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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 1st 2013

I have been busy doing things since Di left and now I only have a few days left before I leave Bergen for Turkey. Hege, Lilly, Stella and I have just returned from climbing a mountain called, wait for it, Telleeikfjellet, which is 391mts high. And now I am having a bit of a rest. All this exercise has been great but a couple of the climbs I've been on are pretty steep. Chris took a couple of days off and all of us climbed another mountain called Veten{486mts} one day and the next we all did a bike ride, about 10k, which was dry on the way out but very wet on the way back in. We have also done a couple of smaller rides in the evenings. Lilly has progressed so well in her ... read more
I'll miss you.
Up the Mountain.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 28th 2013

Well here I am in Norway and Di is back in NZ. Not happy to leave the grandkids and not happy to be going back to the shakes. I can say that we had a fantastic time in England and France, and while we have been here it has been as usual, fantastic. So now I have a week to do some long walks and also do some fishing with Chris. We have only been out once since I've been here as it is a busy time for Chris with concerts etc. He has Neil Young this coming week but we can now get some time in fishing. I went and saw Rihanna on Friday night at an out door concert{in the Golden Circle no less} along with thousands of screaming young people, what an experience. ... read more
At the Cabin
New Baby.
The new age

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 23rd 2013

As we inched our way down from Alesund to Bergen we slowly saw the scenery change before our eyes. For the last week we were playing in a disneyland adventure. Between the bright lime green pastures set against the dark greens of the forest that are protecting the farms yet, we couldnt decide for the life of us - do we look at the reflection in the lake and see the painted picture or look around and see the beauty in fragments all the while taking in so many details that made us exhausted at the end of the day. We were on an 8 hour journey towards the south , where the mountains became rounder and the colors a bit more subdued. The rivers were almost empty but we were so happy as mickey mouse ... read more
ferry.. they are confusing us!!
reminds me of Denver
no words

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 22nd 2013

Hello from Norway. We are here again on our annual visit to catch up with Chris and all his Norwegian family. This time of course we have Warwick and Pam with us so we can show them a bit of life here. It is always good to arrive and catch up with the kids and settle into some family time while also getting out to discover a few new things. In the 4 days that Warwick and Pam were here we managed to get to see the sights of Bergen and also get into the mountains and fjords so they could get an idea of the beauty of Norway. We have had the usual mixture of weather, but as I write this I am sitting on Chris and Heges deck just after 10.30 at night watching ... read more
A good reason
The Best reasons.
THe Worlds Best Cake.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 18th 2013

Just a final few pics of the past few weeks before I start on Norway and family stuff. I, of course am in Norway to see Chris, Hege and our 2 grand kids Lilly and Stella. It is just so neat catching up. I am also hoping that I will end my draught of not catching a salmon. I have been trying for a few years now every time I come here, but with no success. Perhaps this time. Anyway, Pam and Warwick are at home now in NZ and Di leaves here in a weeks time, which leaves me time to have a go at a bit of fishing before heading down to Turkey and Greece for a few weeks. Looking forward to everything that is in front of me, and looking back at all ... read more
A hanging basket.
Chateau Anizy at Pannecot
Anizy Lock


Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 16th 2013

I thought that I would show some of the food offerings that we have had over the last few weeks. We have had some magic meals, both on and off the boat, and the beer and wine that has complemented this food has been rather nice as well. we have eaten in some really nice restaurants and in most cases found that we have left the restaurant feeling very content. Unfortunately I can't name them all but will show some photos of some of the meals. I think my waist line is on the move{in the wrong direction} but as my will power is pretty poor in these situations I'll have to live with it. Pip/Rod... read more
On the Boat.
Another stand-by.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 13th 2013

Yes, we have left the canals of France and arrived in Bergen last Monday night to start our few weeks of catching up with Chris, Hege and the girls Lilly and Stella. So neat to see them again so soon after being with them at Christmas. Pam and Warwick have been with us until last night when they left to start their journey home. We have had a magic time with them since joining up with them in England. We have talked and eaten, had a few drinks, walked for miles, stayed in some loverly places, survived torrential rain and very hot sunshine, taken hundreds of photos and seen some fantastic sights. It has been a fantastic time and we so enjoyed their company. Our canal trip was great and it is certainly a very relaxing ... read more
French practice.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen November 15th 2012

Best way I can describe Bergen, it is a picturesque city (however it looks and feels more like a small beautiful village) inundated with mini markets every few metres (kiwi, rema, rimi, 7eleven, coop, spar to name but a few). In light of my previous city breaks in October, it would be fair to say I should have expected the weather to be similar, i.e. wet....but the naive optimist in me tried to hold on to the notion that October was not the Scandinavian wrong can you get! Locals in Bergen wear head to toe gortex / waterproofs and look prepared for anything the elements throw at them. I on the other hand was only semi-prepared, so I was totally relieved I brought extra clothes, that way I remained dry throughout the trip. Due to ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen September 6th 2012

Despite of staying up late to conquer the “exotic” washing machine, I somehow managed to still wake up very early. Sleeping in ‘the heart of historical old town building’ sounds like a novelty but I’m not wowed by it. Had it not been the cheapest place I could find – I might as well stayed elsewhere. Bergen is surprisingly cold so I put 3 layers of clothing before venturing out. Growing up in Indonesia, I’m kinda used to small alleys. Nothing fancy about it. But some guidebooks highlight that the “small alleys of Bergen old town” is something not to be missed. But then the question is – where is that damn small alley? Yes, I’m in the journey to find a small alley that should not be wider than 1 meter. But then again, every ... read more
Bergen Waterfront
Seafood Platter!
Big Blue HoHo Bus @ Bergen

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 15th 2012

Tomorrow,Thursday the 16th, I leave Chris and Hege on a 6am flight to Athens via Copenhagen. Chris is of corse delighted to be taking me to the airpot at 4.30am. Parting is not so bad as usual as they, along with Heges parents, Runa and Lillen, will be at our place for Christmas. The 1st time Chris has been back at Christmas time for 16 years. It will be great. It has been a great time here again and as said already, to catch up with the kids is so nice. The Cabin::: Runa and Lillen have a cabin out on the norht sea in an area called Sotra. It is such a neat area and the cabin is just so relaxing. This year we didn't stay over night but were there for a day trip ... read more
Traveling together
Fishy tale

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