina was still asleep (and would be sleeping until 2, haha). I ran toward and through campus to get to the sports pavilion, where I wanted to check out the outdoor track. I get there and there are multiple coach buses lining the street and people in the stands. As I get closer I realize that a game was taking place! At first I thought it was futbol (soccer) because they were doing a kick... but then they picked up the ball and started running with it so I thought football... not until they huddled and started pushing did I realize they were playing rugby! So I took a breather and sat down in the bleachers and watched. What a ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 16th 2008

The last couple of days I have spent going to orientation and class during the day and exploring the night life. We took a placement exam for our spanish grammar class, figured out which classes to take, started our contemporary spain class (in which we talked about Picasso) and got a guided tour of Malaga. The tour was great, we went to the castle and to a few museums... one of which was the house of Picasso. Apparently he was born there in like 1881 and lived in Malaga until he was 10. It's cool to learn the history and then be able to look at his art in a new way. I will be taking a spanish grammar class, a spanish literature class, a contemporary spain class and a psychology of personality class... all taught ... read more
Alcazaba by night


Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 16th 2008

Well, I have spent an entire week in Spain, and let me tell you it feels as though it has been a month. It has been pretty great though. I haven't officially registered for classes yet, but I had my "entrevista," or interview with the Univeristy of Malaga academic team about what I should take. The academic team consists of Jose Manuel and Sebastian, a spanish dynamic duo or sorts. They are absolutely hilarious. I guess Sebastion even broke dance during someone else's interview, but it is a skill I have yet to witness. Apparently attendence isn't a big deal here whatsoever, so they want us to somewhat try these classes to see if we like them before we register. I think that I am set though. I am taking an advanced Spanish Lanuage course, a ... read more
A little something from our country to theirs...
Mary and Jesus

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 14th 2008

Hola from Spain! Hope everyone is doing good and that it is getting a little bit warmer over there, so that you all aren't freezing. The weather here has been a little cold this past week and it has rained for the past 3 days. In the city where it never rains... where there are never even clouds in the sky! It is crazy. The people here say that they haven't seen this much rain in years. But, I suppose it is better than the freezing coldness at home. I have been pretty busy lately. I finally have pictures of Malaga for you all to see. I have also gone to Nerja, a little tourist town very close to Malaga where they have these cool caves. We also went to Cordoba, a city about 2 hours ... read more
Malaga 045
Malaga 001
Malaga 002

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 12th 2008

Monday. I live pretty close to the University so I can walk there. I was late starting out so I had to pick up the pace walking to class/orientation. Just as I was approaching my building (the law building where we were meeting) I hear a car honk somewhere behind me. Naturally, I ignore it plus I was on a mission. The car then rolls up next to me and I realize that they were legitimately trying to get my attention. This man leans out the passenger side and asks me for directions to some building! I guess I looked like I knew where I was going... it's a good sign that you get asked for directions your first day on campus! Of course, I had no idea how to help him nor whether I completely ... read more
la playa

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 11th 2008

Here there friends and I have finally found time to start this blog. Seeing as this is my first blog and I generally hate to write, I cannot guarantee a huge entertainment factor; but at least this will keep you somewhat updated on what I have been up to. Well, since I missed doing this for the first three days I will try to briefly summarize my trip thus far. A) Spain and Malaga is pretty amazing. B) I have done more walking in these three days than I ever thought possible. C) I am not going to lose as much weight as I thought, because the food is dang delicious. At least I am getting some exercise though (so much walking!). D) Hanging with my host family and my group members is going to ... read more
Picasso's Kitchen!
the sun patio/dining room
view from the table

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Málaga February 10th 2008

After three long days of unpacking all my stuff from my apartment and packing for Spain, my parents and my brother and I headed to the Minneapolis airport. The boys parked the car and I checked in for my flight. Soon after my parents surprised me by also checking in. Thrilled about this idea my mom just said, "we're coming with you!". Really surprised and confused I asked if they were planning on going to Chicago for the weekend. Nope, they flew all the way to Frankfurt with me (the longest part of the trip) and then we split ways and they went to Mallorca for the weekend. They totally had me... apparently my mom slipped up a couple of times but I didn't even notice. Granted I was busy packing and preparing for my trip, ... read more
flying over mountains

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