My "wonderful" day at the airport

Published: March 22nd 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I have always really wanted to go to the Netherlands only I have never ever been on a 2 day plane trip and I really didn't want to start now. Thankfully going with my best friend Theresa might have made it better. It was an 18 hour flight, including one stop over to Malaysia but I still wasn't very happy about that. I thanked my lucky stars though that I was leaving at 11:55PM and not 11:55AM. At least now I didn't have to have a restless night on the plane...yet.

My day had a pleasurable beginning. My taxi came on time to pick me up from my house with Theresa already in the car. Unfortunately my driver was the world's slowest driver and it took him 50 minutes to drive to the airport! I am pretty sure that my mother would have driven a lot fatser than that. Thanks to my taxi driver's driving we were the last to board the plane. Thankfully my mother, had already checked Theresa and myself, in online and we weren't that late. Quickly getting through everything else before the plane, we didn't actually end up delaying our flight.

This would have been a close call, except Theresa was in total shock that we were not sitting together. It was actually quite entertaining watching her. It was like watching a child chuck a tantrum. Thankfully before she was escorted off the plane, a nice old man swapped with her. Now we, or should I say she, only delayed our flight by 20 minutes. She happily skipped to her new seat, completely avoiding all the evil glares she was getting. While I wanted to melt to the floor.

Theresa fell asleep almost as soon as we boarded the plane and thankfully left me in peace. I red a good book and fell asleep too. Our flight was really calm and we arrived in Malaysia safely.

We then stopped at McDonald's for a quick dinner so we didn't have to eat any plane food. Theresa had a lot of food and I hope that she did not throw up on the plane next to me. Even after we finished eating we still had 1 hour to kill. After looking through make-up stores and then spraying ourselves with every single perfume in the whole airport we checked ourselves in again and got on to our plane.

This time everything went well and we didn't end up causing a scene. I could sleep now without any interuptions.


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