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August 22nd 2009
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Flat fields dotted with cows and the odd wind mill here and there. We head straight to Amsterdam with thoughts of neon lights filtering through the haze of smoke while we cruise down the canals enjoying a nice cold Heineken. Well, we weren’t disappointed but it wasn’t quite as idyllic. The canals are really reserved for tourists packed into boats, pumping top 40, or rich locals taking a tour (lovely). We found a free campsite a short train ride away from town as we were warned that driving in Amsterdam is crazy. We didn’t actually camp at the site (26 Euro!) but we used their showers (55 cents) and water. It was a very young and boisterous crowd. We happened to arrive the day before Gay Pride so there were many preparations going on and big crowds. The sex museum was wicked and cheap. BIKES EVERYWHERE!! They have their own lanes and when you cross them you have to look both ways. Van Gogh museum was sobering and had some jewels. He had an incredible colour sense; you don’t see that in the reproductions as well.

We went to the Coffeehouse (where you can buy pot) and booze, in most, and enjoyed smoking in the park and watching the crowds and police walk by ;-) Walking the streets with a nice cold Heineken and eating the best falafel. You get your falafel in a pita bun and serve yourself all these delicious toppings like hot peppers and fresh veggies and a plethora of spicy sauces that get you sweating.
Amsterdam pride was in boats on the canal; much happiness and celebrating. They had three stages: French, Dutch and English (sort of) with live music and beer stands in different corners. Rembrandt would have been proud.

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22nd August 2009

van gogh
is there still a statue of a man with his hands on his hips looking at the round bulletin board(?) in front of the Van Gogh museum?
27th August 2009

Statue - Mary Ann
Actually, I got lost on my way so I circumnavigated around the entire building before entering from the back but I don't remember any statues. I should note that it is practically impossible to get lost on the way to the Van Gogh Museum.

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