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Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos August 2nd 2010

I first met Michael when I was in Peru on the conservation project; he is British but lives in a town near Portimao in the Algarve. He met me at the station and took me back to his new house, where he lives with his Mum Elaine. The house is beautiful and has a view of the sea from the balcony. Elaine is lovely, she took us out for Chinese food in the evening, we had a bit of a walk around the town and on the beach, and we met up with Michael’s friend Micha for a drink. Michael has lived there for 11 years and went to an International school. His Mum works as a teacher at the school. Next day Michael and I went to a medieval town called Silves and went inside ... read more
archaeology at Silves castle
view from Silves castle
Silves castlw

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos July 6th 2010

Having boasted in my introductory, blog-joining note of how worldly-wise and extensively travel the pair of us are, on Thursday we are "going Local" and flying to Portugal to stay with our friends, the Hamatons, who live in the Algarve, Portugal. They emigrated some 10 years ago to escape the UK Winters and are now part of an ex-Pat community in Lagos. Not sure if we could be brave enough to make such a decision but, hey, why do we need to consider such a thing when we have an open-ended invite to go and stay anytime we wish. This year will be the 7th time we have taken up their offer to go and enjoy the quiet beauty of an relatively unspoilt part of Europe. Hopefully I'll be able to make a few entries whilst ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos June 2nd 2010

Hey Everyone, Cheap flights found on skyscanner had us going to portugal and back in 4 days. Found out the day before we left that big nic was also in Portugal at the same time. No surprise he was having the time of his life, having seen only the inisde of his hostel and the bars and clubs of Lagos at night we knew we were up to a big few days. Flew into Faro airport late on monday night, 11.30 pm, thuoght we had organised a car but they didn't get back to us so had to rush around at the airport before all the car places closed at midnight to find a car. Sixt was the only place that had a car for us. Fill in all the paperwork and signed our life away ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos May 15th 2010

So we arrived back safely in Seville after Fes and jumped in the car to head for Salema, our next stop, in Portugal. Salema was... a disappointment to say the least. The accommodation we booked turned out to be a huge letdown. Not only was the woman we had to deal, Fatima, a nightmare- -we called her an hour before we were to arrive only to be told to call her in a half hour, at which time she told us she was now in another town completely in the opposite direction and got mad and huffy with us that we had made good time on the road, then told us to find someone else to let us into our place in Salema, then disappeared for hours, then got annoyed when we couldn't find her, etc. ... read more
Much happier in Vilarinho
Look at Trevor go!

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos April 15th 2010

Thursday, April 15 I woke up when a shaft of light hit my face. Could it be? Sunshine? I hopped out of bed and threw open the shutter. Yes! It was sunny! I roused my companions and got ready. We stopped at the town bakery on the way (which was delicious) and went to the closest beach. I got down to my bathing suit and took in some sun, while the other two went into the water (which was cold, I know, because I put my toe in). All of the sudden, I heard this breathing beside me. I turned my head and this dog had just plopped down next to me like we were buds or something. He was panting in my face. I got up and looked around to see if there was ... read more


Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos April 14th 2010

Wednesday, April 14 We rose before the sun so that we would make our 7:30am bus to Lagos. We thought it was a six hour ride (from 7:30--1:30), but when we neared the Portuguese border our phones said there was a time change, so it was actually a seven hour ride. It was pleasant, though. It was rainy outside, and I watched as the landscape rolled past us, changing slowly. Gone were the dry, semi-arid hills of southern Spain. Portugal was green and wet, with yellow flowers everywhere. Portugal was also the first time in Europe that someone checked my passport. They stopped the bus and a man came around to all of us. Upon seeing Cyntia and I's French visas he was quiet for a very long time. He started speaking in Portuguese to ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos February 6th 2010

LAGOS Day 17 Before getting on my bus to Seville I decided to take one final walk around Lagos. Overall, I found Portugal to be a lovely country to visit. For being one of, if not the poorest country in Europe it doesn’t show it. You see a few street beggers but nothing that you wouldn’t see in any city around the world. The cities, big and small, are kept incredibly clean and the people are friendly. I would recommend Portugal to anyone. Although Portugal has been enjoyable I must still stay on the move so that I can see as many places as possible. So I caught my bus to Seville. The scenery on the ride was beautiful. Lots of orange and olive fields. Arrived in Seville; a beautiful city. As I found my ... read more
lagos 032
lagos 033
lagos 034

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos February 5th 2010

LAGOS Day 16 Woke up to the bright sun shine! I headed for the beach to check the sun and see some of the grottos. The first beach I walked to was very close to the city centre and there were only 3 other people there: one women painting and two boys surfing. At the end of the beach were grottos towards the next beach over so I crawled through the grotto and came out on another beach. There were only 2 people at this beach so I headed towards the grottos at the end again and crawled through but the tide was too high and I couldn’t access the beach. So I decided to relax for a bit at the beach before walking further out of town to the other beaches. The sun was ... read more
lagos 003
lagos 004
lagos 015

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos February 4th 2010

LAGOS Day 15 Took the train from Lisboa to Tunes and caught another connection to Lagos. The train ride was about 5 hours but the scenery was amazing. About half way down to Tunes, the land started taking on a very dry desert look but still with a lot of grass and trees. Throughout the whole ride you can always see many orange mangroves. So much green and orange; it made me incredibly thirsty. I could see all the oranges that had fallen off the trees and were resting on the ground and it made me very sad to think no one was going to eat them because I was dying to. As we got closer to the south it started to get more mountainous, almost like a jungle. Then it turned into the orange ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Lagos October 28th 2009

Oct 23 We had a lazy wake up today. Jay cooked us up some breaky. After hanging out for a bit we decided to walk through town and so some souveiner shopping. The walking/shopping street in galway was very nice. Many of the buildings are very colorful here it makes for a very cheerful sight. Keaney says they try and make up shades of grey here in the sky that is. We walked around town for a few bours I spent alot of money, we had a nice lunch then we headed back to shane's and hung out till he got home from work. When he did Shane and I went out for a 5 mile run through the city. It was a cool way to see the city, we ran down by the harbor it was ... read more

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