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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled April 17th 2008

Today I went to Lake Bled, a beautiful lake up by the Julian Alps. It was a bit of a challenge finding the right freeway, but with the help of a nice lady out to walk her dog, I was pointed in the right direction. The guidebook said to follow the signs for Bled, which would have been easy if there were any. Here, the signs pointed to another town. It would be like looking for a sign to Vancouver, BC while in Portland; you would have to follow the signs to Olympia and Seattle and then there would be signs for Vancouver. All was well though. It was misty, cold, grey, rainy, but beautiful at the Lake. I walked around, climbed up a big hill to tour a castle. Up there, they have a printing ... read more
98 steps to the church
Church on the Island
Brendan on Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled March 30th 2008

Nuestro viaje a Bled fue como meternos en un cuento de niños. La gran nevada que cayó convirtió el paisaje el algo mágico e indescriptible. ... read more
cisne en el  lago Bled
Lago de Bled con niebla
En el Pletna

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled February 22nd 2008

As always, we started the day out with breakfast at the hotel. After breakfast we boarded the bus, bound for various sites in the Alpine region. Lorie wasn’t feeling well, so she stayed in Bled. Our first stop was Skofja Loka, Slovenia’s oldest city. We strolled along 800 year old streets, layered with cobblestones. After reaching the highest point in the city, we toured the museum and castle. Portions of the castles have been restored through the years, most notably by Joze Plecknik, Slovenia’s most important Architect. We continued our tour by stopping at the Elan Factory outlet. We shopped briefly then continued on to Bohinj. We had a late, light lunch at Restavracija Zlatovcica (the size of our group apparently overwhelmed the very lightly staffed restaurant). After lunch, we strolled around Lake Bohinj - Slovenia’s ... read more
Skofja Loka Square
Skofja Loka Square 2
Skofja Loka Castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled February 21st 2008

We had a relaxing day in Bled today - no bus trips! After breakfast and a morning of blogging, our day began with hiking around the lake and up to St. Martin’s Church. After searching out the path to the “Grad” or Castle, we hiked up the windy, steep path (about 1K). Wildflowers were blooming all along the trail. Castle Bled is the oldest castle in Slovenia. Once we got to the castle, we found that the castle interior and museum were closed but that the printing room and wine cellar were open. The printing room housed a replica of the Guttenberg Press. We enjoyed lunch on the patio with Andrea and John, over looking Lake Bled. The view from the castle is really wonderful. After lunch, Kim enjoyed filling and corking her first bottle of ... read more
Trail to the Castle
Smokey at Castle Bled
St. Martin's Church

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled February 19th 2008

“Dober dan!” Hello! After having breakfast at Hotel Bled, we headed out for the day. The tour today includes a trip into the Kras Region, near the Italian border, a little east of the area where we toured yesterday. This region of Slovenia is the World’s original “karst” area and is where the term karrst topography originated. The area is riddled with limestone outcroppings and sinkholes and an extensive underground lake and cavern system. The fist stop was in Lipica. Founded in 1580, this is the site of the original stud-farm for Lippazan stallions. A classical riding school was founded after WWII. Our tour of the Farm took us through the training area and stables. We saw where the mares are stabled, yearlings that still had their dark coats, and the older Stallions that were completely ... read more
Horse in Training
Stallion Stall


Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled February 17th 2008

After a long day of travel, we were happy to arrive at our hotel in Bled. From the plane, we had a sneak peak of the Alps and of Venice. On the drive from Venice to Bled, we enjoyed seeing family vineyards and the Italian countryside. From the room at Hotel Park, we have a beautiful view of Lake Bled. Directly across the lake, atop the hill is Castel Bled. A beautiful old church sits on an island in the middle of the lake. With little sleep but lots of energy, we are off and anxious do a little exploring. ... read more
Castle Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled December 7th 2007

Today we got up early so that we could get to lake Bled and get back in time for the ice hockey match we had bought tickets for. After enjoying another buffet breakfast we made our way to the bus station, although we were unsure as to where it was. I had seen that it was in front of the train station from the map but had no idea where to buy tickets; we went into the train station, I went to the ticket desk and Steph to the information and we both found out that it was the kiosk type thing outside. Joining up again we bought our tickets and also some bread and water for our budget picnic. Once in Bled we walked down to the lake and although the mist partially hid the ... read more
Bleding Ducks
Artsy Shot
Our Initial View Of Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled October 15th 2007

walked up to bus station, seems 90% of people walking the streets that time of day are generally fit slovenia girls. niiice. made the early bus trip with jez & simone. tried to sleep... no chance against a bus window. not the 1st time i've tried that so i should have known better. got in, found the hostel i wanted but it was without a reception until 4pm. rejoined the couple, ate some hot, hearty goulash soup, hired bikes & rode around beautiful lake bled. weather was perfect, especially great considering the foggy early morning skies. took a row boat to the island where i was treated to a new dance i call the japanese shuffle. visited the castle as things started getting colder, but refused to pay 6 euros for a quick gander so just ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled October 15th 2007

Monday 8th October We awoke to a beautiful, clear but slightly chilly day in Bled. Emma was very impressed with the breakfast on offer at the Garni Hotel Berc - fresh fruit, muesli, bread, yoghurt, coffee...and the waitress was onto it. After checking emails on the free computer, we gladly accepted the loan of Luka's bikes for a pedal around the lake. I could definitely see why it was rated no. 1 in Bled on the Tripadvisor website! Just a couple of minutes roll down the hill brought us to Lake Bled and now that it was daylight we could see the island in the middle of the lake dominated by the Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Mary. On the far side, up on the cliff top, sat the picturesque Bled Castle. In fact, picturesque ... read more
Bled Castle
Us In Front Of Lake Bled
Island On Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled October 10th 2007

It was now a while ago that we were actually in Slovenia and to be honest I am battling to remember what we got up to!! That is shocking! I loved Slovenia! It is a tiny country, below Austria and bordering on Croatia (I am updating the South Africans reading this....who I am certain are all wondering!) So much to do there and a definite must for those who want an active holiday or even a long weekend get away. From canyoning to cycling to skiing and is all there and so easy to access. We started the trip arriving from Austria on a train to Bled. Bled is a really pictureque town built around a lovely fresh water lake. The hostel we stayed in (Traveller's Haven) was brand new and very nice, bar the ... read more
Divine cake
Preparing for the trip
Strong man

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