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Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema August 30th 2010

With summer coming to an abrupt end in London, the bank holiday long weekend in August was the perfect chance to get some sun in Malta, situated just south of Italy in the guts of the Mediterranean sea. 3 days of perfect 30 degree weather ensured and despite the efforts to apply sunscreen, the burns also prevailed. The highlights of Malta are the two "Blues", the Blue Grotto, a series of caves on the south of the island with perfectly blue water, and the Blue Lagoon, turquoise blue water in a bay on the tiny island of Comino. Given the only blue you see in London these days is Chelsea football club, we were in awe of these 2 sights and loved every minute there. We went to hit the capital Valetta on the first morning, ... read more
Mnajdra temple ruins
View along Valetta wall
Blue Grotto

Europe » Malta August 30th 2010

Stayed in a lovely farmhouse apartment in Xaghra on the island of Gozo. Went to Comino Island for the day which was fabbo. Also stayed a couple of nights in Sliema, Malta (main island) which was rather blah! Thought it was touristy, like Surfers Paradise. However a couple of highlights was the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum (superb prehistoric underground necropolis), and the St John's Co-Cathedral (HQ of the Knights of St John). ... read more
Victory Day, Xaghra
Ramla Bay

Europe » Malta » Malta » La Valletta July 29th 2010

My last couple of days in Malta! I can't believe it. It has been so busy these past few days. So a very quick update... Last weekend, my friend Andrew and I took the ferry over to Sicily. It was amazing. The food was phenomenal and we ate a disgusting amount of gelato, pastries, cheeses, etc. We spent our time mostly in Catania exploring around, visiting the churches, wandering the markets and sipping cappuccinos in the town square. We also rented a scooter for a day and drove up the coast which was a fabulous way to see the island... down country back roads with Mount Etna on our left and the sea on our right. Amazing. We also went up Mount Etna and hiked around the site of the 2002 eruption. I have never scampered ... read more
Mosta Cathedral
St. John's Co Cathedral
St. John's Co Cathedral, Valletta

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema July 25th 2010

Hi Have just joined up with TravelBlog and hope I can get some info. Arriving in late August for a week and would love to know about the "hire car" set-up. Other areas claim that Malta is a "hell of a country to drive in" but would like to hear from people who have actually driven there. Interested in the difficulty, costs and any other issues people can think about.... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema July 20th 2010

Well, the sun is just as strong and the sky is just as clear as the last time I wrote! Everyday, I wake up sweating. What was I thinking coming here in the middle of the summer!? And to cap it all off, Blake has been giving me updates on the weather in Morocco which is usually a daily high of a staggering 50 degrees! Eeeep. So my Maltese life is becoming more and more routine now. My days are beginning to blend together and my familiarity of the island is getting better. In Malta, despite the insane heat, the summer is packed with festivals and events which I have been doing my best to take advantage of. During my first week on the island, Andrew and I were so keen to hit the beach every ... read more
International Food Night
International Food Night
Megalithic Temples


Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema July 19th 2010

Maria Dolores is her name and it is the catamaran ferry that brought me from Pozzallo to Malta. It is a young and sexy ferry and goes fast. In two hours she can do the distance of approx 100 km. To catch wednesday my train to Saracusa she should do it in the promised 1,5 hours otherwise I ll have to wait a few hours on the station. Arrived at Malta 12 o clock midnight took a taxi to Sliema where hotel Fortina is. The taxi driver asked the old or the new Fortina. I told him of course the new one and I was right. However the new one , also the nightprter was very proud of the new one ,looks like 20 years old. I checked first the possibillities for the Laundry. Yes. They ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » St Pauls Bay July 14th 2010

Lehka koupacka, dobre jidlo, anglicti duchodci, konec MS 2010, vune parfemu Jil Sander, Valecny reporter a Kinnie ... to vse se mi vybavi pri vzpominkach na jeden evropsky minivylet za stredomorskym slunickem na zacatku cervence 2010. Byl to kratky vylet na jih Evropy. Zkombinovaly jsme tak koupacku, ikdyz velmi casto na skalach, s poznavanim miniostruvku doslova nabiteho historii. Souostrovi se da krasne poznat pomoci klasickych busiku z 50.-70.let 20.stoleti, obeplout diky huste siti lodniho spojeni a vysoke nabidce lodnich vyletu. Ubytovaly jsme se v zatoce St.Pauls Bay, kde v r.60 ztroskotal apostol Pavel. Prvni den jsme pak vyrazily za 15EUR vyhlidkovym busem po severni casti ostrova. Objeli tak cele pobrezi mezi Buggibou a Vallettou, prohledly si byvale hlavni mesto Mdinu, kde zda se chcipl pes, ale za to je prijemny chladek v uzkych ulickach. Hezke koupani ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema July 7th 2010

I'm one week into my latest IFMSA exchange in Malta and am loving it! How could you not? The architecture is gorgeous, the people are incredibly laidback and I have forgotten what a cloudy day looks like! I arrived here last Thursday with my 'rich lady sun hat' (as Andrew calls it) in hand ready to start my month-long, sun-filled adventure in Malta under the pretence that this holiday is critical to my medical education :) My first impression of Malta was indicated by instantaneous back sweat as I stepped off the plane. To say it is hot here would be a gross understatement! I'm not complaining in the least though - my skin hasn't seen the sun for at least a year, and it wold probably be a safe bet that I am among the ... read more
the before photo...

Europe » Malta » Gozo » Victoria June 30th 2010

Here are a few favorites from Malta and London. It's good to be back in Germany with the group! Luneburg field trip tomorrow!... read more
London Eye

Europe » Malta » Gozo June 27th 2010

Malta Rocks!!! It has been 90+ degrees both days, and there is no shade to speak of. That being said, my Nike Sport Band said I walked 24 miles today! I took a some pics in JPG today so I could post them sooner instead of having to wait to get back to my laptop to process the uncompressed RAW versions that are higher quality. Anyway, enjoy! -Ben ... read more

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