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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor November 3rd 2013

"Crna Gora" means "Black Mountain" and is the Montenegrin name of Montenegro. Montenegro is a small country with about 600.000 people between Serbia, Croatia and Albania. The country separated from Serbia in 2006 and became an independent country. In Montenegro they use the Euro as national currency, although they're not part of the European Union (yet). The country is trying hard to promote itself abroad as a tourist destination and they have a goal to convert to country into a destination for upper-class tourists. A lot of Russians visit Montenegro since they don't need a visa to visit. From Dubrovnik I decided to take a daytrip to this country, which wasn't planned, and I don't regret the choice I made. The border-crossing took about 30-45 minutes to get into Montenegro (less when going back to Croatia) ... read more
 Boka Kotorska
 Boka Kotorska
 Boka Kotorska

Europe » Montenegro September 21st 2013

Well it has been a while since our last blog...the laptop died and we believed it dead for a couple of weeks...and then miraculously it revived itself – hooray!! So we are now sitting at the airport in Munich waiting for our flight to Dubai and planning on doing a little bit of catch up! Okay, now that is explained, our apologies given and accepted, I will paste below a blog I wrote a couple of weeks ago and was not able to post...enjoy! We arrived in Montenegro after a surprisingly good sleep on our overnight train from Belgrade. To be honest, after seeing the cabin I wasn’t really expecting to! But we had our pastries and chocolate to munch on and they provided blankets and, we managed to get a four person cabin to ... read more
Stari Bar
Stari Bar
Stari Bar

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj August 26th 2013

I left Cleon early this morning and I must admit that I was quite tired from the beers last night, I'm getting old I guess. Well, I took the 7am bus to Shkodra where I would take the 4pm bus to Ulcinj. This gave me a good six hours to check out Shkodra and on the top of the list was of course the impressive Rozafa Fortress. It is quite a hike to get to the fortress and the locals don't seem to know the way there so it took me a while and I was soaking by the time I got to it but it's so worth it! The castle is quite open so you can explore it even underground without anyone hindering you and it's a really neat experience going down below there. The ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica August 8th 2013

After many border crossings we finally made it to Plav, Montenegro. It was such a struggle to find our hotel as it was tucked down back streets that slanted dangerously and had more pot holes than actual road. It turns out it was signposted but only in the local language, which is Montegrin, nevertheless we eventually found it after getting lost several times. I have never seen the point in spending a lot of time or money on hotels, but I could have spent forever and my riches at Hotel Kula Damjanova. It was more of a lodge than a hotel. It was on two floors with a spiral type staircase, and was made entirely from wood. It was perched on the lakes edge, and was decorated by oriental rugs hanging on the walls. It was ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Podgorica July 31st 2013

Saying goodbye to Andreja saw me settle back into the usual groove – you know what that is - slow and steady and lots of photo taking but with a bit more restraint than I’ve shown in the past. Somewhere along the line, I left the Tara River and joined the Moraca River. I think this happened after Kolasin – not sure. But there it was, another river and yet another spectacular canyon. Nature is amazing. Just when you think it can’t possibly get any better it does. In fact, I would have to say that the Moraca Canyon is the most beautiful I’ve seen so far. Big call. But getting there involved a pass (manageable) and then, well, as before a whole vista opens out in front. Mountain, after mountain, after mountain for as far ... read more
Moraca Monastery
Moraca Monastery
Moraca Monastery


Europe » Montenegro » Kotor July 15th 2013

July 15 We chose Kotor because the photos of the bay looked extremely inviting, and also because of rich cultural heritage and a possibility to swim. We flew with JAT Airways from Beograd to Tivat, took a taxi to Kotor Old Town for 15 Euros (rather expensive for such a short distance – quite reachable by foot but there is a long tunnel through the mountain), and, having grasped a map at Tourist Information Centre, entered the fortress gates while following the printed hostel directions which proved helpful – our feet came directly to its door within no time and not a single deviation from the correct path. The old town immediately left a deep impression on me, it felt so cozy though narrow and with lots of outdoor cafes and crowds of tourists, but nevertheless, ... read more
Trg od Oruzija
Town Clock Tower

Europe » Montenegro » Budva » Becici July 5th 2013

Podgorica, Virpazar (Lake Skadar), Budva, Kotor, Montenegro 3 to 5 July 2013 We got up early from our Bushat, Camping Albania and was on the road by 8.30am after our fresh bread was delivered. We were off to Montenegro. As we were crossing the river that flowed out of Lake Skadar (Albania side) we saw a secondhand bike place. Tom found a suitable bike. It had riden around Italy so the tires needed changing. They didn’t have the right size so the guys serviced it and we tied it onto the back of the camper. Crossing the border was no problem. About 30 kms after the border crossing we arrived at the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica (population 145,000). The roads had been good (later they were not so good!). We drove around the city and saw ... read more
Budva Montenegro (52)
Budva Montenegro (17)
Budva Montenegro (7)

Europe » Montenegro July 3rd 2013

In my last post I said I was Skadar Lake bound the following day. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I changed my mind. Instead I took the bus up to Centinje, the ‘royal’ capital of Montenegro to catch a glimpse of a Henry Moore exhibition they had there. You would too if it was only an hour away. And so I stayed another night in Podgorica (yes, another night!!!) to do this. Confident that the gallery would be open after being told that in Montenegro public offices are not open on the weekend as people don’t like to work on the weekends and so it was best to go on Monday. I’m sure you know what happened next. First off, there was nothing, no flyers in windows, NOTHING, to indicate that this exhibition was on. Also ... read more
My 5 Euro Haircut
Approaching Lake Skadar
Waterlilies near Skadar Lake

Europe » Montenegro » Ulcinj » Ulcinj June 30th 2013

Friday, June 28th! After a nice rest Thursday, I woke up Friday, June 28th ready to visit Ulcinj! I took the 9:10 bus (Budva-Ulcinj, 7 euros one way) and arrived there about an hour and a half later. As soon as I got off the bus I was greeted by a friendly guy, Billy, who spoke English with an American accent. I soon discovered he lived in the USA for many years and returned home to Macedonia, where he has a few businesses (guest houses, bakery, etc). I happened to be on the bus with some Norwegian tourists so Billy took us to his guesthouse where the couple got a room for a few nights. As I was only staying for a day, I didn't require housing, but Billy still took me like family. There was ... read more

Europe » Montenegro » Budva June 27th 2013

After a seven and a half hour bus journey from Ohrid, Macedonia, I finally arrived in Budva, Montenegro! Upon my arrival at the bus station, I was immediately greeted by taxi drivers all willing to take me to my destination (Mojo Hostel). Instead, I opted to follow the printed map and walk to the hostel. Since the reception officially opens at around 9am, I decided to hop online for a while and explore the wonderful world of the internet! lol After sending some emails and updating my travel blog, I had a breakfast that consisted of an orange, changed my clothes and decided to head to the atm for some much needed cash, get a local sim card, and walk around the Old Town/beach area. Budva is extremely touristic compared to Ohrid. It's only June 27th ... read more

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