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Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 12th 2009

The day has dawned overcast but the prospect for the day is improving weather as we cross the border into Slovenia. Gretchens wasp sting on her elbow from last night has made her arm swell up considerably and from hereon she will be nicknamed "Arnie" after the Governor of California as she could match him for the circumference of her arm at the moment. We had some concerns that we might not have hot water this morning as last night there didn't appear to be any coming through the tap no matter how long we left it running for and neither of us wanted a cold shower.However something magical happened in the night and there was plenty of hot water for showering. To get onto the island of Krk we had driven across a 1.4km bridge ... read more
A little closer up
Slovenian countryside
Castle Bled,Bled,Slovenia

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 5th 2009

Bled - day 14-16 - September 5-7 We had the luxury of a private transfer (two cars) to take us to our final stop in Bled, Slovenia. It was a pleasant journey on good freeways. Our driver was a young guy who had a rafting and other adventure sport business, was a taxi/car-hire person, as well as being a policman. Very hard working! We had a long wait in a queue to cross the boarder into Slovenia and back into the Schengen zone. You can see why the removal of border checks is a high priority as it must be costly as well as frustrating for those that need to move frequently between countries. Our driver said that we would be driving across almost the whole width of Slovenia from here - taking about an hour. ... read more
Church and Castle viewed from town side of lake

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 7th 2009

Slovenia: 26th June - 8th August 2009 Here's my advice to anyone thinking about a vacation in Europe: run, do not walk...repeat: run, do not walk, to Slovenia. Here's why. First, it's beautiful. The place is covered with idyllic villages complete with onion domed churches nestled in misty valleys throughout the land. Second, the only place they speak more English in Europe is England. Third, when you buy 20 euros worth of groceries, you pay 20 euros, and this applies to restaurants and just about everything else as well. I honestly don't know how long things will remain this easy, cheap, and unspoiled in Slovenia. So, I recommend getting here quick. That's the high level summary. Now, let me break this down point by point. Part I - Eat your heart out, Frodo Slovenia is on ... read more
It looks closer than it is
Self explanatory
Griffin at Sempeter

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled June 7th 2009

I made a note in my pocket book "Slovenians = very friendly people!!!" ... I made that note because we had come across so many open, friendly, happy and helpful people in our short time in Slovenia ... we really got the impression that they lived up to the countries tourism slogan "I feel sLOVEnia" ... the countries best advertisement is their people ... sure the scenery is breathtaking ... the people really made it so much better ... in a shop, a bar, in the street, they were just very friendly and helpful to us - thank you so much!!! Bled is just incredible "Gasp, ohh ahh, wow, that is just so lovely, amazing and beautiful" - some of the many reactions we had to scenery around Bled. Vintgar Gorje was also well worth a ... read more
more food & wine

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled May 26th 2009

Today I decided to take of the pension bikes and head out to Triglavski National Park to take a look at Vingtar Gorge. The lady at the front desk had said that the bike ride out there was easy, but slightly uphill. I decided that she was a little mistaken about the slightly uphill park when I came to a hill that I had to go down into the second lowest gear to climb. However the ride out to the gorge was just lovely. I managed to get some great panoramas on the way there. You have to pay to enter the gorge, but the money is totally worth it. The Triglavski National Park and the Vingtar Gorge are just beautiful. Once you enter the gorge you walk 1600m down from the entrance along the ... read more
Bled countryside
More countryside
Panorama 2


Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled May 25th 2009

Today was heaven and hell. The hell was the fact that I got on a train yesterday (after a full day of sightseeing) and spent the next 12 hours awake on trains travelling to get to Slovenia. The first train was a lovely train that took me from Berlin to Munich. This train was the epitome of German cleanliness and efficiency. Although it was a frightfully busy train, the route must be very popular. After an hour's stopover at Munich (from 22:50 to 23:40) I hopped on board a not so nice train to complete my journey from Munich to Bled, Slovenia. The train wasn't all that bad (especially after some of the ones in India) however it was certainly a step down from the other train. The biggest problem with the train was the fact ... read more
Church of the Assumption
Bled Castle
Lake Bled and Bled Castle

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled April 12th 2009

(Excerpted from my book OUR SUMMER IN SLOVENIA. AMAZON.COM) Big Ben is England, the Eiffel Tower is France, the Statue of Liberty is the United States, and so on for other countries. What about Slovenia? It is the Kazolec, Slovenia's unique hayrack. Seen everywhere Slovenian hayracks, Kazolecs, were taken for granted as a necessary part of farming life that occupied most of the country until recent years. It was only when artists began to paint pictures of them, that today they are seen as a national icon. They come in several varieties: single or double stacked, with or without small roofs, all wood or later versions of concrete pillars and wood slats. Some are hung with hay, others with hay and corn. They were developed over time and out of necessity. The damp Alpine regions are ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled December 29th 2008

(excerpted from my book: Our Summer in Slovenia, The golfing experience at the Bled Golf and Country Club is highly complemented by the facilities and service. Weather permitting Elysee and I had no finer Sunday than a round of golf beginning at noon followed by drinks and an early dinner on the patio. The menu is extensive, the service attentive but not obsequious. The cost was moderate compared with Western Europe and the wine, beer and after dinner cigars (Elysee passing on the cigar but enjoying the $5 Chivas.) and the dinner laid out in the patio cost us about $75 for the two of us. Half liter of fresh beer to wash away the "oririble tirst" from the round just played. A shared appetizer of fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, with a chilled glass ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled November 22nd 2008

When Elysee and I contemplate where in the world we might spend the summer, golf is consideration. Not that we are accomplished golfer, far from that. But we enjoy the pastime, and travel with our clubs. We look for a playable course at a reasonable price, and were delighted to find just such a combination minutes outside the village of Bled, that we were strongly considering for a summer-long stay. Bled Golf and Country Club is the oldest course in Slovenia, est. 1937, and the home of several annual tournaments.Even though it is surrounded by the Karavanke portion of the Alps, it is not a mountain course. There are several climbs of 100 feet to elevated greens, but mostly the fairways are undulating with only a few blind tee shots. The men's tees from the tips ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled November 13th 2008

It was an adventure getting to Bled. There was only one direct train leaving from Venice and it wasn't until 11 at night (as it was a Sunday) so we opted for the more confusing route. We took a train to Gorizia on the Italian border then took a bus to the edge of town and walked across a road to Nova Gorica in Slovenia. We'd crossed borders by bus, car, train, plane but this was the first time we'd walked over the line. We waited another few hours for the next train and finally arrived in Bled by 6 pm. The train station was on the opposite side of Lake Bled from the city so we hiked around the lake and checked into a hostel. Bled is our kind of town: small (around 5,000), quiet ... read more

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