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Ittletunk utolso 2 hetenek kepanyagat toltottem fel, remelem tetszenek! Magunkhoz kepest nyugisan telt az ido, volt itt minden fele kaland: a kepeken jol dokumentalt, hogy a "fedezzuk fel A'dam minden parkjat" project folytatodott, kibovulve a Rembrandtsparkkal, es az Amsterdamse Bos nevu "mesterseges erdo"vel a varos deli hataran, ahol benosztalgiaztam egyet, eszembe jutott, hogy kb 17 evesen jartunk mar itt, es vadkempingeztunk ebben a hatalmas parkban, Daniel, Karoly, Zoli, Tomival. Floranak folytatodott az interju keszites neves Pokmeselokkel, igy jutottunk el a falanszterbe agyazott hippitanyara: egy komppal kell kimenni a palyaudvartol, es SDCM vagy hasonlo 4 betuvel illetett hajogyari kornyek, amit reszben informatikusok vettek at, es ekeppen is nevezik itt az uccakat (Modem u., Plotter u. stb) reszben meg hippik foglaltak itt minden fele teruletet, igy lettek a muveszkafek, ... read more
Sulthal es holland sushi
Nyugis placc eszakon

Wandering around the streets of A'Dam, one inadvertantly notices the doors in the Jordaan and downtown districts: how each one is specialized, individualized, to express the personality of those living inside: from beautiful 100 year old porcelain to wood and rosebush, one meets such an amazing array of varieties, colours, styles. Heres a little gallery of about 40 doors, taken mostly in Jordaan district, February-March, 2014. Enjoy!... read more
Modern, de berakasos kapu
korives, fabol

Saying goodbye to the beautiful city of Bruges, we set out for Amsterdam. We only had a few hours so rather than driving the whole time, we used the motorways to get to Antwerp for lunch at a large park called Rivierenhof. It has a great little playground and a series of lakes and forest areas to wander around and even a little farm for the kids to meet the animals. Em had a great time on the playground and after lunch, we had a walk around the lakes watching the ducks and geese. We spent a bit longer than planned there so we were a bit rushed getting to Amsterdam but it was reasonably smooth on the motorway with only a couple of roadwork areas to contend with. The volume of trucks on the motorway ... read more

Hello, bello, gyors helyzetjelentes Amszterdambol, vilagviszonylatban is a diszes teherfelvonohorgok kozpontjabol: a finom tavaszi hangulat aranyozta be az elozo 2 hetet, franko napsutes, viragok tomkelege, viragzo fak. Jomagam egy hetet toltottem Brusszelben, Marc 9.kozt, errol nemsokara egy rovid bejegyzest csi. Elozetesben legyen annyi eleg, hogy alig lattam ott teherfelvonohorgot.... Visszaterve mindent rendben talaltam, Flo elmelyulten a Ghanai-Suriname-i eredetu csintalan pok, Anansie meseit feldolgozva, meselok interjuvolasaban van napkozben, este meg a kismama joga tanfolyamhoz vannak tanitvanyai, akiken a kotelezo gyakorlatot letanitja. Jomagam a horgoktol eltekintve, a gasztronomia muveszetebe vetettem bele magam, napkozben bringazok, majd bevasarlas, es uj receptek kifejlesztese-kiprobalasa a projektem. Foztem carbonara szeruseget mar 4-5 szor, a publikaloja ugy hivja: Gy... read more
Komor kontrasztos Horog

If we had our time over again, we may have chosen to go to Munich rather then Berlin. It was good timing for us to need some rest time as we were both a bit sick, but if we were well it would have felt a bit of a waste. We spent our first day in Berlin wandering around and went to the Pergamon Museum. All the reviews on trip advisor said this museum was absolutely excellent but we both looked at each other halfway through and were both thinking the same thing - boring! We haven't been to a museum since. We also tried to go to the Cathedral but for 7euro we decided we'd seen enough churches and were satisfied with just visiting the outside! We had some crepes for lunch sitting outside the ... read more
Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust MemoriL


Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam » Amsterdam Zuidoost February 26th 2014

Hello, hello, udvozlet Amsterdambol, ahol lassan a masodik hetet huzzuk nagy duzzogva. Nagyon nem bloggoltam eddig, mert tatottam a szamat, egy jo kis 6 hetes ittletet gondoltam csak meg kell alapozni nemi helyismerettel, szoval nagy erokkel zajlott a kivancsi varosfelderites, megismeres es eletfeltetelek kialakitrasa celjabol. A bazisunk a nyugis kozeposztaly altal frekventalt Jordaan negyed (rogton a Belvaros mellett, 5 perc gyalog Amsterdam szivetol: nyugodtan hivhatjuk ezt a csatornakkal atszott kis lakonegyedet a varos aortajanak. Kicsit a 9.ker hez hasonlit, csak itt 1800 as evekbol megmaradt teglahazak sorakoznak a kanalisok partjain. Rengeteg apro utca, kis hidak, minden haz pontosan ugyanolyan teglabol, ugyanugy 4 emelket magas, es ugyanolyan keskeny.) Az elso 4 nap Floraval gyalog jarkaltuk be a kornyeket. Gasztrocapital? Facsart grapefruitle! Eljutottunk a jo oreg Ten... read more
Buszbol, odafele
Keskeny lepcsonk
De jo itt a kanalis

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam » Amsterdam Zuidoost December 23rd 2013

After Brussels, I visit Amsterdam, only 280km in-between them but a compleet different world... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam » Amsterdam Zuidoost December 13th 2013

Have been slack In the last 5 days we have had lot of things to as well as some illness. A passenger went down with a severe bout of flu on Day 2 and didn’t surface for at least 3 days. She has managed to infect pretty much the whole ship with even the cruise director Evonne getting ill. On our sail to Nuremburg Gaynor managed to develop a serious cough. I was not the best either so we decided that we would have a day on the boat, keep ourselves warm and hopefully kick the bug. One fellow traveller Dianne offered to buy us some cold medication whilst ashore, we gave her an order for some lemsip and cough medicine. It was quite relaxing although Gaynor was going downhill rapidly. Dianne returned with some goods ... read more
Auto Violin
Oh look, a castle
another castle

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam » Amsterdam Zuidoost November 9th 2013

Amsterdam 7, 8 & 9 November 2013 We arrived in Amsterdam after a fantastic day in The Hague. We found Camping Zeeberg which was excellent. Even though there was limited times the reception was open, on Fridays the Bar/Restaurant becomes the reception from 11.00am-2100hrs. They even give out a free drink to everyone. There was also a fire in the room which was lovely. This was our second visit to Amsterdam, but the 1st with our motor home. We visited the city while we were waiting for the motor home to have its roadworthy certificate completed before we picked it up. On Friday 8 November, we went into Amsterdam by tram No 7 which took us right to the Vondel Park. It is the largest green space in Amsterdam, the park is named after its best-known ... read more
The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam 8 Nov 2013 (25)
The Heineken Experience in Amsterdam 8 Nov 2013 (24)
Vondel Park in Amsterdam 8 Nov 2013 (2)

Amsterdam was a trip. No pun intended. This place is like you are in a giant sized play place. There are millions of bikes around, lots of canals, city parks where people are tripping on shrooms and smoking or eating pot, tulips everywhere, boats, and lots and lots of drinking. My first night there, I had a bit of trouble (seems to be a theme for first days in new countries) where I was trying to find my hostel (Amsterdam Hostel Leidseplein) located on Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 79. So this was the first time I was trying to dissect compound words within words to understand what I was looking for. Since Leidsedwarstraat ends with "straat" it means street. So every time you run into a big word, you have to sit there and tear it apart to ... read more
MJ- Outdoor park
Redlight District

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