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June 12th 2012
Published: June 12th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: roof in progress 30 secs
2: demo of floor in womens shower 29 secs
This was part of an email from Steve Volstad. Thought you might like to be encouraged. My thoughts are that this effort kicked off the CA partnerships exceptionally well. It was clearly evident that people throughout the district were praying. We had no travel problems to speak of, no injuries of any significance, The partners in Russia fully embraced the project and sent volunteers from as far as 1000 miles away in Siberia. We had as many as 38 people sit down to eat at supper together. We had lots of Russian volunteers from all throughout the AMCEC churches. All jumped in and worked with great vigor.

In spite of language barriers, there was great and important communication. A high level of trust was established between our teams. Deep affections were planted and cultivated in the hearts of Russians and Americans alike.

When the last team was preparing to depart, the men at the Rehab center made a humorous attempt to kidnap Ray Wolfgang. They tried to talk him into staying. There was a unity of heart and purpose. As for the construction, it went more slowly than hoped, but we did more than planned. It appears as though the Showers and restrooms as well as the west wing sleeping rooms will be finished in time for use this summer for the first campers. The Russians are invigorated and will continue the work after we have gone. Praise God.

I believe that all of us will be praying for God to move by His Spirit to draw many Russians to Salvation. This camp will be an important tool in their box.

Remember that the Alliance once used camping as a key means of spreading the Gospel and teaching. Much of the rapid growth of the C&MA took place in Camps.

Thank God that He went before us. All praise and honor and Glory to Him for His guidance. It is by His Spirit that this was successful. Thanks to Rob Douglas for his work in leading this important Central Asian outreach. Thank you Rick Cotter for the outstanding and diligent work that you put into this partnership. Thank you for changing jobs and changing your life to accommodate this important work.

Thanks to all of the 1st Team members who acted and worked in a God Honoring and Christlike way at all times, I was so proud of all of you. You are a joy to know and with whom to have served.

The Attachment is a letter from Sergei Guts, President of AMCEC

Hi Glenn,

It's a privilege for us to partner with you, too. I've really enjoyed the opportunity to work closely with you, Rick and Rob over this past year, and look forward to more opportunities in this next year. I'm just disappointed that I'll be heading on Home Assignment when the next work teams come next summer.

I think this first attempt went exceptionally well, despite some misunderstandings and lack of communication in some areas. That stuff is to be expected. As long as we learn from them things will be even better in future years.

I'm glad to see that you all made it home safely. It was great having you all here.



Dear brothers! Glenn, Robert, Steve and Rick!

I am pleased to inform you about what had just returned from the "Rainbow," where he met with Dima, director of the company, which makes us a roof on a residential building.

The roof they've done. I checked everything was all over the roof, and found that they all have high quality, as we agreed. (Despite the fact that workers on the first day they were drunk!) I signed a "Certificate of work performed" and Dima told me that they give a guarantee on their work over two years. In fact, with proper maintenance, this roof will be reliably protected from water is not less than 7 - 9 years old! Tomorrow I meet with Dima and I will make him pay (Pay him for..edit G. Hanna) for the remainder of our agreement. Financial Report will send later.

Thank God that the roof is ready and now we are not afraid of rain and snow!

God bless you!

Yours Sergei Guts


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