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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola July 25th 2013

Thursday July 25 – This morning when we woke up at 7am the weather was a little cloudy, but it cleared up quite nicely by the time we got the bus to Vintgar gorge at 9am. The gorge was part of a national park and it was beautiful. They built a wooden walkway to walk on next to the water and it was so scenic. The only problem was that it was super crowded. Everyone seemed to be there. I didn’t think it would be that bad, especially since there were only two buses a day from Bled, but there were many other tour buses crammed with people coming all day long apparently. The walkways were really crowded and everyone was stopping to take pictures while others tried to push by. It was so awkward. But ... read more
Early morning walk

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bohinj July 24th 2013

Wednesday July 24 – We had plans to go to a nearby gorge today, but we woke up at 7am for the 9am bus to get there (there was one at 9am and one at 10am), and it looked like rain. We didn’t know what it was like exactly, but thought it would be a better experience with better weather, and since tomorrow looked better, we decided to hold off on the gorge for the next day. Instead we took tomorrow’s plan today and went to Bohinj lake instead. It’s about an hour away, and much bigger and not as touristy. We took the bus to the far end of the lake with the intention of walking the length of one side back to town where we could get the bus back to Bled. We got ... read more
Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj
Sign to other cities in Europe

Europe » Slovenia » Rogaška Slatina July 24th 2013

Our last day and night in Austria was in a gorgeous campsite in Ossiach See. This is a very popular area on the banks of the large lake, nicely landscaped, tiered down to the lake with surprising camping rules. Quiet hours with gates closed and no traffic within this huge campground from 1-3 pm and 10pm-8am. We took the scooter into Villach to explore the city, and visit the castle ruin on the hill, Burg Landskron. We had a picnic and headed back to the campground at about 2pm. Guess what? "GATES ARE LOCKED UNTIL 3 AND TURN OFF YOUR MOTOR." Happily there was a break between the uprights that we could access to get in. They really weren't kidding! We left for Slovenia the next day and drove through the Karawenken Tunnel that connects the ... read more
colorful building
colorful caravan
fellow photographer

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 23rd 2013

Tuesday July 23 – Today Tina and I got up early and had breakfast at the hostel. Nice to have it included, but so much of it not healthy. We walked to the bus station a little early and got there at just about 9am. There was a bus loading up and nearly ready to go so I thought we would just get the next one. But the lady at the counter sold Tina the tickets and told me to go tell the bus driver to wait, so I did. He opened the luggage hold and we dropped our bags and off we went. We got to Bled at 10:30, thirty minutes earlier than we’d told Laura, the woman meeting us there, to show us the room we rented. Luckily a taxi driver named Darko called ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola July 22nd 2013

Monday July 22 –Today I took the train to Divaca, about an hour and a half from Ljubljana. My actual destination, however, was the Skocjan cave system. I took the train at 8:12 because it is one of few trains that have a direct bus connection to the caves. It’s only a 10 minute bus ride, but it would take 45 minutes of walking or so to get there, and I needed to make sure I got back to Ljubljana in time to meet Tina. The train was pretty quiet for the first hour, and then two Japanese guys got on with their Slovenian guide. They were older and were learning each other’s languages, quite loudly. It was cute and quite hilarious. When we got to the cave, I went to the counter and bought a ... read more
Trail to viewpoint
End of cave tour
Check out how big the exit is


Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 20th 2013

Bled and the Triglav National Park Slovenia 17 to 19 July 2013 After the car was serviced in Ljubljana (we have done 9,800 kms in 67 days) we drove along the A2 NW to Bled. This is holiday town is nestled next to Lake Bled and is as pretty as a picture. It has an island in the middle of the Lake and perched on a big cliff is the Bled Castle. We drove to Camping Bled and the foreshore of the Lake was PACKED! We found a spot and set up our Camper – awning out, windows opened, table and chairs out, bikes taken off, microwave set up, and, depending on the time of the day and how hot it is, open our local beer. We have got into the practice of putting one can ... read more
Camping Bled at Triglav National Park Slovenia where we stayed (4)
5 Km path around Lake Bled which we road our bikes around
Bled Castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 20th 2013

Saturday July 20 – Days of the week have lost all meaning for me. I actually had to look on my computer to know what day it is today. The train to Ljubljana today was such a different experience than yesterday’s nightmare. I did not need a seat reservation. It was nearly empty. Apparently Slovenia is not as popular as Croatia. But I must admit I am getting excited to head to the mountains in a few days with Tina. When I last looked, the high is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Hallelujah! I got up around 8:30 today and played around on the internet until check out at 10am. I also got a nice note from the couple I met last night with their email, saying that we might see each other in Basel, as his brother ... read more
Me and the dragon bridge
Love locks on the bridge

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 16th 2013

Ljubljana Slovenia 15 to 17 July 2013 As soon as we crossed into Slovenia (an EU country) we could see we were in for a treat regarding scenery. The border was a ‘drive-straight-through’ and buy a vignette for the car. This is instead of paying tolls. Slovenia is only 20,000 sq km and 85% of it is covered with vegetation, with 2 million people. It is also a very mountainous country and it hasn’t been subjected to major wars. So all in all we knew we were in for a treat. The country only has 45 kms coast line between Croatia and Italy, but it’s a beautiful part of the country. We drove through it from Croatia on our way to Trieste. Our 1st stop after travelling over excellent roads was Ljubljana with 280,000 people of ... read more
Tom studying the lunch menu at Ljubljana Slovenia
Pam on Bridge in Ljubljana Slovenia
Art Deco building in Ljubjana

Europe » Slovenia » Škofja Loka July 9th 2013

After driving through some beautiful scenery we came across this lovely medieval town. We parked just outside the town centre and were walking towards the river when the peaceful atmosphere was shattered by the sound of at least a score of motorcycles revving their engines and honking their horns. We turned just in time to glimpse the motorcycles escorting the bride and groom in their car on their way to the wedding reception. Just as suddenly as it was shattered, the peaceful atmosphere descended once more on Skofja Loka. The bridge across the river was narrow and old and deserted. Old houses lined the river bank, some of them with very tiny fields just outside their kitchen windows, with cabbages and turnips and other veggies growing in the rich soil fed by the river. We walked ... read more
One of several churches
One of the bridges

Europe » Slovenia July 9th 2013

A road trip around Croatia, Slovenia (and a side trip to Italy)... read more

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