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April 30th 2010
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Otylia, yours truly, Mircea
I pretty much wasted the day away relaxing as O. was hard at work organizing an IT event to be held in Bucuresti. After work O. and I went back to the Art Cafe on the edge of town to meet Mircea. I didn't mention he is a artist. I saw some reliefs he did on the exterior of a restaurant, a few things in some clubs and a couple large format things for the Shakespeare Festival. He has a pretty cool phone I guess, but his text entry was so frustrating I nearly threw it away several times, trying to use it.

On arrival at the cafe the chef recommended a ciorba fasole cu ciolan and the suggested sweet-hot peppers were also a great touch. The owner once worked for the primeria (city hall) in some promotional capacity and started shouting "fake, counterfeit" when he noticed the unofficial "I ♥ Craiova" button that G. gave me. He seemed to take it as an offence in view of his old position. (I took it off.) He is something of an eccentric who relishes at least one of the perqs of being being the cafe owner. His music played at his volume.

The evening was topped off with a devilishly rich clatite brasovene (crepe stuffed with raisins, cheese, chocolate and topped with powdered sugar. It was my last night in Craiova and I was relishing every moment spent there.


3rd May 2010

I enjoyed reading about your meal Art Cafe. I haven't been to Croatia but hopefully soon! My blog is looking for reviews, travel photos, etc, to share. We do also do a new "food find" each week, featuring foods from around the world, and if you have any Croatian foods you'd like to suggest, our readers would love it! If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
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3rd May 2010

correcting you, Heather
It is "Craiova," a city in southern Romania, not the country of "Croatia." Good luck in your travels.
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