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Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 24th 2014

So I arrived in Lisbon, tired and hungry, and waiting over an hour to get through customs. Ridiculous! I found my way pretty easily to my hotel, using the metro, and was able to check in early. Refreshed after a shower and change of clothes, I made my way to the city centre, in search of food and tourist info. I took a bus down, and not knowing where exactly to get off, I made a guess that turned out to be near perfect. I got a Mao from a tourist info site, got a Sim card for my phone, and picked up a fish sandwich to eat. Meh. I made my way to a funicular tower, called the Elevador da Santa Justa, and after a half hour wait in line, I finally rode up. The ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley July 9th 2014

09/07/14 Lisbon: After leaving Gibraltar we entered into the Atlantic Ocean and continued our voyage on a Westerly and then a Northerly course towards Lisbon. In the early morning we approached Lisbon from the south, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, and the oldest city in Western Europe, predating other modern European capitals such as London, Paris, and Rome by hundreds of years. Lisbon is the capital and the largest city of Portugal, and lies in the Western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the river Tagus. Portugal being recognized for some of the world’s most famous explorers only has a population of ten and a half million people, and is slightly smaller than the U.S. state of Indiana. We have nearly a full day in Lisbon today so after our ... read more
Lisbon fortress
Lisbon monument

Europe » Portugal July 9th 2014

I am just including some more photos of our visit to Lisbon.... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa July 1st 2014

English Lisboa: 6/16/2014 We exit the plane with unrivaled excitement. The fact that we just traveled on the world’s shittiest airline with literally no space for 8 hours did not hinder us. We were ready and willing to take on challenge. The first image we see as we exit the plane: “EU and Portugal welcomes you”. Hmmm yes, this is real. Immigration awaited after the turn of a corner, the dreaded fear creeps back after our countless problems with immigration services the past year; however, we enter with no question. Our bags arrive on time and we jet off to places unknown. First problem is transportation from airport to hostel. In all of our preparation we failed to research this tiny and yet vitally important detail. Luckily, thanks to Fernanda, Fer, and Nilei, Lau was able ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Azores » Terceira June 26th 2014

Happy Birthday Eliza. Had the most amazing day again today...seem to be having so many of them these days. We hired a car and picked it up at 10am. Cost us E30 and E10 for insurance but that was much cheaper than any other company we found. We actually found the place by accident whilst looking for the Immigration place, we walked past this little shop and just ‘enquired’ ended up booking a car on the spot. So today we took off, and headed around the island in an anti-clockwise direction. We got off the main highway and took the narrow coastal roads. Lots of stunning scenery. We visited all the main towns and got out to walk around at Praia Da Vitoria. This is where the other marina is, but it’s much smaller, better protected, ... read more
Long lava tubes


Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 25th 2014

We began the day with a leisurely brunch out by the pool (who cares if it rains). Service is – slooooow, but the food was good. The bagel I ordered with my breakfast was 2 -18 inch long bricks of bread. Susan’s muffins became a plate of bread which consisted of 2 chocolate cupcakes without icing, a vanilla cupcake without icing and 2 croissants, and 2 “other things”. The hash browns were round but hash browns. The bacon as a ¼ lb of wide strip bacon per person. Nicky and Tim got pancakes and French Toast with 2 cups of whip crème per plate. This was considered an American breakfast. No wonder all the Americans are obese. After our tif with the checkout – they just couldn’t get the bill right or our names right or ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 24th 2014

Another day, more Lisbon. We took off on our .5 mile walk to the subway station and headed down to the port. We hoped to find the place to buy tickets for an afternoon boat ride on the river. The sky was beautiful and it looked like it was going to be a great day. We get of the subway and walk up the stairs and there is the place to buy the boat tickets. Cool. After that Nicky had found online a place that makes the handmade tiles that are so popular here in Portugal. We've seen lots of touristy shops that had the tiles but this was not in the tourist area and they were unique. We hiked thru old town until we got to the store. It was great and we all made ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa June 23rd 2014

Sunday, we get up and head out around 10 and take the subway to the train, we are going to Sintra. At the first subway stop Nicky sees a sign from the subway station that maybe we can catch the train there. Yep they have one, but we missed it by about 5 minutes. It's quicker for us to go into town on the subway and take the train from there. We find our seats and watch the country side slide by. About 40 minutes later we arrive in Sintra, along with the rain. Luckily we all have umbrellas but mine well, is just not right. It's toast once we get to Barcelona. We find the bus to make it to the quirky castle. ( Palace of Pena ). The bus ride is on this curvy ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Braganca June 23rd 2014

Forgot to mention yesterday. Bob had to swerve the Tandy to avoid a 1metre long big fat green snake which was in the road as we got further into the National Park. That has made us quite careful of where we put our feet. It reminded me that when we were in Portugal on a fly-drive holiday in the late 1990s we were also in a National Park close to the Spanish border, a pretty wild area. As I stepped on the grass by the car to get in, something bit me on the foot. Don’t know what but by the time Bob had started the car my foot was double size and by the time he was a mile down the road my ankle was the same and it was rapidly swelling all my leg. ... read more
Bob admires the poppies in the grass on the approach to the castle
Very old water tower in the old quarter of Braganca
Old town of Braganca entrance gate

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Braganca June 22nd 2014

Clarissa Tomtom let us down again as we tried to get away from the coastal area and on to the road East. It seemed to take an age to get through the little, all cobbled, roads of Estela and onto the main road we had been looking for. We found the road eventually which was not the route Bob had originally planned but had had to change as we were starting from a point lower down the coast because of our change of campsite. We were supposed to follow a picturesque route along the river but the route we took had few points of interest. We were to pass the medieval city of Guimaraes. We’ve been there before in 1995 on our honeymoon so I thought it might be nice to drive through or at least ... read more
Typical church for the area
Guimaraes. Best and only photo I could manage as the roads were all closed off.
How on earth did Bob get Tandy up there without a scratch.

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