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Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 21st 2011

My Macedonian Blog: ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 19th 2011

This was a tiring weekend! Sashka and her parents took me to two different monasteries in two days; I'll begin with Mavrovo. Yesterday we drove about an hour southwest of Skopje to Mavrovo, a village where most of the houses act as summer homes for those living in Skopje. The village is on a placid lake among the green mountains, and there are two other villages across the lake similar to the one we passed through. We stopped at a cafe to eat our breakfast, and I had a Turkish coffee, surprisingly. That prepared me for the twenty-minute drive through the winding mountains on a road wide enough for only one car, which means that one finds oneself in a predicament if one approaches a car coming from the opposite direction. Anybody who has traveled much ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 18th 2011

Whew! What a week! I have not been able to post here considering we have not been home most of the week. But onto the subject I have chosen... coffee. Before I arrived in Skopje, I was not much of a coffee drinker. In fact, I avoided it at all costs because it keeps me from sleeping if I drink it after noon. I think that has since changed. My first experience with Macedonian coffee was with the staple, Turkish coffee. One evening this week after, Wednesday I think, I joined Sashka's parents in drinking the daily after-dinner coffee. This stuff makes Starbucks coffee taste like darkened water. It is strong. Making it requires that one boil very fine coffee grounds with water and then serve it-- without any straining. I took mine with sugar, and ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje June 14th 2011

I finally have time to begin my blog! The four of us (Natalie, Sean, David, and I) arrived on Sunday afternoon. We each left with our families and I finally met Sashka and her parents. She lives in a house about ten minutes from the center of the city by bus. Her mother made chicken and potatoes for lunch, saying she would start making more traditional foods the next day. We began the meal with a toast, with the operative word being "na zdravye," meaning "cheers," but you also say that when you finish a meal. I have used that word many times so far. Her mother also makes the best lemonade all the time, adding oranges and grapefruit into the squeeze. That night Sashka took me to hang out with her friends at a cafe, ... read more

Europe » Macedonia » Struga May 18th 2011

Vertrek op Dinsdag 10 mei 2011 om 6.50 A.M van Schiphol. Reisorganisatie: Corendon => Gearriveerd om 9.30 op het st. Paul the Apostle airport in Ohrid. Daarna naar hotel Beograd in Struga. 1 euro = 60 Dinar Via het lokale reisbureau Fibula konden er dagtochten worden gebooked. Zoals: Ohrid het Jeruzalem van de Balkan = 19 euro St. Naum met boottocht = 29 euro Ezelsafarie = 34 euro Albanie = 39 euro Bitola = 29 euro Macedonische avond = 29 euro Skopje (dagtocht) = 39 euro Wijntocht = 35 euro Bigorski en Rajcica kloosters = 29 euro Dinsdag 10 mei 2011 Dus gearriveerd in Struga. Rondgelopen door het stadje. Het Natuurhistorisch museum bekeken. Lake Ohrid bekeken en de dam in de Drim river. S'avonds vroeg naar bed. Woensdag 11 mei 2011 Met openbaar vervoer ... read more
Hotel Beograd
Natuurmuseum Struga
Meer van Ohrid


Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid April 18th 2011

From Albania – we headed east towards another Balkan country … Macedonia! Our journey from Albania was a three-hour bus journey to Elbasan, where we had to walk from the bus station (400 meters down the road, turn left, 150 meters to the post office) which involved two girls with enormous backpacks asking for confirmation by saying ‘Posta?” in our best Albanian accent. There we put our bags in a large van ‘furgon’ – the faster and slightly more expensive way to travel in Albania. Highlights of the trip include me realizing I left my jacket in the toilet near the furgon station – jumping out of the van to go get it, running back to where the van was and having a mild panic attack for a few minutes before some random whistled at me ... read more
Ohrid - lakeside
Our best beaching it pose in Ohrid
The Sunny Lake Hostel Tour

Europe » Macedonia March 26th 2011

Album I’m listening to: Soulwax- This is Radio Soulwax (This is a long entry but it gets interesting in the end!) Macedonia was great, mainly because of the reason I wanted to travel around Europe: the scenery! I arrived in Skopje (Scope-ya) at 7am after taking an overnight from Belgrade. It was pouring with rain but I was determined to save my £ and walk to the hostel. Not a good idea. I got lost after thinking I had found the place and ended up walking into a small shop where the owner was loading drinks into the fridge. Fortunately he spoke good English and asked him where it was. I knew we were close but the streets don’t have signs in Macedonia! What the heck! He didn’t really know either so he called the hostel ... read more

Europe » Macedonia October 13th 2010

You know youve been on the road a long time when the stray dogs start following you around, looking at you with pity in their eyes.We're a bit frayed round our material edges now,Tati's sandles are more glue than fabric, my shorts are more patchwork than Elizabeth Taylor's face and the less said about our underwear the better, but its all good round the world character.Some of the cyclists we see now are a fresh faced, clean panniered lot straight out of the autumn 2010 bike catalogue, where as weve taken on the more sylish cardboard box, hobo look,which by the way takes a lot of fine tuning.I just wish the local dogs would stop offering blankets and a kennel for the night.Our own kennel was renamed some time ago the ''favela'' for its run ... read more
Tour boat on Lake Ohrid
The wrong way
Rain break

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje September 22nd 2010

After about a week of fun in with Cvetko in Sofia I headed westwards to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. The reason for the convoluted name is that Greece - good old fashioned nationalists that they are insist on it because they believe it implies territorial claims over Greek Macedonia - which they obtained in 1912 in a carve-up of Macedonia post defeat of the Ottoman Turks. I was headed to the capital of Skopje, about 220 kilometres away and after six uneventful hours on a bus and 1 easy border crossing later - I was there at the bus station. The ‘Tourist Information’ sign frustratingly only led to led to an empty room so I ignored all the cab drivers stood outside trying to rip me off and in the wilting heat (this blog ... read more
1 Skopke couchsurfing - 29 Aug '10
2 Skopje - 24 August 2010
3 Lake Matka - 31 August 2010

Europe » Macedonia » Ohrid » Ohrid September 12th 2010

After three days of teaching, I escaped the confines of Prishtina and headed to Orhid, Macedonia with three other teachers, our curriculum coordinator and my principal. Orhid is a beautiful location on a lake, Lake Orhid of course, and half-way across the lake you enter into Albania. We arrived around noon on Thursday and set about discovering some wonderful food - fried zucchini and breaded cheese. I think I could have lived on the cheese alone. The interesting part was paying - the Macedonian money is not worth very much, so items on the menu can be 200 denar, and gelato for five is 180 denar. The money looked really cool though, even if it wasn’t worth very much. After lunch we wandered among the shops, as Orhid is quite a tourist town. Aside from the ... read more
Orhid in the evening
Harbor in the Morning
Photo 5

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