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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu July 5th 2012

Our bus to Sibiu left already at 6:26, so we had to rise even earlier than yesterday. We had decided to spend only the day in Sibiu and go to Bucharest for the night in order to continue towards Tulcea and the Danube delta the next day. Our hope is that it will be a little bit cooler near the sea. We left our luggage at Sibiu train station and started of towards the city center. It was actually only a few hundred meters from the train station, so we found the three squares of the old city quickly. All of the city center is filled with 18th and 19th century houses in excellent condition, it really feels like Germany or some of the cities of northern Italy. The big square is a large open area ... read more
View from a terrace where we didn't get service, the waiters were too occupied doing nothing, so after 5 minutes we left
The train to Bucharest

Europe » Romania » Transilvania July 4th 2012

We woke up early, at 6.30 to catch a train to another Transilvanian town called Sighisoara. Even though I had been awake since 5am. We said goodbye to Luci as she also woke up early, she hugged and kissed us when we left :) Train ride to Sighisoara took around two hours. We were a bit unsure whether to spend the night there, but decided to do so, and we found a quite nice room next to the railway station. Then we had pizza for breakfast (we hadn't eaten any breakfast before the train trip), and went to look at the city. Our guidebook had advertised Sighisoara as "the most exotic town in Transilvania", but we didn't think that was quite accurate. We did notice some difference compared to Brasov, as it seemed there was somewhat ... read more
Find Leo in this picture
Clock tower

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov July 3rd 2012

Our room didn't include breakfast, so we started our day by searching for a place with coffee and WIFI. Most of the places, including the one we had decided to try out, didn't open until one or two in the afternoon, but after some search we found a nice café in a alley near the town square. They sold excellent sandwiches for 6 lei, and even though they didn't have brewed coffee, the americano we got was decent. Refreshed by the breakfast we went up the hill to the Brasov sign for a panoramic view of the town. Luckily we didn't have to walk, the hill was steep and a few hundred meters high, instead we took the gondola lift going up the hill. When we first arrived to the station we were wondering if the ... read more
Brasov viewed from Poiana Brasov
Johanna enjoying the cool mountain climate

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov July 2nd 2012

We hadn't gone to sleep until almost 2 am last night, so we were kind of tired when we had to wake up at 9.30 to pack and check out from the hostel in time. After that we walked to the railway station and decided there that we would take the train to Brasov. We have plans to visit three Transilvanian cities, of which Brasov is the biggest one. Train schedule was the deciding factor regarding which city to visit first. To Sibiu and Sighisoara schedules were such that we would have arrived only in the evening, and we didn't want that because we didn't have accomodation booked. Train journey to Brasov lasted about 3 hours. Scenery changed from flat fields to more mountanious landscape the closer to Transilvania we got. At the Brasov railway station ... read more
Town is surrounded by hills
View from a citadel
Street view from outside the old town wall where Romanians and Bulgarians had to live when Germans were ruling the city

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest July 1st 2012

For today we had the plan to go to a festival we had spotted staring bands as Within Temptation, Evanesence and Guns n' Roses. We were also interested in watching the final in the European football championships, and had looked that we might be able to see the end of the game if Guns n' Roses had a good gig, and the complete game if Guns n' Roses sucked. We had been up quite late last evening enjoying our terrace, so we slept late and after that we went to the same beerhall as yesterday for lunch. We had a sausage plate for two as main course, a little bit too much and a little bit to heavy for us, but we were able to go the whole day on that meal. We then had a ... read more
The drummer of Evanesence, doesn't he look like Animal from the Muppets?
Axl Rose, older but still going strong
The light show of Gn'R was spectacular


Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest July 1st 2012

Friday 29th June 2012 Mostly a smooth day, we had our breakfast, checked out of the hotel, walked to the bus terminal in town where we caught a bus to the station. When we went to buy our ticket we found our desired train was full! Woops, should have bought the ticket yesterday. Never mind the next train was only an hour later. We found a quite spot upstairs where Rags read and Judy perused some student drafts and wrote some feedback to be posted when she was next online. Then at 12.35pm it was on the train and back to Bucharest. We arrived at about 1500. So that we wouldn't need a large meal back at the apartment we had a late lunch/early dinner at Central station before catching the Metro and local bus. By ... read more
Work time
The Palace
The Balcony

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Teleorman » Rosiori de Verde June 30th 2012

Rosiori de Vede La o distanta de 120km de Bucuresti se afla orasul de la campie, numit Rosiori de Vede, al doilea ca marime dupa Alexandria. Datorita unui eveniment iata-ne ajunsi si cazati la pensiunea restaurant La Nicu Dorila, in mijlocul padurii Vedea. Am avut o camera dubla, cu baie proprie, camera micuta, cu TV si chiar aer conditionat, tarif 150ron. Exista chiar si locuri de parcare in fata pensiunii. Accesul a fost un pic mai dificil datorita unui singure alei cu un sens prin padure.... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Brasov » Bran June 30th 2012

We landed to a rapturous applause by passangers as the shifty-looking Wizzair plane bounced off the runway at Targu-Mures municipal airfield. Emblazoned proudly on the side of the terminal are the words 'Transilvania Airport'. I feel rather cheated, having believed there is a 'y' involved. Bram Stoker, the Irish gothic writer, envisioned a medieval wild-west, inhabited by the vampire Dracula, Van Helsing, and all kinds of ludicrous creatures. Transylvania looks vast, dark and overpowering in much the same way today, except with more car dealerships. Many more. With a group of six other teachers, we wait for another who hasn't come through arrivals. We later learn that he missed his flight entirely. Our driver from the airport only speaks when pointing out the odd prostitute (alleged) walking by the side of the road. That, and likening ... read more
Bridges to residences
The view from our hostel
The Romanians are generally very proud of their recent accession to EU membership

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 30th 2012

Today was basically the only day we had to look around in Bucharest. It was enough to change my images of the city (and country) completely. Kind of embarrassing to admit, but I had images that the city would be full of Roma beggars, stray dogs running around and pick pockets...Sure, the city has lots and lots of ugly Soviet style grey block houses even in the very center, but it has also friendly and relaxed athmosphere (we have again had several encounters with very friendly and helpful locals that would be unlikely to happen back home), excellent quality for the price at restaurants and cafés, good shopping (many international chains which are not available in Helsinki), and also parts of the beautiful old center still exist today. I also find cities like this, which have ... read more
The fancy beer house
Leo walking around Bucharest historic center
Piata Unirii

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest June 29th 2012

We ended our stay in Turkey with an early wake up, çay and an airport shuttle tour from Göreme to Kayseri airport. Johanna managed to get our luggage booked all the way to Bucharest, effectly blocking the queue for 15 minutes when mr. Slowmotion in the check-in typed in all the info with his one-finger method typing technique. But we still had no problem making it to the plane even though the shuttlebus arrived only 50 minutes before the plane left, the Kayseri airport only consists of check-in, security and one gate so everything went quickly after the check-in. After an hour up in the air we arrived back to square one, Istanbul. There we then sat reading books and writing on our blog for three hours before taking off for Bucharest, again about one hour ... read more
The styles of the buildings were very mixed
The Parliament building by night

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