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May 7th 2006
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Bike lightBike lightBike light

Bike traffic lights are everywhere!
Well today since Bram had to work from 10am to 7pm I decided to take a bunch of photos of where I usually bike. I've started biking to Scheveningen with Bram when he has to work to pass the time and also because I think it's fun. So by going there and back we usually bike around 10km per day. I think the things we pass are pretty cool so I thought I'd post some photos for everyone to see. I also stopped by one of the parks near Scheveningen and rode on the paths through the woods for a little bit. Other than that I did some grocery shopping and I'll tell you, it can be pretty tough carrying a huge bag of groceries on the back of your bike! Anyway, here's some sweet photos...

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The forestThe forest
The forest

A park near Scheveningen
The forestThe forest
The forest

A park near Scheveningen
Bird Cage on a BikeBird Cage on a Bike
Bird Cage on a Bike

I'm amazed at what people can strap onto their bikes...

7th May 2006

Those pictures are great!! It is so beautiful there! I sometimes wish I didn't have a car or that things were closer so I could just bike and walk everywhere!!
8th May 2006

Missing You!
Kristen - I would love to be there biking with you. What a beautiful city! Just enjoy your time there and keep taking lots of pictures! We love looking at them.

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