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Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Przemysl May 18th 2013

Nowy początek :) / New beginning.... read more

Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Rzeszów » Mielec January 1st 2013 Okay, put your hands up if you've heard of Rzeszow. Thought not. Well neither had I. But that was until I went on a website that sifted through every flight to depart from Manchester Airport on New Year's Day. The result was a Ryanair to Rzeszow. But where the hell was Rzeszow? After a bit of Googling, I found out Rzeszow was in southwest Poland, quite near the Ukrainian border. It was a fairly large city, with a population of just under 200,000, and judging by the photos I found, it had a nice old town with a pleasing central square. There was only one more thing I needed to know, and that was how to pronounce it. Was it something like Res-zow? Or perhaps Zez-ow? Or was it Res-oh? No, the actual way to ... read more
Spires of Rzeszow
Symbol of Poland
Rzeszow Castle

Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian February 8th 2009

Yep, got a bus to Krynica in the Polish countryside. Unfortunately for me, I didn't have time to enjoy the spa or the skiing since I was only spending one night. My 3 hour bus got in pretty much on time - give or take 15 minutes :) I met Kasia, my host for the night and did a quick night tour of the town since as it turns out, she didn't live in Krynica but in the next town over. Krynica reminded me of Tahoe in the winter. It's touristy but not overly so and stunning with its blanket of snow. We headed out for her village, Powroznik, and 5 minutes later, we were there. It's really cute with just one main road running through the town. Her place was towards the end of the ... read more

Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Jaslo October 21st 2008

Gorlice is near Jaslo. I drove through many towns on the bus heading towards the Ukraine, and one town was Jaslo. The choices of towns on this blog site is limited. Gorlice is situated near Slovakian border, in the high hills of southern Poland. I spent two days here and learned alot about displaced Ukrainians after the uprising in 1949. The Ukrainians wanted their own state, and when their uprising was over, they were sent to northern Poland. Many of their Greek Orthodox churches were converted to Roman Catholic. Eventually some Ukranians came back, and now live peacefully with Polish people in the area. Every July, there is a bonfire celebration and Ukranians from around the world attend. (reminds me of Acadian history)... read more
Folk Musicians
Garden in Gorlice

Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Bieszczady Mountains June 13th 2007

Komańcza So we topped the summit and were in Poland. On the way down Roman stopped off for us to have a look at a new Uniate church (Greek Catholic) shrine that had been built close to a spring that never freezes, even when the outside temperature drops to minus 25C. We were staying at Roman’s again and decided that we would have a little amble around the rest of the day. That turned out to be a fine little walk along the Komańcza village trail which goes into the wooded hills. There's lots of information boards along the way full of facts about the local area. It was warm again, but at 500 - 600m above the sea, the cool breezes stopped us from getting too hot. On the hilltop we had a grand ... read more
Kasia, on a stoll round Komańcza
Green Acres
Beasts who live here in these woods


Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Bieszczady Mountains May 14th 2005

13 May Conference on Bieszczady Narrow Gauge We did our presentation during the morning, and there were also presentation by the Bieszczady Narrow Gauge Foundation and the Pioneer’s Railway from Košice, Slovakia. We heard from the Director of Slovak Railways that they were somewhat miffed about the cessation of services along the line from Poland via Łupków 14 May We had a special train arranged on the Bieszczady Narrow Gauge line from Cisna to Wola Michowa. We got a lift to Cisna from our hotel in Bystre, and after a quick tour around the station and museum at Majdan, our train set off into the wilds. The section westwards to Balnica, on the border with Slovakia, is truly wild, with even the forest tracks disappearing in one section, just forest and mountains. The forest is almost ... read more
Bieszczady Forest Railway
Wola Michowa welcome
Sausage, anyone?

Europe » Poland » Subcarpathian » Bieszczady Mountains May 12th 2005

The Bieszczady Mountains are at the far south east corner of Poland bordering Slovakia and Ukraine. Home to rich wildlife suchas wolves and bears, the Bieszczady National Park has been declared a UNESCO bisophere reserve. It's also the kind of place where people drop out: Komańcza's parish (for want of a better description) has one the highest number of PhDs in the country! Travelling to the Bieszczady Mountains - off Season - that is a challenge because public transport is seen as out of fashion in provincial Poland. Nobody wants to fund it. Even German Railway’s online European timetable can’t keep up with the (usually negative) changes. So, if you are travelling off season to the Bieszczady here’s how to do it: High summer is ok: there is a direct train from Kraków to the Bieszczady ... read more

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